MN Teen Seeks Trial As Juvenile In Iowa Killings

ALGONA, Iowa (AP) — The attorney for a Minnesota teenager charged with killing two store clerks in northern Iowa wants the cases transferred to juvenile court.

Seventeen-year-old Michael Swanson, of St. Louis Park, Minn., is charged as an adult with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in Kossuth and Humboldt counties. He’s accused of killing a clerk in Algona on Nov. 15. Authorities say he then drove to Humboldt where he’s accused of killing another clerk.

Defense attorney Charles Kenville filed motions to transfer jurisdiction on Monday. Kenville declined to comment on Wednesday.

WHO-TV of Des Moines first reported the request.

Swanson’s trial for the Humboldt slaying is Feb. 16. Trial for the Algona killing is March 1. He remains in the Kossuth County jail on $1 million bond.

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  • Rob Wagner

    How about I give him court. That would be 6 rounds with my 45, but I could do It with 1 between the eyes. What a waste of skin.

  • Mike

    Where did the smiling happy face go? This young man is old enough to face his consequences as an adult and after his trial, I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars.

  • red

    What? Every picture I’ve seen of this looser he is smiing. He wanted the the attention and need what the heck he knew what he was doing. He can do to adult court and get what he deserves

  • jweb

    Better yet, lock him in a room with the families of his victims. They will take care of everything.

  • ChuckyD

    I wish we could just fry the sucka! Slowly and painfully. Save us some tax $$!!

  • Anna Smith

    Try him and then fry him. Or would he be better off going to a high security prison?

  • paul

    wonder what will happen to him if it does go to juvinal court will he still get a life sentance or will they realease him when he gets older ?

    • Paul

      He would get a much lighter and shorter sentence in juvenile court. It would still not be a walk in the park for him, juvenile facilities can be hell also, but it would be lighter that adult court.

      He thought he was a man when he shot those people, let’s treat him like a man now. Just my thought.

  • Dave

    He’s going to grow up fast. In the Fort Madison Penitentiary. We’ll see if he’s still grinning stupidly after meeting new friends “inside” for the first week in general population. “You’re not in Minnesota anymore, boy…”

  • ThomasY

    I’m soaking the rope right now for a great tight fit

  • paab

    I am sure this guy screamed plenty at his parents about how he was old enough to do anything he wanted. So he went out and killed two unarmed harmless women. No way he is a child. Sorry sonny, you now get to live a true adult life.

  • Us

    This guy is old enough to face his punishment as an adult I say hang him high.

  • Natalie

    It’s doubtful that the judge will transfer this kid to juvenile court considering he’s 17 and charged with 2 murders.

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