Police: Bus Driver Punched By Upset Passenger

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — A man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly punching a bus driver in Brooklyn Park.

The assault happened around 9:30 a.m. at the intersection of 85th Avenue North and Idaho Avenue but the confrontation started when the bus driver picked up the passenger at 85th Avenue North and Adair Avenue.

Police said the passenger, 19-year-old Dominque Wright, was upset before even getting on the bus because he had to move over on the sidewalk due to a snow bank.

Once Wright got on the bus, he started arguing with the bus driver and allegedly punched him in the face, according to police.

Police said Wright had a knife in his hand when he punched the driver, which cut the driver’s face.

Wright left the scene but police used a K9 that led them to a home where the man was arrested.

  • Paula

    I am sure this guy has a rap sheet. Feed him to the dogs!

  • E

    If he had a knife in his hand isn’t this a stabbing?

    • Billy

      yes, i certainly would say soo.

      • Rdn

        you can punch someone in the face without using the knife. Stabbings have nothing to do with punching it turns out….

        Still a picture perfect example of a dumb ass all around though….

  • Slim Jim

    Let Bus Drivers carry guns!

    • no more welfare.

      LARGE guns, with 007 licenses.

      • Rdn

        whats welfare got to do with this dude being an idiot?

        Just incase the reference was in that he might be a black dude, there are also whites, mexicans, asians, and lots of others nationalities on welfare too.

        In fact, if you took away welfare, then it would just cause more poor people to do dumb ass things like this.

        I would suggest putting more thought into your comments before just blurting things out.

        Makes you look like a welfare recipient yourself…. ;)

        Just saying…..

      • Ignorance must be bliss

        Just because the person has a user name of “no more welfare” does not mean he was talking about this guy being on welfare. Maybe you should “read” more and not “read into” things.

  • no-ghees

    so use of a deadly weapon lock’em up ship’em out but….. that won’t happen sorry ass judges will slap his wrist

  • JamieinMN

    Doesn’t surprise me that it happened in Brooklyn Park. THE GHETTTTTTTOOOO! Why do people have to be so hateful?!?!?!! I feel sorry for the driver who has to pick up pieces of trash like this everyday…he ain’t even a garbage collector!

    • Don_J

      Jamie… I suspect that you do not know the definition nor the history of the word “Ghetto”, for if you did you would realize just how stupid and insensitive your dumbass comments were. Now, I do believe that no driver should have to deal with anyone that wants to hurt them… regardless of what section of town the incident occurred.

      • debbie

        you hit the nail on the head!! I too drive for a liveing and I know what fear that driver flet. From all the Good people out there, MR. Bus Driver I’m sorry for that man. I enjoy riding the bus

    • Rdn

      A Ghetto is a poor overcrowded urban area often associated with a specific ethnic or racial population. Ghettos are usually populated with inhabitants who live in poor conditions and must face high crime rates, poverty, illiteracy. [1]

      The term ghetto was originated in Venice to describe the restricted quarter of many European cities in which Jews were required to live

      I don’t believe it was because he was Jewish….

      Just saying…. ;)

    • joe

      You state “why people got to be so hateful?!” but your state before that was a very ignorant and “HATEFUL” to call BP the “GHETTO”..so next time you try to make a statement about anything in the future…please…and I beg you…have a sense of what you are trying to say because you don’t make any sense by using labels of places, things, or etc….just to let you know.

      • JamieinMN

        I’m not being hateful, just speakin the truth kind sir.

  • C D

    So uncool. Makes you nervous to take a city bus. The bus I take to and from work each day is pretty bad. The bus fills up quickly and makes for standing room only, which makes people angry. I can’t believe some of the things people do and say on that bus.

  • Thomas

    Even a low life person still pick a short life to live too.

  • KiminBrooklyPark

    @Jamie: I’m middle-aged, white, married, lived in BP for 25 yrs., and take pride in my home and neighborhood. “GHETTTTTTTOOO”? Not everyone living in BP is ghetto. Your comment is inaccurate, rude, and offensive.

    • Jon

      I like how JamieinMN asks “why do people have to be so hateful?” and then calls BP the ghetto and refers to “pieces of human trash.” Nice.

      • JamieinMN

        @John- I never said I hated Brooklyn Park, I just dislike ti very much and would never venture out there ever again.

    • BP

      I”m on team Kim. I <3 my BP

      • stacy

        I agree with jamiein MN. BP and BC are getting very bad. feel bad for all the people that bought houses there before the trash moved in. at don your stupid!!

    • JamieinMN

      I’m sorry but I would rather spend a night, ALONE in Mpls, than Brooklyn Park or Center. It’s HORRIBLE out there.

      • Rdn

        Hey, way to contribute to the love…. Good job….

