MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman died in Minneapolis while she was walking to a homeless shelter.

Representatives with the Salvation Army Harbor Light shelter did not identify the woman, and said Friday morning that she died sometime within the last 24 hours.

Though the woman’s death has not definitively been tied to the cold weather, a worker at the Salvation Army said brutal cold like that currently affecting the state affects the homeless the most, as they are on foot and not properly dressed for the conditions.

Temperatures overnight dipped well into the negative teens. The cold led to a homeless man being transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center. The man suffered blisters on his feet from frostbite.

Harbor Light is currently close to capacity. There are about 200 men staying there, as well as about 100 women.

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  1. Kathy says:

    My Dear GOD!! You hit the nail on the head, The GREED of these people will keep them WARM upon their death, like maybe HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. troy westrum says:

      Unless you went outside and pick up a homeless person last night and housed them in you own house, fed them a hot meal, and tucked them into bed yourself. Then i think you should keep quiet. because the so called fat cat that your saying gets to many tax cuts and should be responsible for fixing the homeless problem. is paying your wages and keeping you off the streets. so time for you to do something about it yourself. and not rely on someone else to do it.

      1. BBB says:

        We all need to bow and kiss the feet of Mr. Limbaugh !
        He has preyed on the foolish and ignorant for years and taught us all that if one speaks enough TBS, thats total bull shi# , for long enough you can get incredibly rich sucking the blood, thats money, from the Mindless Unthinking Cannot Think for Themselves DittoHeads.
        The Great Rush — viagra chomping sheman shamen, Ruler of the Dumb. lol

      2. Clint E says:

        Fat Cow is my phrase. cat’s sooooooooooo lame there little man

  2. missy says:

    The reason they are even in MN is our welfare system in this state otherwise if I were homeless I’d walk south. Your right however we don’t even blink an eye at the giant bounses wall st gets.

    1. Todd says:

      It is not just the welfare system. Once affluent individuals fall on hard times through the loss of employment, bankruptcy, foreclosure crisis and they have no place to go for shelter. Many come from dysfunctional homes where family support is non-existant. The local church needs to step up to the plate and open up their gyms and all purpose rooms to house the homeless that are in their immediate neighborhoods. Let’s put our faith into action.

      1. Sara says:

        @ Todd – while that is a wonderful idea, the churches often find themselves in a situation of being unable to pay for the liability insurance and an attempt to staff the building overnight. Many of the bake sales and fundraising dinners have been derailed by kitchen licensing rules and insurance premiums.

    2. zjas says:

      rrrrriiigghhhttt …. What? You state the reason MN has homeless people is due to the welfare system? Let me guess, you spit on the homeless on the way to work don’t you? Or maybe you just indignantly roll your eyes as you pass them by. Either way, you’ve only proven your sheer ignorance and despise for fellow human beings. Truth is you use your sheer ignorance to justify your indignation. Be sure to rate yourself by the condition of the less fortunate… at the water cooler, but you might not want to do it in church, I hear it doesn’t get you into heaven (just in case it’s a destination of yours).

      1. Rob says:

        prepnecknc on October 20, 2011 Taken cesaube its a action/myst. and playing the dad would be great. Get to go and find those that taken his daughter. Bust drug ring and illeage selling of womn for prostution. I think the story line is built for it.

  3. Laurie says:

    Give the Big Corps and the Big Income earners maybe a double deduction tax CREDIT and they may toss a bone back to those in need.

    The day is coming and sooner than one thinks when all will be turned upside down by those who have not. I’m not sure where that will put me as I’m the so called “middle class” -lol, what is middle class anymore?, but this greed will lead to rebellion or collapse. The wealthy will sadly be fine as they already shelter outside the US so much. The rest of us …. we may be the fall guys in the end either way.
    Hey Poliicians – actually live the life of the poor for maybe a month. Then go take a look at the tax bills/breaks you tossing and where the benefit lies. The sleeze starts right there with you as you are bought and paid for by >>>someone<<< It would be nice if it was the voters. 😉

    1. Todd says:

      Our state Legislatiure and congress need to take the lead and pass a bill that cuts their salaries, reduces their benefits and reduces the size of the legislative body for the sake of sending a message that they are serious about finding solutions. to the fiscal crisis. It is easy to recommend cutting every body elses salaries and getting rid of other peoples jobs, but harder for them to cut their own. Until they wise up and do the right thing everthing that comes out of their mouth is pure rhetoric.

