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PIERZ, Minn. (AP) — Five basketball players from Pierz Healy High School have been suspended from school for three days for an alleged hazing incident.

Superintendent George Weber says the Pierz boys’ basketball team was on its way home from a game in Maple Lake when one of the players reported that he was inappropriately touched and felt violated. The Brainerd Dispatch reports the student was not touched sexually.

Weber says the five students were suspended Monday through Wednesday and will return to school Thursday. The boys will not be able to play in any basketball games for two weeks.

The superintendent says school officials have been talking with high school students about inappropriate behavior and making sure that the students don’t hold any animosity.

Comments (10)
  1. mayhem says:

    nothing like a little “bonding”

  2. MandiT says:

    >>butt<< what kind of bonding? 😉

  3. Jenny says:

    finger in the butts….gross

  4. Toni says:

    •Hazing is a term used to describe various ritual and other activities involving harassments, abuse or humiliation…….., that is the defination of hazing….. It orginated and was the meaning for horseplay….. NOWHERE does it state anything about sexual actions such as fingers in the butt THAT is an assumption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT assume, just because other hazing incidents have involved that doesn’t mean this one did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jenny says:

      I know the kid that this happened too….I am not assuming!

  5. Carol says:

    the article from the St.Cloud Times states “…Superintendent George Weber says the Pierz boys basketball team was on its way home from a game in Maple Lake when one of the players reported that he was inappropriately touched and felt violated. The Brainerd Dispatch reports the student was not touched sexually…”

  6. Wendy says:

    George Weber did not tell the truth about the hazing incident. Two boys we hazed and the administration is trying to sweep it under the rug. Check the Morrison County Record, letter to the editor and you will find several articles on the hazing. There are many parents, teacher, and students that are outraged of how the hazing has been handled. It has going on for six years and affected many students. Three years ago, it was reported and the parent was told not to say anything, keep quite and it would be fixed. I guess it did not get fixed. I am hoping an outside party comes in and cleans up Pierz before more students get hurt.

  7. Mindy says:

    I know about the letter, and that is wrong….. i know everyone involoved and there are many boys who’s reputations have been ruin even though they did not sexually touch the “victim” not even one time it is called guilty by association…. So my point is to people who have opinions about this do not assume anything cuz as i said thing are being handled by outside forces, just because Pierz Schools didnt make it public for people to gossip about, doesnt mean that other steps are not being taken. In addition, many people who have opionions about this matter have NO IDEA about the situation especially the people who write letters to the Morrison County Record, half their “information” is incorrect…. Furthermore, Pierz is a small town and rumors run wild, dont beileve everything your hear.

  8. Rich says:

    Why don’t all you people stop talking about things you don’t know. Mindy and Toni are the only two people making any sense and have any part of the actual facts. So if yo don’t know don’t talk. Beth if you are the same one that is commenting in the morrison county record what you are doing is bordering on harassment. The students are feeling greatly harassed by you. And you should please stop or many of the friends of people involved will turn you in for harassing them. Now please stop.

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