Vikings Rookie Webb Fined $5k For Facemask

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Vikings quarterback Joe Webb has been fined $5,000 by the NFL for a “major” facemask penalty he committed during a run in Minnesota’s last game against Philadelphia.

League spokesman Randall Liu confirmed the punishment Friday.

Webb was whistled near the end of the third quarter Tuesday night when he grabbed Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney’s facemask and pulled it down while reaching the first-down marker at the end of a third-and-7 scramble.

The 15-yard penalty wiped out the gain, and the Vikings had to punt one play later.

Webb passed for 195 yards and rushed for 31 yards and a touchdown in his first career start, leading the Vikings to a 24-14 victory.

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  • klesw

    What a joke…are they going to start fining players for holding to. what a complete joke the NFL has become on their fines, that they give to players when ever they feel like it.

  • Cache

    What the Vikings have another thug on the squad…Who’d a Thunk!

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  • Dog Dog Dog

    Joe Webb is a breath of fresh air compared to the dog fighting thugs you’re putting on the field.

    Maybe he should use the same excuse as Vick? “Nobody told me it was wrong”.

    Get real.

  • Nonsense Fine League

    With all the ridiculous fines going on this year, it almost seems like the NFL is trying to get as much money as they can because they think there wont be a season next year! Hey, NFL… It’s called a STIFF ARM!!! ITS LEGAL!!!

    • John

      You can stiffarm someone in the facemask???

      • Nonsense Fine League

        YES! It’s the NFL. Have you been living under a rock or something?

  • Glen Ohnstad

    THAt is sooo rediculous…guess after the lock out, we’ll have to play flag football!

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  • Biff Shrimpton


  • Steve

    I guess the league has outlawed the stiff-arm….shame…

  • Murph

    The face bar was about a foot long on his helmut!! isn’t there some kind of rule again’st something like that.Let Joe play.Toss out the old playbook and make a Peterson,harvin,Webb playbook.Rollouts,sweeps,screens and see if the linemen we have can run block and pull out.Right now they ain’t doing anything but eating salary better spent elsewhere!

  • mayhem


  • Dave D

    The NFL is risking turning a lot of people away. This fine biz is out of control. The NFL is acting drunk with power. Are they upset that a rookie beat their “feel good” story of the year (dog killer M.Vick) in front of a national audience? He lost his MVP that night.

  • Shawn

    Goodell hates the Vikes! Would like to kick him in the head. Yep, its been getting ridiculous with the fines. What are they going to go after next to fine players, tackling to hard or pass interference?? Give me a break!

  • Big Dog

    Dave D. you are spot on! Where can I get a number 14 jersey? Suck it Michael Vick!

  • killer

    WTH … A agreed with the flag during the game but a fine? The defenders head was not turned violently. If this was Favre the NFL would have paid him 5K for the effort. Does anyone know what Samuel was fined for knocking Sid out for the year … it better be 10 times the amount of this garbage.

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