  4. Oh Please! says:

    Give me a break! Forget about all the people out there that are homeless because they abuse drugs and alcohol. You cant blame people who are wealthy and have earned a living and lifestyle. The woman was on her way to a homeless shelter, how is that not helping? Making a living and supporting a family is not greed We have homeless shelters and food pantry’s as well as numerous organizations out there with the so called “greedy” people out volunteering and donating money and time. Stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for your own life and where it has lead you.

    1. JoDee Faiman-Altmann says:

      I ‘d like to see you sa that to all the homeless children who don’t have a choice because their parents yes may abuse drugs and alcohol OR because their parents lost thier job which caused them to lose thier home. They did not ask to be homeless. I agree with those previous – give the vikings a new stadium or fix our ecomony and state – hmmm you need to think before you answer so quickly.

    2. Dan says:

      People with your rotten outlook on the human condition only contribute to the problem. Thanks for nothing.

    3. susan says:

      their are many people that have been laid off from their jobs and loss their homes an d yes the rich keep getting richer and the poor getting poor. This has nothing to do with drugs and alcohol,I hope who ever you are you never get in a place like this poor woman. shame on you for not having a heart!

    4. katie says:

      @oh, please. You can sit there and judge and blame. Shows a lot about your character. I’m so sick of hearing how the rich have earned their way. Millions of people work hard and some two jobs for minimum wage. I know that people earning lower wages work much harder than the rich. Judging homeless to be drug users s

    5. Romericus J Sims says:


    6. QueenBee says:

      there – take that you fruitcake

  5. JTheo07 says:

    Instead of pointing out the obvious, where are your ideas for solutions? I am a business owner and work hard for what I have. I also volunteer to help those less fortunate. Have you? I agree we are taxed so much that it is hard to expand or even maintain. Before you criticize for tax breaks and credits, please think of the expansion this allows for businesses and the jobs this would create, yes..even keeping the Vikings here and giving money for a new stadium. The increased jobs and tax revenue from building it and having it will allow for a tax base that benefits the less fortunate. We cannot keep making it harder for businesses to expand or stay viable.

    1. Sandy says:

      Thank you, I really wish more people would understand this truth. Keep taking away the tax base and you have nothing left . This is truly a sad situation that people die in the cold. I would not wish that on anyone but the problem is much more complex than just have the rich give away all their money. The sad thing is people would still die in the cold. We all have to work together and take care of each other instead of looking for big brother to take care of us. I have been homeless, I do understand but now I am blessed to be able to give back and I do. We all need each other and the energy that people use blaming “the rich and the fat cats ( I hate that term) could be spent helping take care of people that need help. For those that are screaming for someone else to do something, when did you have someone stay with you that was homeless , or feed someone that was hungry. I know there are so many good people out there that spend their lifes helping , lets all get behind them, and give what we can.

    2. Lance Paulson says:

      JT – I have, I do, and have spent the last 40 years doing 500 plus hours a year in community service. And donate at least 10% of my income.
      That said I will criticize most tax breaks as a whole too. I own a small construction company. If a new dome gets built I may get a taste from it. My 17 employees may grow to 20-25 for a year or two. I may make a bit more on the bottom line. So far so good, right!
      However let’s move ahead beyond year 2. Odds are I am back down to 17 employees and personally I am back to square one. That’s fine – I am okay.
      The taxpayers are now feeling the tab for this and maybe not feeling so smug, so warm and fuzzy. The realization of how long this extra dollar here and dollar there sets in. They already are struggling and extra taxes are not the answer.
      The winner of course is the Corp. entity – or Ziggi and Co in this case. It can be any business – insert a name. They get the rewards, they receive the benefits in essence forever. Or if they don’t suceed – they BK the business and once again it’s back to the taxpayer in one shape or another.
      There is truly something wrong using this type of business model year after year in this country. And a reason for this immense gap between haves and the nots. The nots always pay for the haves and it has to cease.

    3. Max says:

      Muriness1 on November 20, 2008 KIA does make good cars, I own a KIA (2004 Kia Optima) and its very reliable, saves gas and NEVER LEFT ME STRANDED. KIA does not have Toyotas reoutatipn BUT KIA has come a LONG way from what they used to be. and TOYOTA and HONDA started off just like KIA did.

