Dayton, Bachmann Feud Over Minn. Health Care

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann sniped at one another Monday over Dayton’s decision to extend Medicaid eligibility to almost 100,000 low-income residents.

Bachmann, a Republican who has aligned herself with the tea party movement, held a news conference to criticize Dayton’s executive order, calling on the Democratic governor to reverse his decision, which is due to take effect March 1. Bachmann contends that expanding Medicaid benefits to more Minnesotans, many of whom are disabled, will commit the state to fully participating in the federal health care overhaul passed last year by the Democratic-led Congress.

“Governor Dayton is unyielding in his desire to fully commit our state to it. In fact, he’s wanting to make an already difficult problem worse in our state by adding more people to the welfare rolls,” Bachmann said, alluding to Minnesota’s projected $6.2 billion budget deficit.

Republican lawmakers at the state and federal level have made it a priority to overturn or block parts of the health care law from taking effect. They argue that it will be costly despite the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s projection that it will extend health coverage to millions of Americans who don’t have it while reducing federal deficits over the next decade.

At his own news conference, Dayton said he will stay the course and shift thousands of low-income Minnesotans into the federally sponsored program. He accused Bachmann, who has not ruled out running for president in 2012, of trying to distort the issue for political gain.

“I think it’s very unfortunate when a Minnesota politician is playing presidential politics with the lives of the citizens of our state. That type of politicking is better taken to Iowa or New Hampshire,” Dayton said.

Minnesota is opting into Medicaid under the federal health care overhaul, which gave states that already covered poor adults the option of moving them into Medicaid with half their costs covered by the federal government. The expansion is expected to bring $1.3 billion to Minnesota hospitals and other health care providers.

As one of his first acts as governor, Dayton extended Medicaid eligibility to 95,000 more Minnesota low-income adults. All but 12,000 of those people were covered by less generous state programs. By placing them in the more stable federal program, Dayton’s administration projects it will save the state $32 million through mid-2013.

Leading health groups contend the expanded coverage will cut down on uncompensated care and encourage people to seek early treatment for conditions that can grow into costly medical emergencies later if left untreated.

Bachmann was joined at her event by Republican state legislators who have spent weeks criticizing Dayton’s decision and hinting at a constitutional challenge to his authority to make the move via executive order.

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  • jeff-minneapols

    This is what happens when people do not have to worry about healthcare.

  • Dave Campbell

    Rep. Bachmann has health care and she could care less whether anyone else has it. Unlike Rep. Giffords who was shot during a meeting with constituents, she is never seen in her district. She is so out of touch it is pathetic! She is reelected by a core group of one issue voters that follow her like blind sheep!

    • Mr Kin

      She could care less? How much les could she care? I would say she COULDN’T care less…watch what you write.

      • tiredandretired

        Their intent was obvious. Why, other than arrogance, do you feel the need to correct others?

  • Nancy Aleshire

    What does she and other Republicans know about being poor and not having health insurance? When was the last time she had to pawn her wedding rings and other jewelry just to buy medicine for a sick child? Give the Obama health care program a chance, or does she want to see parents showing up at the ER with children with ear infections and have tax payers foot the bill.

    • Reform Now

      Nancy, either way tax payers are footing the bill. I don’t think anyone has to pawn belongings to buy medicine. You are a little over the top here. The Obama health care program will bankrupt this country. However, I forget that the extreme left, people like yourself, want to make this country weak. That is what the Obama health care program will do. I suggest that you actually go and spend time with poor families and see how it actually is. Obamacare is not the answer, open free market is. Let insurance companies sell across state lines, that would drive the cost of insurance down.

      • Tired of Bachman

        If you don’t think that people have to pawn wedding rings for health care, you are very out of touch with what is happening around you. Because of the economy, people who have had insurance all their lives have had to give it up because the choice is between eating and paying high premiums. Help is needed.

      • Ignorance must be bliss

        How do people comment and not read? “It will extend health coverage to millions of Americans who don’t have it while reducing federal deficits over the next decade.” Should be enough said but keep crying anyway.