    • JamieinMN

      And do we all NEED to know your race??? Are you trying to turn this into a racial dispute???

      • Don_J

        …looks like you’re doing a good enough job of that all by yourself.

      • JamieinMN

        Really?!?!?! ME?!?! Because I mentioned race, right? Want to know why I dislike Brooklyn park so much? I was held at gunpoint when I was 16 years old, by 4 boys not much older than me at a park, broad daylight in Brooklyn Park. I know it can happen anywhere, but anytime I think about that place, it’s all horrid memories.

  • steve h

    I believe it,s called ageravated assalt with a weapon. that itself is a feloney, as for him being on the streets,, well,, he hasnt run into the right person yet,,i,m sure there,s a bullet out there with his pretty lil name on it,,he just hasnt found it yet,,,,rest assuredmm he will,, all in due time

  • liam

    .. then there is the math aspect of this article.
    Demographics and the probability of said demographics…
    You can’t mention that… even if there is an element of high probability there.
    Not all sharks will act aggressively towards a human being . but we are taught from the beginning to stay clear of their waters.
    It doesn’t mean we hate sharks or want to to shark hunting..
    It merely means there is a relatively high likelihood that you may be attacked.
    There, I said it without saying it.

  • steve h

    i also believe that when the public joins forces,, when these things go on,, pummle the lil bastard to the ground,, choke 3/4 of the life out of him and wiat for the transit cops to come. word spreads fast about public beatings.. !!!i think it,s called CARMA

  • Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu

    Liam, closeted racism is still racism, We are all human beings.

  • Today Please!

    Fire Kerry McNally!

  • SX

    Bernie Goetze where are you? You need to ride the BP bus! BP is a deserted wasteland full of entitlement recipients who think you need to cater to them. It’s a community of section 8 housing where most business has packed up and left. He should have blown the creep away and left his carcass in the snow..

    • SB in BP

      SX, I happen to be an employed home owner in Brooklyn Park, as are my neighbors. We have a great neighborhood where folks watch out for one another and we actually talk to each other. You shouldn’t paint an entire community with one brush. There are sections of nearly every suburb in the Twin Cities that face these kind of challenges. The only thing you have shown by posting here is your ignorance.

  • Speller

    “had a knife in his hand when he punched the driver, which cut the driver’s face.” Does that mean that the driver cut the drivers face?
    All Journalism schools have obviously closed and the high schools are putting out idiots.

  • tammy

    ghetto is a state of mind not where you live you could be from the projects or the double wide trailer park we have all witnessed ghetto behavior from all walks of life but what annoys me the most is ignorance when its able to speak ones mind in a public forum.

    • Paulie

      “ghetto is a state of mind not where you live ” Oh Lord!

  • Allah Is Coming To Town

    Diversity….aint it grand…..wax on wax off….

  • Thom

    Doesn’t really surprise me. I live in BP, I know better than to take a bus anywhere near my home.

    • Surprise

      Ship them back

  • flanders

    I think we lost track of what truly matters here, how big of a dbag Dominque Wright is.

    • JamieinMN

      Worrrrrd. That I can highly agree with.

  • CrookllynCenter/BrooklynDarkk

    one less bad guy on the streets for a few minutes.

  • Beej West

    that’s something even his mama don’t know.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    I live in Brooklyn Park and have to take buses everywhere because I do not have a car. My son will not ride Metro Transit because of a lot of the “gang trash”. I have to complained to Metro Transit numerous times about the need to throw people off the bus who cause a disturbance (use profanity and other trash talk) before it allows to escalate into violent acts. Metro Transit doesn’t seem to take an interest in this. I could count on one hand the times I heard a bus driver tell someone to shut up or get off the bus. In this particular case, I don’t think the driver had any warning. Most buses have cameras and radios so please use them. Also most people riding buses have cell phones, so please use them to alert authorities.

    • Sandy

      It is not that Metro Transit does not take an interest It is because most of the drivers hands are tied as to how much they can do.

    • drivin'

      I agree with that last statement the drivers can’t always hear or see what is going on so passengers calling wonderful! As far as cameras and radios they aren’t supposed to use the radios when driving some times stopping can quickly escalate problem passengers and the drivers are better off keeping the vehicle moving the cameras are recording nobody can watch it until the tape is removed from the bus (it’s not like a security camera in a mall where security guards are constentlywatching)

  • Wow

    Billy, too bad you weren’t the bus driver.

  • D

    I was on that bus and it was not a good situation. The bus driver was bleeding all over and all over $1.75.

    • JamieinMN

      Let me guess…dude didn’t want to pay? He thought he was privileged enough to NOT pay?

  • D

    And yeah he was punched in the face twice with the knife in his hand, not a cutting motion, u could say he was stabbed.

    • JamieinMN

      Sorry you had to witness that :-( That must’ve been traumatizing.

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