One year ago, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti, affecting three million people. The Haitian government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died, and another 300,000 were injured.

A year later, the residents of the Caribbean country are still struggling.

“It is a lot less chaotic right now,” said CBS News correspondent Peter King, who is in Haiti. “It looks like a lot of people have basically gotten back to business the best they can.”

King said that while driving, you can’t help but see the huts and tent cities around Port-Au-Prince and neighboring communities.

“There is still a lot of debris that needs to be removed. There are still people looking for the help they need, food and water.” King said.

According to King, relief efforts remain ongoing and the Red Cross tries to get out as much help as they can.

“Part of the problem the Red Cross has, is getting from here to there. Nothing happens quickly here. Traffic is always a mess,” explained King, “A lot of the back roads you need to travel are impassable.”

Courtney King, Producer

WCCO’s John Hines Interviews Peter King

  1. Really? says:

    So unbelievably sad that fellow humans must live in those conditions. But for the grace of God i was born in the United States…i am extremely grateful and reading this just re-inforces that feeling

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