7 Minn. Biofuel Producers Get $750K In Grants

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Seven Minnesota biofuel producers will be receiving nearly $748,000 in federal grants to expand advanced biofuel production.

The money will come from the Agriculture Department’s Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels.

U.S. Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota says the funds will allow the state’s biofuel producers to expand and innovate, creating jobs and reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Most of the total is going to Minnesota Soybean Processors, which will get nearly $400,000, Cargill Inc. at nearly $190,000 and Corn Plus LLP, which is getting nearly $130,000.

Smaller recipients include FUMPA Biofuels ($18,000), Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. ($6,000) West River Dairy ($3,400) and Riverview LLP ($2,800).

The grants were part of a larger funding package announced by the USDA on Thursday for biofuel producers in 33 states.

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  • EagleTalon

    V_V man this is stupid, im in full support of biofuel technology, but it will never get anywhere off the ground if the government keeps subsidizing it! And they need to stop trying to push for the clearly old and innificent sources, like corn and soy beans. They do not have yeilds comparable to better sources like Algae. It’s like trying to dig up a dead person and giving them CPR.

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    This fuel will give you more problem with your engine, clogged fuel injectors just to start with, don’t use it

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