  6. giveitarest says:

    To all the whiners complaining about people out there living a financially sound existence, what have YOU done to help out these people in need???

    Your hypocrisy is just is bad as the greed you spout as evil….

    People that choose to whine about others while doing absolutely nothing grate on my nerves far more than those working to support their greed. At least one group is doing SOMETHING.

    I volunteer at a couple of homeless shelters. Most of the people that frequent them are there because they choose to be. Don’t believe me, go check it out. When asked if they want help to better themselves or their situation they decline. I also have opened up my home to foster children for my county the last half dozen years. Children are NEVER forced to live a homeless life simply because their parents are. There are services available to all. The children are helped by good families who AREN’T just sitting there whining about how awful and corrupt the system is. They prefer to be productive, instead of just sitting there complaining. They’re off their lazy duff’s and DOING something about it. They with the help of the state do everything they can to keep families together and help them get back on their feet. Assistance is offered in ridiculous abundance in this state. It’s not at all tough for the extreme destitute to rebound, and quickly. Unfortunately most prefer to keep tippin the bottle back or sticking the needle in their arm. That’s no one’s fault but their own. The children are salvaged, they continue on, BY CHOICE.

    You can lead a horse to water….

    The rest of you need to shut your gob’s. Your ignorance is showing…

    Good gracious what a way to get the blood boiling first thing in the morning….


    1. Albert says:

      Your insights and experiences would be extremely enlightening if they were delivered without quite so much venom.

    2. Mnapple 28 says:

      Wow. “Children are NEVER forced to live a homeless life simply because their parents are.” Kids can seek out help, leave their homeless parents, and jump into foster care if they only try hard enough? I recommend you get some training from your foster care licensing agency about laws in Minnesota, the reality of financial assistance and transitional housing available to families here, and the realities of homelessness in our current economy. And until you are able to dig deep for a little bit of compassion and understanding, please don’t “volunteer at a couple of homeless shelters”: Your privilege is showing, and it’s hateful.

      1. katie says:

        Mnapple 28- your ignorance shows. You have no idea what you are talking about! You sound like a selfish spoiled brat that could use a good taste of disastrous trauma to teach you a little about life and those who are less fortunate. Instead people like you suck every last drop of blood from the poor and dying. Attitudes like yours are running our society. And before you judge who I am – no I have never drank or done drugs, and never used welfare. I’ve worked all my life.

      2. Jesse says:

        Two thumbs down on you bro. Kids born into poverty into America have it a million times better than kids born into poverty anywhere else in the world. Do you actually believe that the world will ever be fair, right, and just for all? We will not ever be able to build a utopia where pain is lifted from all… just won’t happen. This world is lost and going in a wrong direction. But then again, you probably don’t believe in God, so why tell you things will only be better in heaven…

      3. Mnapple 28 says:

        katie – Did you read my comment? I think you might have made a mistake. I was replying to giveitarest for not having compassion for the less fortunate, and for apparently standing in harsh judgment of the families he/she is “helping”. I have worked full time at a homeless shelter for 17 years and have been a foster parent for 15. I have a social work degree that I paid for on my own. My own mentally ill/addicted parents were homeless for several years after foreclosure, but too proud to accept help from their children. I do, however, agree that giveitarest could use a “good taste of disastrous trauma to teach (him/her) a little bit about life and those who are less fortunate”.

      4. katie says:

        Oh, mnapple. You were the wrong person I replied to. I am sorry. Keep up the good work. Your work will never be overlooked.

    3. Fedup says:

      To: Giveitarest ~ You’re absolutely right. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t reading it and thinking about it. They’re reading it and thinking about how they’re going to retort in a negative way. Those people who talk like that do show their ignorance. And I’ll bet anything they haven’t lifted a finger to help anyone else, they just like to talk about who’s to blame.

    4. Gloria Mott says:

      Giveitarest knows what she is talking about. Thank you, the rest of them know nothing yet have all the answers.

    5. Mr Kin says:

      condoms can you say condoms unsteriaziled should be forced to waer condoms poor childern are a refection of their under thinking parents. If you can’t afford a condom you can’t afford a child. Get real!!

