WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) — Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty is back in Minnesota, after many days on the road promoting his new book “Courage to Stand.”

The former governor signed copies of his book at a Christian bookstore in Woodbury.

Since leaving office, Pawlenty WCCO’s political reporter Pat Kessler he’s spent a lot of time considering a 2012 presidential run but knows he has to do well in early balloting states to have a chance.

“For me, or a candidate like me, you have to do well in Iowa, there’s no question about it.  But I think I could also do well in a place like New Hampshire,” said Pawlenty.

Not coincidentally, Pawlenty’s book tour will take him to Iowa and New Hampshire in the coming weeks.

The former governor said he enjoys his freedom after leaving public office, but sometimes misses the debate.

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  1. Randy says:

    If I were him I wouldn’t waste any money on getting to elected to any office. He is without a doubt the worst candidate the Republicans could put on the want to be list. He is known as the double talking ex-governor. He had a pledge not to raise taxes. Instead Mr double talk raised fee’s. As for myself and a lot of like minded conservative independent voters in the state of Minnesota, we would vote for the Democratic candidate if he is on the ticket. He left office with the state in more debt than when he took over.

    1. Lester says:

      I’ll bet you’re a liberal, Randy. Any Republican governor would be the worst candidate for president in your opinion – even if he did exactly like the last Democratic governor. I’ll bet you’re all talk and no action. Chances are you have received welfare money because you’re too lazy to get a job and you want your 10 children supported on the taxpayers checkbook.

      1. High and Mighty says:

        Is that really the best reply you could come up with?

        Do some more research. Take a writing class. Come back when you have a retort that isn’t as redundant, and can’t be found on every YouTube comment for the last 2 years.

  2. tiredandretired says:

    Pawlenty has finally decided to spend time in Minnesota? Too late!

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