8 Arrested During Chipotle Sit-In In Minneapolis

By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Eight people were arrested during a sit-in at noon Thursday at the Chipotle restaurant on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

The group was part of dozens of protestors who picketed and marched in response to the abrupt firing of several hundred Chipotle workers after a federal immigration audit last month.

“Our message is, you can’t sell Mexican food and Mexican culture and sell out Mexican workers,” said protest spokesman Greg Nammacher.

The protestors included fired workers and their supporters. Maria Cortez lost her job at the Lake Calhoun Chipotle. Through a translator, Cortez said she wants answers.

“The people are telling Chipotle to tell them the truth, why they got fired,” said Cortez.

The protest was peaceful but police say buses were rerouted for about 10 minutes. Officers said their biggest concern was the potential for the protestors getting frostbite while they marched in the chilly temperatures.

A spokesman for Chipotle, Chris Arnold, released a statement in response to the protest, which is the second one in a month.

“We agree that current immigration laws are flawed and believe they put employers in an untenable position. But we cannot employ anyone once we learn that they are not legally eligible to work in the country. This is a heartbreaking situation for us, but we must follow the law,” Arnold said.

Click here for the full statement from Arnold and additional background on this situation.

  • seamonkey

    give them citizenship. got a job? welcome to the USA. don’t got a job? thanks for visiting, now your escort back home.

    don’t punish the ones that are good workers and people and just trying to make it like the rest of us. plus, i sure don’t see many white people working at chipotle or mcds or burger king that are anywhere close to as good of workers as the hispanics. just saying…

    also, has the legislative ever thought about i don’t, the taxes they’d actually be able to collect if they were citizens?

    just my usual .02

    • Red Whitenblue

      Unless the company is paying them cash off the books (which is illegal and subject to prosecution), an illegal’s salary would be subject to the same withholding criteria as yours or mine.

      • KCruz

        Is it really necessary to refer to people as “illegal”??? They are human beings and should in no way, shape, or form, be referred to as less than!

      • http://kellikinneberg.wordpress.com kellikinneberg

        Absolutely, many immigrant workers are paying taxes and into social security and they will never benefit from the SS system. Thank you for pointing that out Red Whitenblue!

      • Deport Illegal Aliens


        Illegal aliens do not pay into social security, because no social security numbers are issued to illegal aliens. In order for any illegal alien to work in the USA, they have to obtain a ITIN tax number, which is not a social security number, and ITIIN users do not have social security deducted from their pay.

        If any illegal aliens ARE paying into social security they are using fraudulent social security numbers to work illegally in this country, which is a felony federal crime, for which the penalty is 25 years in federal prison and a $250,000.00 fine, followed by deportation with a felony criminal record.

        So you think it’s ok for illegal aliens to use fraudulent social security numbers? Then let them all pay the $250,000.00 fine and be deported as felons. After which they will never be allowed to immigrate to the USA legally, will never be allowed to become a legal resident or legal citizen of this nation.

        Using any fraudulent social security number, which would be ANY SS number that any illegal alien uses, is a SERIOUS CRIME.
        It is not excusable, and it is disgusting that some people think it is.

    • Contrarymary

      What a racist idiiot.

  • mick

    When it comes to immigration, “illegal” seems to have no consequence or definition. If someone is in this country illegally, they need to leave, simple as that.

    • Jeff Willprecht

      exactly they dont belong here send them back were they came from they cost us our own jobs and suck up our welfare system

      • Contrarymary

        Yeah, TW, it’s HORRIBLE when lawbreakers get punished, isn’t it? I thought so too, when I had to pay that whopping fine for the speeding ticket I got….but guess what? We ALL have to obey the laws and we have to obey THEM ALL…not just lthe ones we like, you dolt.

        Cheaper food? I’ll pay a nickel more for my head of lettuce. It’ll save this country over $133 BILLION a year wasted on these criminals. And guess, what, doofus? Chipotle already filled those positions….WITH AMERICANS! Looks like we WILL do those jobs.

        Now, sit down and turn off your computer, you flaming crybaby.

