2 Accused Of Using Snake In Sexual Assault

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — Two northwestern Wisconsin men are accused of sexually assaulting a woman with a live snake.

Twenty-four-year-old John Bullock of Altoona and 25-year-old Domonta Jones of Eau Claire pleaded not guilty to the assault Monday in Eau Claire County Circuit Court. Each man is charged with first-degree sexual assault.

A criminal complaint says the woman told police she was knocked out in the bedroom of Jones’ home on Nov. 11. And, when she regained consciousness, Jones was holding her while Bullock assaulted her. She says Jones then got his snake and used it to assault her. Bullock says the sexual contact was consensual.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says the men are jailed on $30,000 cash.

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  • Steve

    And was there copious amounts of alcohol involved?


      Snakes don’t drink alcohol unless it is a corn snake

      • anon

        Hahaha. WIN!

  • Buffmuffin

    I think i feel worse for the snake…

  • redneek

    That’s not the snake is it. What is the snake in the picture?

    • So Sorry

      Sure is. Brett Favre just sent it over in a picture text.

  • baldguy

    This is kinky, even by cheesehead standards! It would seem that the snake is also a victim here – why are they showing pictures of it?

    • snake_soiled

      But they’re not showing its head to protect its identity as the victim (possibly under-aged?)

      • red


  • red

    that is disgusting

  • what next

    Why is it that most weird stuff happens in Wisconsin?

    • Catherine A.

      Hey, I’m just thankful that this time it wasn’t Alabama.

      • HelpAlabamaStopSucking

        I know. We take enough heat as it is.

    • Hisssterical

      It’s the long, cold winters.

    • JustFollowing

      because they are liberals… their moral boundaries do not exist anymore… welcome to the “modern world”…

  • Mel

    Where’s PETA when we really need them?

    • bob bobberson

      Off spending all that money they nominally receive to protect animals against abuse to instead buy themselves another mountain top mansion or lobby congressmen to pass laws against hunting (ya know, those howwible hunters who pour more money into wildlife conservation than all the rest of the conservation organizations combined, as well as being about the only people who set land aside for wildlife rather than just paving it over with parking lots and shopping centers). Seriously, peta doesn’t have anything to do w/ protecting wildlife, they’re just a bunch of self righteous moronic city dwellers who don’t know sht about sht and have found a good way to scam money and get away w/ public assault.

      • Mr Bill

        Get a grip

  • http://hypervocal.com/news/2011/no-auto-tune-forthcoming-two-men-accused-of-sexual-assault-with-a-live-snake/ Two WI Men Accused of Sexual Assault...With a Live Snake | HyperVocal

    […] to CBS, Twenty-four-year-old John Bullock of Altoona and 25-year-old Domonta Jones of Eau Claire pleaded […]

  • MandiTakesAll

    Aaah Sinn …. you really dumb enough to think a gal wants a snake doing the nasty to her? If she did I can guarantee ya she wouldn’t be going public like this – what’s she got to gain?
    BTW – share some of that stuff ya smoking with us, eh!! ;-)

  • Read the Bible

    Who cares if she wanted it or not. What the heck is going on in the world when this happens? Does Sodom and Gomora sound familiar to anyone??????? Get ready for the rain of fire

    • krall

      The snake sodomized her??

  • Torch'em Now

    Bingo — you have the WINNER.
    they are some sick b@sterds. Gross and sick as they get. Prolly lacking their own “stuff” too if this is what it takes to get themselves off. fricken disgusting

  • F. Thomas Cain

    We have way too many people like this in our society today!

  • Zack

    These men are not Israelis, why is every bad thing these days blamed on Israel?

    • obama

      you can thank democrats and obama for that.

    • bob

      Because that’s the way we’ve been doing things for millenia. The christians hate them for being the chosen ones, everyone else hates them because the christians have been drumming up that histeria for thousands of years. Oh also because we went and carved a country out of the middle east for them because we felt bad about letting the nazis kill all them off and for some reason couldn’t just carve them off a chunk of germany. So yeah thats why the arabs hate them

      • Agent 0

        really good reponse and true..more people died during the crusades than anything…

      • Vulpinedave

        @bob & Agent 0

        Epic fail in history, grammar, and basic intelligence.

        Total number killed in the three big events libs like to cite from Christian history is between 110,000 and 261,000. (Includes Crusades, Witch killings, and Inquisition) Total number killed by atheistic communism = about 150,000,000.

      • steve

        bob – i think you need to correct your statement. true Christians don’t hate anyone, particular those of Jewish descent. I think i know of what i speak…i am both a believer in Jesus (Christian), and I am Jewish.

        The Jewish people began emigrating to the land where Israel is in the late 1800’s. There was no Arab territory there then, nor was there Arab territory there at the time of the formation of Israel. The land was not taken from anybody…it was owned by Britain at that time

  • MariaP

    Gads grannycb …. what kinda crap are you into? :-O

  • MariaPO'd

    LMAO …
    but this remains sick nontheless

  • Paleo2k

    Mandi…apparently you’ve never explored some of the darker corners of the internet.

    • crystal

      someone who does is probably a sicko

    • MandiTakesAll

      To Paleo2k … no I have not. My mind struggles enough with the day to day trash I see. I have no reason to make things any darker. Curious – why do you??

  • KC

    “Asping”. Crap, that’s funny.

  • Doggone It All

    must not be brightest bulbs on the tree huh.
    Did they envision “Girl digs snake other than Black Momba”? as a headline or what??????

  • Sire Mix-a-Lot

    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!

    • FunnyGirl

      ha ha ha … not sure why … but this cracked me up.

  • Va Girl

    Ummm..for the woman of for the snake? My guess is neither of those two consented to anything of the sort.

    • yoyo


    • JMWinPR

      May I ask what you are talking about? VA Girl made a comment that she felt the woman and snake were not having consensual sex.
      I think you missed her point and owe her an apology.

  • Patrick

    Why WCCO? Why would you open this story to comments? Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy? That being said, I hope the SCALES of justice come down on the right side and these two jerks get what’s coming to them.

  • Patrick

    Unlucky snake and unlucky girl more like it.

  • Patrick

    You mean hisssssterical.

    • fatfaquer


  • A teachable moment

    Good luck getting a date now guys

    • MariaPO'd

      they couldn’t , hence the booze and knockout blow. And the toy thing … their very own snake. Imagine that … they play with a snake when alone too. SICKO BASTIDS

      • I'm confused!!

        Ewwww I was thinking the same thing!! LOLOL

  • Jag

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

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