MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis police say two men were shot and wounded at the Brian Coyle Community Center in the city’s Cedar-Riverside area.

Police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer says one victim was wounded in the torso, but it looks like he will survive. The other victim was shot in the leg. Both were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

Palmer says the shooting was reported around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

He says there have been no arrests, and police have no suspect description.

The Brian Coyle Center has social and youth programs as well as a gymnasium.

In September 2008, a 20-year-old man was shot and killed outside the center.

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Comments (18)
  1. Tina Frey says:

    Allah that’s not right to post!! I’m just glad my boyfriend no longer works there

    1. Kevin says:

      So closet rasist….at least he has the nuts to speak the truth….you are MN nice…and say I am thankful that my boyfriend does not work there anymore….So Tina you go ahead push diversity…..its easy to be a liberal when you dont live in it……

  2. Allah says:

    Two very fine young new Americans shot down in their prime….tragic….simply tragic…..wow is me…..wow is me……I shall pray to Allah that they find their virgins……

  3. Tina Frey says:

    I’m glad he doesn’t work there because he could of been shot and killed! not because it has to do with race my b/f isn’t even white so don’t u dare say that i’m even close to racist! i do know a lot about that area and that center! did u know they duct taped the american flag to the pole? then took it down? it’s a bad area second of all he took his comment down he posted and I quote “2 down 30,000 to go” I will say after all that happened here in MN over the summer over 40 arrests for terrorist 2 in my hometown Somalians were the ones that were arrested

    1. Allah says:

      Closet racist 101…go back to your lib world…your blog says it all….and if your were smart enough to read…I said 2 down and 80,000 to go…not 30,000….your bf is not white….no way???? Jungle fevor…you go fat upset white girl…

      1. Tina Frey says:

        are we a tough guy now? you don’t know me oops 80,000 who cares it was uncalled for! now what was that suppose to mean? now sounds like ur defending it can’t make up ur mind? or wait do you have a mind? Being you can’t spell! I’m very far from being fat! grow up act ur age not ur IQ

  4. Big Dog says:

    Allah, crawl back under that rock you call a country

    1. Allah says:

      Hey big dog you a fat white guy banging the black man?

  5. Allah says:

    Oh dear Tina Ray…..I am one bad man…I served in Somalia and wathched my friends die there…while you were sucking on your sippy cup…i can not spell because I lost my left eye in combat there…..I do act my IQ….I saw my friends burned and drug down the streets…while you sucked on your sippey cup…dumb arse….

    1. Tina Frey says:

      ur how old? i haven’t been on a sippy cup in over 30 years nice try keep the insults coming they’re real mature they show your age and IQ! Now I’ve seen just as many of my friends die defending my country while helping other countries I lost a friend on 9/11 plane one! Don’t use ur eye as an excuse for poor grammar and spelling because I have bad eyes I spell just fine and when needed I use spell check and my Uncle lost his eye 60+ years ago he spells better then I do! Besides spelling and grammar has nothing to do with eyes it’s your brain that does that

      1. Allah says:

        Let me and your color meet some time…..trash…I will shove my eye patch so deep youll think its your black bf….white trash….

      2. Allah says:

        And your color lives where?

  6. Kevin says:

    Jesus Tina Frey..do you know who Allah is? Its the truth…your way out of line…..I hope you get this….good lord…let him be….he has paid his price….and lost more than an eye…stupid fat white color lover……if not…well its your breath not mine….

    1. tina says:

      I may be white but i love all racist and colors so i’m wrong for standing up for my beliefs i’m a bad person for being happy my future husband doesn’t work where this happened? really get a life people! I don’t know him honest i don’t care if i do because all he does is runs his mouth like he knows everything all he does is insult people!! i am not out of line i never said anything wrong! somewhat I’m with a half African American half Native American what’s wrong with that? We’ve all lost more then that I’ve lost friends and family fighting in war for the usa

  7. Allah says:

    Dont worry bout it Kevin….she is just another color chaser….

    1. tina says:

      Look I know where your coming from my family had Hitler to deal with but it doesn’t give you the right to insult everyone on here!! Big deal I’m dating outside of my race doesn’t make me a color chaser as you call it! Quit acting like you know everything about everything!

  8. John says:

    Tina really needs to readjust her way in speaking to people she isn’t familiar with. It’s not right to degrade the Somali culture go ahead and learn a thing or two about it. I’m not trying to attack anyone but Allah you also need to tone your self up. I understand how it is when people don’t understand what they’re talking about. We just all need to coexist after all we’re all God/Allah’s servants.

    – John

  9. ron muellner says:

    seever should be sentenced sentenced a lot of money was throwen around after this person trying to save his bussiness time served is just i would rather have him as a neighbor than the ones released from prision each day

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