      • tw

        You can get a job at chipotle now that all those workers just got fired! or how about as a farmworker or housekeeper or taxi driver? yeah, didn’t think so. they don’t cost people jobs, they do the work that none of you wants to do. businesses know that and want to treat them like slaves, bring them to the us to work and then kick them to the curb when we’re done with them, and we as consumers are all ok with that because it makes our stuff cheap and we need cheap stuff because our wages are low, too. you shouldn’t be mad at workers, you should be mad at corporations. to the poster who wrote “good God what has happened to this country?” I couldn’t agree more. The way we treat other human beings is shameful.

  • lynn

    Maybe the unemployment rate would go down, did anyone ever think of tht???

    • Sarah E

      Doubt it.

      I can’t get anyone to work. It’s a whole lot easier to sit at home on unemployment than it is to go to work every day.

      I’ve had prospective applicants tell me that they’ll call me when their unemployment runs out. I always wonder if they realize that saying that stuff guarantees that I’ll never hire them.

  • Eric

    The law is the law. If you want to be a productive member of society, I am more than happy with that. Part of being a productive member of society is being here legally. The manager of the chipotle who is required to verify citizenship/employment eligiblity should be examined. Someone at the store, besides the workers who were fired, isn’t following federal law.

  • duuur

    go back to mexico!!! you are illegal why do you think you cant work there? You cant even speak english durrrrrrr

    • special one

      Well you sound like a smart one! Your so dumb!

    • James

      Can’t is a contraction, not a single word. If you condemn someone for not knowing the language, the least you can do i use it correctly.

    • Catherin

      If all Mexicans go back to Mexico you crackers will be sitting on your lazy fat ass wondering where you can get your food because the Mexicans are the ones actually wanting to work and earning their money while you guys are in your office gaining more weight!!!! FYI the Mexicans are the only ones that are out in the fields under the hot sun.

  • Barney

    Glad the employers and authorities are finally enforcing the law! The illegal immigrants need to get the word back to their home country that the culture in the U.S. is not hospitable to law breakers of any stripe. And we must certainly stop providing jobs which pay illegal immigrants to come here.

  • MARK


  • Aaron

    How bout they go through the steps that make them a legal citizen and none of this would happen, Why is that so hard?

  • Dianne

    Illegal mean just that…not legal….breaking the law…what don’t you understand?

  • Steve

    Unreal…she is illegal….and needs a translator to say “I want answers”??? You have got to be kidding me! Here is the answer….we are tired of paying for you and your illegal families….you are a criminal by breaking federal laws…you need to go home and come back legally….SEE YA!!!!!

    • YIBBIE 52


  • MARK

    true true true.. this is 1 thing that nobody differs in opinion, its about time we do something and kick all the illegalls out,, friendly or by force..

  • jeff north

    those illegals got to be double stupid here illegally in winter mn maybe even triple stupid

  • JOHN

    STOP, Your message is void if you are not a citizen, PERIOD. Get these people out of here.

  • Larry Ravenswood

    don’t be illegal. problem solved!

    • Contrarymary

      lol…I can’t believe this man’s so-called “logic”. I read in a later article that he’s SEIU…figures. This union is nothing but a front for illegal behavior….must be an arm of ACORN. They need to disband this alleged “union” and put every one of their representatives in prison for aiding and abetting. I never heard of this union respresnting Americans…only illegal aliens. It’s the mexican mafia….it’s not a union.

  • Kevin

    MARRY ME Contrarymary!!!!!!!!! I am yours!!!!

    • Earthy

      Yowza! U crazy

    • Jj

      She is only interested in white Anglo Saxon Protestant with no intelligence. You are overqualified.

  • mugsey peeps

    the arrested were idiot minneapolis white folks, not illegals.

  • Sarah E

    I wish that our government would make the immigration process easier.

    If Mexican people could go to the border, fill out some simple paperwork, maybe get fingerprinted and background checked, and enter the country legally, it would be so much easier for me to find qualified applicants to hire.

    Everyone can complain all they want, but I have a terrible time hiring RIGHT NOW, even with sky-high unemployment. I’m paying an average of $20 per hour (piece rate to independent contractors) and I can’t find any Minnesota natives willing to work because “the pay is too low and it’s too cold to work outside.” I won’t hire illegal immigrants because I’m a law-abiding citizen, but I’ll take a legal immigrant with a decent work ethic any day over a slacker who complains because I actually expect them to WORK to earn their pay.

