DeBlog: Is It OK For Men To Cry?

I admit it, I’m a crier. I was tearing up like a baby when I was watching Toy Story 3 last weekend. I try to hide it, covering my face a bit, turning to the side. But why?

Tomorrow Rep. John Boehner will become the most powerful legislator in the country, as he becomes Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. And what do most of us know about Rep. Boehner? His skin is kind of orange, and he cries. A lot. He cries when you ask him about his orange skin.

Last night David Letterman let Boehner have it: saying “the guy will cry like he’s on drugs” and added: “I’m not suggesting that he’s anything less than masculine, I’m suggesting that he needs some sort of counseling.”

Watch the video here.

For a public figure, it’s hard to think of someone who tears up as much as John Boehner does. It got us thinking about men and crying. Is it OK for men to cry? Is this a biological thing or is it learned?

Frankly — I think people would freak out far more if a woman in politics cried. Boehner’s getting grief, but I think there’s a real double standard here. We’ll explore all of that tonight in Good Question at 10 p.m.!

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