      1. Car says:

        mantlemonkey30 on December 30, 2009 they are the same car, and the easalcde is listed at like $20,000 more. the inside is the same, same chassis, smaller engine in the easalcde, and some more bling on the easalcde, not worth an extra $20,000.

  7. Angel says:

    Not all homeless people choose that way. Many are families who are victims of the economy, not drugs.

    Instead of shipping money to other countries, let’s take care of our own here in the USA!! Go to DC and walk around the WHite House…they never show you on TV all the homless people sleeping on it’s sidewalks!! Pretty sad.

    Stadiam’s??? Piss on that, I would rather see my tax money go to help the good people of MN get back on their feet!!!

  8. EEE says:

    “There but for the grace of G-d go I.”

  9. floyd says:

    if one is truly wealthy it is reflected in actions not words.. if the measure of wealth is restricted to money and its procurement then perhaps therein lies the problem. what if wealth was measured by tolerance and acceptance and the ability to transend fear and greed to Love

    1. jesse says:

      Flowery talk like this is pointless. What if??? Come on man.

    2. tlc says:

      So very well said! I have a sign on my desk that states “Success is not measured by what we have. It is about who we are and what we give.”

      Just think how much better this country/world would be if all of us strived for this definition of success.

      So sad that so soon after the “Season of Giving”, do so many forget the “Goodwil towards men”.

    3. Lynn says:

      ❤ Good point floyd. I like a deep thinker. ❤

  10. jenna says:

    You should post a list of these so called places that offer “ridiculous amounts of help in abundance” PLEASE start off by doing so! I know folks who ask for help and are told there is NO FUNDS for that or this! The State funding is being sucked dry by foreiners, whilr OUR own American citizens are dying from the COLD! REALLY? SMH

  11. Jesse says:

    I understand why people are upset, but blaming the wealthy is just asinine. Would it be better if we all were poor and starving? If you think that’s the case, move to Haiti where the government is so corrupt that IT TAKES ALL THE MONEY WE GIVE TO IT… Our system isn’t perfect, but it’s the best out there.

    Remember just a week or two ago when that homeless man caught a break and is now doing radio work, for better pay than I’ll ever get, after being on the streets for years? That doesn’t happen any place but here.

    The point is, THE WORLD IS AN IMPERFECT PLACE, and NEVER WILL BE ALL FAIR, JUST, RIGHT. It’s a sad story, but blaming rich people is just stupid.

  12. Sick of Everything says:

    Cmon Floyd, Love dont pay the mortgage and to start measuring wealth by tolerance and acceptance, RIGHT!!!! tell that to the greedy CEO’s that are crushing our economy and life by making 15 million dollars a year in salary and wont give a fricken quarter raise to the people that actually make him that money.

    1. really........ says:

      It’s called your paycheck

  13. Nancy says:

    No, it would not be better if everyone was poor, but it would be nice that if you work hard for you money, but it is just enough to pay rent ,buy food, pay health care bills, then they should not be paying high taxes.. Or when they do get raises, they pay even more in taxes so that now the $1.00 raise they have received is gone to taxes. Oh and lets not forget about those whom where laid off… My attorney offices in Minnesota are closing, I know a number of well of people now… are not so wealthy! So if we claim to be a civilized country why is that a person can go from working living a great life no assistants great assist to community to being sick or injured to homeless.. And now they are drug addicts… American help whom can help them and when they are not needed they are discarded like trash! Oh… food for thought.. who do you think when things get really bad that poor people are going rob, or kill for food and money… The rich or well to do… We should want to do better and be better!

  14. Sue Dewald says:

    I too have spent time in homeless shelters.I also had businesses and homes. My problem isn’t drugs nor booze.. I am a senior injuried worker> I will lose my home soon. I owe less on it then most new cars are sold for> but being I am not employeed. but on comp until after surgery. I have no useable income to reapply for my Mortage.. But the point here is> how to help.. There are no Great progems for many of us. We are left on the curb hoping we will die before the check goes out….I am willing to help any one in need > I can offer little. but if I have what you need I will give. Be kind to those around us> We have never waled in their shoes>The energy it takes to be this angry could fuel a few shelters . sorry but tru .

