Police: Man Allegedly Attacks Another With Machete

WINONA, Minn. (WCCO) — A 22-year-old Winona man is accused of cutting a 20-year-old man from Wisconsin with a machete.

According to the Winona Daily News, Eric Albright attacked the man around 1 a.m. Saturday during a birthday party at a home on the 600 block of West Howard Street.

The victim reportedly wanted to use the bathroom near Albright’s room. Police said Albright didn’t want him to so he struck him on the hand with a machete that had a three-foot blade, according to the newspaper.

The victim, from Viroqua, Wis., needed 24 stitches for a deep cut on his hand.

The newspaper said Albright was being held in the Winona County Jail on suspicion of felony second-degree assault.

  • Allah

    Well….he was from Wisconsin….I mean….well….just trying to cleanse the gene pool….

    • tiredandretired

      If that’s his intent, he should have used it to neuter himself.

  • Grizzlyman

    Oh my heavens! We had better get moving on legislation to ban machetes!

    • Tommy the Man of Truth

      But looking at banning booze may be a real good idea
      Not many crimes occur, nor accidents, that are of the injury nature that don’t have it as a factor.
      just saying the facts is all ;-)

  • Pate

    What,the guy he attacked couldn’t just go outside to pee? Both were probably drunk and/or high.

  • Sarah Wigchers

    you know you can buy a machete at the unclaimed freight store?

    • Trish

      Sarah…. You can get a machete from any field supply vendor catalog. it’s time we BAN these DANGEROUS weapons!!

      Eric is really a VICTIM and needs our support, at any cost!

  • Joe Seely

    They negleted to mention that it was a semi-auto Machete manufactured by palin-bachman industries.

  • Kwai Chang Caine

    Such a violent society!

  • tiredandretired

    What an idiot. If Chuck Norris was there, he would have taken that machete from him and shoved it up his wazoo.

  • Luigie

    Today a Machette…….Tomorrow Spaghetti…………..!

  • BlameTheVictim

    If he hadn’t have had to pee this wouldn’t have happened!

  • Leroy

    If I have said it once I have said it a hundred times Booze, Drugs and Machete’s do not mix.

  • Word a Day

    The word ‘wazoo’ isn’t used often enough these days…

  • red


  • Jackie

    I guess someone had a death wish.

  • Muke Hunt

    It’s only funny till some one looses a hand. Then it’s hallarious.

  • winoceros

    If you look around the mouth, you can see signs of chronic meth usage. This might not surprise…

    • Mario

      looks more to me like he got the snot hit out of him. Not enough IMO
      Hes to clean looking for meth …. way to clean

  • Commtee for Go Gov Prozac

    MN’s Governor Prozac has appointed former dog catcher Burt Beebumgarten to head a committee to ban machetes in urban areas. Permits will be required to carry outside city limits and the devices will be entirely banned in all K-6 schools, except public schools having hot lunch programs with 1% milk included. Nursing home residents may carry a machete provided they do not carry knitting needles at the same time or engage in hallway walker races while carrying.

  • Lester

    Hey, what do you expect? That Gov. Prozac dude is on top of things. Can’t slip anything past hm.

  • Jeff Hamell

    I think if it occured say last year under Palenty’s watch they would have just taken them both into the cells, given them each a .45 and said may the best man win. Or quickest or soberest. An dthen issued permit to carry to them both despite the 13 felonies they have.
    You know — anyone gets to pack.
    Go Conserv’s – you da man. oooops – woman now too.
    forget gov’t healthcare – give the whole country a gun, ammo AND a machete. Whether the ammo is good will depend on your income level. :-) ;-)

    • Kevin

      Hey…great idea….start with a free gun campaign in St Paul….have free bullet Fridays…..clean that garbage hole up in a month….then those left standing and not bleeding….well we casturate them and make them liberals…..carry on the “Minnesota Nice” way……..

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