    • Kurt


  • http://www.city-data.com/forum/illegal-immigration/1181047-8-arrested-during-chipotle-protest-after.html#post17506639 8 arrested during Chipotle protest after illegal workers fired - Illegal Immigration - City-Data Forum

    […] […]

  • Kj

    Sarah, this may be true but our ancentors came here also at one point and did it “legally”. As far as this weather and working in it, the police even said he was worried about them picketing in this weather. You might want to rethink your work comp situation if your company is having people work outside when windchills are as bad as they have gotten. I staffed and managed and there are good workers out there if you use your resources. In addition most of these illegals are using someone elses social security number and “it will” effect them and they do not deserve it. Maybe hand them yours and see how you like it. No other country is as good to illegals as we are. They are pretty darn lucky as far as I am concerned.

    • Sarah E

      I worked all day in this weather, so did my regular contractors, not a single case of frostbite to be found. If we can do it, probably just about anyone can. The trouble is, most people won’t.

      As for using someone else’s social security number, it’s happened to me. It takes a few phone calls, faxing some paperwork to the IRS and SSA, and a little bit of patience. It’s not fun, but hardly the end of the world.

      I don’t like illegal immigration, and would sincerely prefer that immigrants come here legally like mine grandparents did. I just can’t see calling illegals “trash” and taking a threatening stance when the vast majority of them simply want to work for a better life.

      Make it practical for them to immigrate legally, and target the companies who hire illegals, and I bet the problem would be fixed in short order.

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    Get out of America Illegals!!! and STAY OUT!!!

  • NativeWoman

    If you aren’t a Native American Indian, you are an immigrant. Remember, in life, what goes around, comes around. That’s the karmic law of nature.

    Perhaps folks will have some appreciation of that in another 150 years or so.

    • jkg

      I wouldn’t neccesarily say Indians were the first to inhabit this country.
      There’s evidence proving otherwise, and native americans have recognized it.

      It”s simply written in the “history books” that way
      Skeletal remains have been found that go back far beyond known indian settlement. After examination , they were found to be of anglo-saxon descent.
      The remains were found as recent as 10 years ago.
      Native americans demanded the remains be turned over to them!

      Now, with that info..I’m sure I’ll be labeled…”A racist”
      That..has become the politicaly correct thing to do.
      Especially when someone has nothing else to reply with on a subjec tlike this.

    • Native Indian

      really agree with you. I think people forget what Andrew Jackson and Texas rangers did with native Indians.

    • Catherin


  • Jj

    Let them work and feed their children. Wish welfare element had the same work ethic. That would be the US citizen kind. See them on Nicollet Mall every day smoking cigarettes and yelling the F word at their kids. The right to work? Why would they do that?

    • Workingstiff

      Don’t you just love it? Using tax dollars to smoke cigarette’s so they can get lung cancer so WE can pay their medical bills with our tax dollars. What a country we have.

  • TRue American

    Illegal is illegal…you all most have voted for OBAMMA ….Our country is bleeding ….Shut the boarders….


      You can say what you want about Obama but it was under George Bush’s watch that so many illegals came across the border and he granted amnesty to huge numbers of them while he was in office.

  • Moondogg

    Hmm looks ile a lot of people are mad and sad about the illegals here. Where they come from? Mexico? They come from all over the world. Just be patient before we all start fighting. Ask your self a few questions only, can you afford to 10 dollar a pound of chicken? I guess we have borrow anoer 1.4 trillion dollar from china again. We are just simply dump, sorry not we are. We beloved stupid Politicians.

  • Workingstiff

    Simple fact…if you steal you are arrested because it is illegal, if you speed you get a ticket because it is illegal, if you have come to this nation illegally you should be deported because what you have done is illegal. Not sure what all the fuss is about. The law is the law.

    On one note though….if you ARE a legal and are sitting home collecting unemployment because you will not be “under employed” you are just as much a leach to the system as the illegal immigrants. GET A JOB… Susan E is hiring!

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