  15. Irritated says:

    I work in a field that encounters the homeless or less fortunate quite often. For I would say the majority of them it is a life style. They choose to live this way because they know no other. They get free healthcare, and places to stay. Whether it is a homeless shelter, transitional housing, etc. They get renters assistance from the government, and live in MPH (Minneapolis pubilc housing). Some are alcoholic’s and drug abusers and some are not. Some are down on their luck due to they lost their job and their home. There are places out there that provide housing for the homeless with children, St. Marys place is one that I have been to on occasion.

    Right know, is the worst time for them. Its cold, so what are we to do? Can you get angry at the wealthy for being wealthy, sure, but why? Kind of like why get angry at the poor for being poor. there is no point, our system needs to be fixed, but who is going to fix it? As far as the forienger’s, most of them are not homeless, when they come here, its for our state aide, and they take it, and live in MPH, but they also get jobs, jobs that others refuse to do because it only pays minnimum wage…..

    Trust me when I say, its frustrating that they get so much aide from the state and it is my tax dollars, but do they need it? yes. What I would like to see is better control over the welfare system, and more rules and regulations and time limits. From what I understand is that if you are without kids you have limits and regulations, but if you have children there are none. That is why I have seen a 14 year old pregnant with her mother going to the hospital in labor, and they have only lived in our state for a month….that is more of an issue for me. Having four different state ID”S and you have a mn care card.

    People move here for our aide, not our state or the weather.

    This person’s death is tragic, but it is not the first and nor will it be the last.

    So if you want to help, instead of giving money to the people on the corner with signs saying “homeless, please help, god bless”, donate it to the shelters or organizations, because I can say for the most of those, they are drunks that I pick up after they went and bought booz with it, and now are drunk in pulblic. Your 5 dollars went to a bottle of cheap vodka and a dollar menu burger.

  16. dewanye says:

    and judgement is passed..what comes out of your mouth, is the condition of your heart.. weight that in the balance.

  17. TBone says:

    I’m a single working mother, who works and who owns a home. I’m one check away from homelessness. I’m barely keeping my head above water, but I have chosen to take in two homeless relatives down on their luck right now. My house payment is expected to go up due to a 65 percent increase on my property taxes this year, where I will be next year, is something that I do not want to think about on this cold day. Some people do not care about those less fortunate, because they have never been there. Too bad, cause it’s a good life lesson.

  18. Todd says:

    I would like to see all of the churches in Minneapolis and St. Paul open up their basketball gyms and if they do not have a gym then their all purpose room to house the homeless. If every church did this we can take care of the homeless population in our immediate neighborhood. Every church could ask for volunteers to supervise the each facility and serve meals to the homeless. The homeless could be connected with families in the church who can help them obtain housing and other social services. Let’s put our faith into action.

    1. Michelle says:

      That is a terrific idea. Churches should open up and help, since the shelters seem to be filled to capacity. I feel so badly for that poor woman. Things like that should never happen in our country.

  19. Pat says:

    Sorry, but our welfare system and charity system has contributed to this problem. She is more than likely a drug/alchohol abuser or perhaps mentally unstable, but the ACLU has gone to great lengths to make sure folks that are mentally impaired can’t be hospitalized. They are given a check every month that they spend on drugs/alchohol then seek out the charities for food and shelter. It isn’t because someone else has more than they. Maybe we should give them all cell phones so they can call a taxi to take them to the finest hotel for the night for free?

  20. Jill Walek says:

    First of, what does god have to do with this situation? Nothing. Second, I know a few people who have been homeless, and have stayed at homeless shelters. I try my hardest to help people in life, but some people just don’t care. I walk down Nicollet Mall every day and see people asking for money. The thing is, how do you know if they are really homeless? You don’t. If you want to help people, I would suggest donating or volunteering, maybe even your local homeless shelter. I have seen and been in some bad situations in my life, but I try to make the best of life and what I have. I care about the world, probably a bit too much. You can make someone’s day better by just smiling at them. Sometimes this can change someone’s life, and may even save it. I guess the moral of my story is this. The world is changing, whether you want to believe it or not. We can only hope that things will get better and that maybe one day we wont have situations like this.