      • donh

        Reform now do not make stupid statements without the truth like the reswt of the republikins go to a pawn shop and ask people why they are pawning stuff its to eat buy gas just because you have money and are well off does not mean others have the same as you go see what the real world is like

      • tiredandretired

        Righties keep claiming that “Obamacare” will bankrupt the country, kill jobs, etc., but offer no proof to back up their rhetoric. Non-partisan analysis shows that the effects will be just the opposite of their claims. In fact, the job outlook for the medical professions are very positive, since so many new paying customers will be added to the system. The Republican misinformation campaign is being funded by huge contributions from insurance companies. That alone should be a red flag.

      • jack

        We’ve let the mega health care companies get rich … time to try a new way

      • Paul

        Reform, Your right on with your comments. But it will fall on liberal deft ears. They are afraid they will be forced to find work and get there own insurance. Right now there comfortable letting the government pay for there care.

      • Sue

        I agree with Nancy, give Obama health care program a try and if it doesn’t live up to its potential then you can say repel, because I can guarantee these people who are saying repel Obama’s health program now do not even know what it consists of or what it is all about that they are just going with the flow of everybody else and say reform, Bachmann doesn’t even understand it she just like to shoot off her mouth and like Dave said have you ever seen her inside her district – not!

      • Wayne Sandbulte

        I’m not a extreme left, but I agree with Nancy that Republicans (and you) know little about the poor and health cost issues. My brother and several friends “work” for the insurance companies. They openly laugh about people who say letting insurance companies sell across state lines will drive the cost of insurance down. The big insurance companies and their huge salaries with very little incentive to improve our health care are the main cause.

      • kim

        This is a response to “Reform Now”, how do you know no one has never pawned their personal belongings for medicine ? Obviously , your lack of compassion & understanding of how many people in our state & country are decent hard working individuals who CAN”T AFFORD to pay for their medical expenses ( including high cost prescriptions).

        By the way where is the data that “confirms” Affordable Health Care Act ,NOT Obama health care program .

        FYI : New reforms under the Affordable Care Act begin to bring to an end some of the worst abuses of the insurance industry. These reforms will give Americans new rights and benefits, including helping more children get health coverage, ending lifetime and most annual limits on care, and giving patients access to recommended preventive services without cost-sharing.

        These reforms will apply to all new health plans, and to many existing health plans as they are renewed. Many other new benefits of the law have already taken effect, including rebate checks for seniors in the Medicare donut hole and tax credits for small businesses. And more rights, protections and benefits for Americans are on the way now through 2014.

        And I have pawned my personal belongings to pay for emergency health care crisis because my insurance provider would not cover the cost of the medication ( an antibiotic ) & my M.D. would not provide any samples for treatment of a minor but reoccurring health issue.

      • Cathy Philipps

        I am a poor family and i Suspect that you are not! you have no idea what it is like to work hard and try to provide for your family and have to choose between food for the week and hope that you dont ever get sick enough to have to go to a doctor!

    • Jeff

      If you can afford an internet connection to grope about your problems, you should be able to afford health insurance. Priorities!

      • Kim


        More ignorance & lack of compassion …. I do believe you meant to state
        ” gripe”. Expressing one’s viewpoint is not the same as mindless complaining. And presuming someone has ” internet connection ” again another biased assumption.

        Ever heard of public libraries ?

    • dphilips

      Very well said!

  • Maria M

    The business the Bachmanns own accepts “most insurance companies” so what that means is the ones that pay Top $$$. – seems to me they have a strong personal interest in not having any type of government insurance program. It would cut into their business now, wouldn’t it. ;-)

  • FlipFlopped

    LOL – they foster cared a lot of kids. Think they took any government money for that. lol lol lol ;-)

    • The Crux of the Biscuit

      Tons of it no doubt.

      • Jeff

        If you are caring for someone else’ kids, you deserve to get help for it.

