ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — House Republicans plan to start proposing budget cuts soon, before Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton unveils his budget proposal next month.

GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean says they won’t wait for Dayton to release his budget proposal on Feb. 15. Dean said last week that budget cut bills would be introduced “very, very soon.”

Minnesota faces a $6.2 billion projected shortfall over the coming two years.

Republicans who control the Legislature want to erase the deficit without raising taxes, while Dayton is calling for higher income taxes on the highest incomes.

Dean says the pending bills will address all areas of the budget. He declined to provide specifics.

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  1. sickothis says:

    Raise taxes on the rich. They aren’t creating and haven’t been creating jobs as promised anyway. It is a lie when they say taxing the rich will kill jobs.

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