  21. Rachel says:

    This is such a sad story. I don’t know the answer, but I know a lot of homeless people are out there through no fault of their own. I became unemployed in June and had been searching for jobs–with NO success–just a handful of interviews. I have skills and 20 years of experience. I did not qualify for unemployment benefits. I was surviving only through help of my non-rich friends…Then on 11/21 in an ice storm, I fell and shattered my right leg. I was taken to the ER and had 4 hours of surgery. Then I was told I couldn’t bear weight on that leg for 4-5 MONTHS…No driving, no walking, no job hunting or interviewing. As a single woman, the assistance I get is $200/mo for food (which is extremely helpful) but my cash assistance is $203/mo. Try telling that to your landlord when your rent is $715/mo. I am in my apartment still only due to the generosity that my friends and family have been able to provide. Now that’s at an end. I feel nothing but compassion for people who are worse off than I am. The economy has crushed many people. I believe Obama and our new governor are trying to fix this problem, but in the meantime I’d sure appreciate it if people could be more loving and compassionate instead of so judgemental. I am neither a drinkner nor a drug user. I have one friend who lives in a million dollar house on Lake of the Isles but she doesn’t believe in “helping” people with cash–she’d rather give it to charities. I understand, and don’t blame her–everyone’s entitled to their beliefs, but it’s really frustrating when I know how easily she could help me out. Anyway, I agree with the person who wrote but for the Grace of God, there go I. I am not a Bible-thumper, but I pray to God every night for some sort of relief. I feel horrible for this poor woman, and I assure you, there will be more homeless people freezing to death in our country. I think the world would do better to love one another and help one another when hard times hit. Generalitis about homeless people are worthless. Peace out!

  22. Life Is Easy?? Really? says:

    The company I work for has been hiring for the last three years. I know tons of other places that are hiring. Don’t give me this bs about “the economy is so bad.” Jobs are out there, people just don’t want to actually have to work or they want as much or more money than their last job. Swallow your pride and do something. Don’t enable anyone by leading them to believe their excuses are valid. You’re only a victim if you believe you are.

    1. katie says:

      What company is that?

    2. Anxiously awaiting the info says:

      Post up the places hiring my good sir.
      I bet there are many of us here posting looking for employment. Post all these companies at that – what a wonderful thing you shall be doing!
      We shall anxiously be awaiting the info on these companies hiring.
      Hurry please. Thanks!!!

  23. Arizona Ron says:

    Fricken Imbeciles and Morons – now I get why no one ever believed that MN Nice was true.
    You people have frozen brains and are factually a heartless gutless pack of garbage. MN ME fits you well.

    May the MN ME loose all that you have and then we shall see what you say. 😉
    MN ME = losers

  24. Romericus J Sims says:


  25. VickiJoe says:

    You are all kidding right? I have worked in downtown Minneapolis for over 15 years. I have helped and befriended many of the homeless because I care and want to know what their story is. I can tell you many success stories. On the other hand many of the comments above are correct. 75% of the homeless are there due to mental illness of addiction. The other 25% are there by no fault of their own. Anyone of us could be homeless at anytime. We are one paycheck away. Many of the homeless can not work because the “system: says they can’t . If they do try to get a job they loose all health benefits, food vouchers and such. They want to work, but working doesn’t pay. Half of the people you see on Nicollet Mall “signing” have places to stay, but do not make enough money to buy food or pay their utilities. Our system is broke. Until it’s fixed, do not judge. You may me walking in their shoes at any time. As someone said above, a smile can make someones day. Ask them how they’re doing. The US sends so much money to other countries to help, when our own people are dying in the cold streets — wheres the justice in that? It’s our tax dollars. This Christmas I received a check to buy myslef something I wanted. I had been watching a many for month’s and finally walked up to him and asked him if he had a place to stay on Christmas Eve, he said, “no”. I handed him my check and told him to go get a room for Christmas and some rest. I checked back with him when I saw him again and asked him if he gotten any sleep. He said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. THAT, my friends, was my Christmas present.

  26. Andrea Peel says:

    I, I, me, me…..fact is, people are homeless, each person’s story is their own, some people are mentally ill, some are felons (get a job with a felony – that’s tough), some don’t have their high school diploma, drugs, some are DOING something about it, but it takes TIME – and time marches on, the fact IS – they are THERE – everywhere, north, south all over…and it’s not easy and someone will die tonight, if you care, care on, do your best and thank you, if you do NOT care – you will sow what you reap – and it will probably be in THIS lifetime.

  27. Kechik says:

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