Wis. Fan Accused Of Assaulting 2 Gophers Fans

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A University of Wisconsin fan faces charges for allegedly punching two Gophers fans in the face following this week’s basketball game between the two schools.

Twenty-two-year-old Francisco Rengel of Madison is charged with substantial battery and disorderly conduct.

Authorities say Rengel and his friends exchanged words with the victims in a bar after Wisconsin upset No. 14 Minnesota 68-60 Tuesday.

Officers say the argument escalated outside. They say Rengel hit a 24-year-old man 15 to 20 times, cutting his face and injuring his ear. They say the suspect also assaulted a 25-year-old, who needed stitches on the bridge of his nose.

WISC-TV quotes police as saying alcohol contributed to “a host of bad decisions being made.”

Rengel appeared in court with a public defender Thursday and was released from jail.

(It was originally reported by WISC-TV that Rengel was a Gopher fan and that he punched 2 Wis. fans.)

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  • josh

    Big suprise, violence and basketball. The best part is this genius is upset about a very predictable outcome. Gophers basketball sucks, thats what it does, get used to it.

    • GopherDave

      Um, and the Badgers are rated where? I’m guessing your 16 or younger by your comment.

  • sue

    lol wcco has the worst pictures. this is one is HILARIOUS, possibly top 10 worst i’ve seen. although the picture of the tire was pretty good too.

  • Pete J

    @josh….Really? I can see PRO-Basketball and fights…I mean 1/2 the team are x-gang members…I quit watching pro’s to watch college….and I like Tubby and the GG’s…..
    @Sue….I HAVE to agree! LOL
    And to the IDIOT who hit these guys? WAY TO GO ass-face! And in Madison none-the-less….It’s a GREAT town! And every time I have been there the people have been WAY nice!

    • josh

      where do all those gang members play before the NBA, oh thats right they are all drafted from NCAA teams. Like that loser from hopkins last year that got arrested multiple times before his first game of his freshmen year. yep real class acts.

      • Pete J

        LOL…true…I guess the NBA should have a new slogan….”The NBA…a few THUGS short of the NFL”

  • Billy

    That guy looks a lot older than 22, I thought he was in his 40’s

  • Jake

    Not to be insensitive, but hey, FINALLY a Gopher found a way to beat the Badgers. (I wonder if this qualifies him to have his term papers done by Jan Ganglehoff.)

    • monkeyfurball

      what? Mn lost the game and their fan got beat up. How does mn win here?

  • Eric

    At least we can say “Our drunken idiot fans can beat up your drunken idiot fans.”

    Honestly, I do not understand how people can be missing so much in their lives that they need to start a drunken fight over a sports game which they are watching because they do not have the talent to be participating in it themselves.

  • packerstillsuck

    It just proves that MN is tougher than WI…

    • monkeyfurball

      what? MN lost the game AND their fan got beat up.

  • monkeyfurball

    This guy isn’t a student, he’s the local pedophile.

  • yeah

    looks like that guy has more than his fair share of bar fights. he looks like he lives in a trailer park and i’m not talking about those nice trailer park either.

  • John Sherman

    what a wasre of time maybe its time for the two schools to break it off for the futures.

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