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  • Can'tstanditanymore

    She is just another ego driven human waste that makes up the political elite or wanna be’s anyway.
    She does try to seperate herself but she’s such a hypocite in so many areas she cannot. Actually she may be worse than many from MN – she just plain tells fractional truths or convoluted statements. It really is hard to tell when she is out and out lying vs out and out clueless.
    She took plenty of money from the agencies along the way as a Foster family.
    The Bachmanns indeed are willing to take what they can from the taxpayer trough. They just take it in different ways is all. She willl find some twisted way to (not) explain this if she is ever called on it. That’s the new phrase – Bachmannism.
    I think when I voted for her I was under the influence of a nasal spray. Do I get my vote back? lol

  • F

    I’m guessing that no one in her family has Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart problems, Alzheimer’s, or the countless other so called “pre-existing conditions” that make finding health insurance impossible. As a voter in the sixth district I’m truly ashamed. If only she would start representing Minnesota instead of the Tea Party.

    • Jeff

      It’s like trying to get car insurance to cover an accident that already happened. Insurance companies are there to mitigate risk, not pay your bills.

  • Dano

    Bachmann is the one who needs to be repealed. Hard to believe this State of ours continues to re-elect her. She needs to go away, which means everyone has to get off their Butts and vote her out. Having her as a representative is insane.

  • Im Idiot

    We are all waiting for Bachmann’s opinion of for using TAX money to fund a stadium for billionaire owner an profitable private enterprise the NFL along with its broadcasting, advertising partners.

    Wheres your opinion Bachmann?

    • Rep. Michele Bachmann

      I am sorry, I can not answer your question at this moment. Please take a number.

      • Hehehehe

        What!?!?! :/

    • Rep. Michele Bachmann

      I am sorry, we need to do a survey to see what kind of impact it will have on the state. Please take a number.

      • Hehehehe

        What number is available?

  • Mee

    When is someone just going to tell Bachmann to just shut up and go crawl back into the hole from which she came? I for one am embarrassed to have to say she is even from Minnesota.

    • tiredandretired

      The voters need to tell her this by not voting for her. Sounds like they will get their chance in 2012.

    • dave

      I agree with you that she is an embarrassment to the State of Minnesota and those who voted her in for another term should be embarrassed too.

  • Hey Now

    Are we still not waiting for the bias media to offer or present a representative from someone who opposes a tax payers funded NFL stadium? The media CBS/ WCCO will not do this, for the lack of a NFL team in Minnesota will effect their revenue streams. CBS/WCCO an the other local media companies who are also profitable private entities also do not need a boost from a tax payer bail out of building a NFL stadium.

    January 24, 2011 Economist: No economic benefit to stadiums, but they’re so purty!

    “Economists — except for those who have a vested interest — pretty much cannot really find a benefit/cost analysis to support a publicly financed stadium, to the state or the government interest that pays for it,” said [Joe] Friedrich, a St. Cloud resident and professor emeritus of economics at St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict (he retired 18 months ago).

    “On the standpoint of strictly economic costs to the state, I literally can’t find a study that comes up with a positive return.”

  • Jim F

    Obviously all you socialistic souls spend too much of your time playing video games or doing whatever to take any time whatsoever to find out what the freedom stripping ObumerCare is all about. People like you would rather suck off the government and off the earnings of people who actually work for a living. If your so willing to give up your freedom, then you deserve no freedom at all. Just pack your bags and move your sorry a…..s to Kenya

    • Bob

      Wow, Jim,

      Are you off your meds?

      • TruthBeTold

        I have to admit, I usually only read commentary by others who respond on news Web sites, but rarely comment. However, Bob, your comment to Jim F. was hysterical! I actually laughed out loud. Sadly, though, Jim F. represents the majority of Michelle Bachmann’s base…those who spew their hatred and are clearly out of touch with reality. Anyone who watches “real” news broadcasts rather than “pretend” news; i.e., the station that begins with an “F’ and ends with an “X”, they would come to the realization that Ms. Bachmann is a hypocrite and an egomaniac who does not represent the people of Minnesota, but rather her own political agenda.

    • fred

      Jim I would like the freedom to pay for what I use. Because there are mandates to treat the uninsured my company has to charge more for premiums to cover that cost. If the uninsured would use primary care rather than hospitals the cost would be less. Insurance is a form of socialism. If you have insurance then you are partly a socialist. If you have no insurance and have no way to pay for being acutely ill then stick to your principles and stay home.

    • dave

      Jim I bet you voted for her, you too should be embarrassed.

    • J L

      Was Rep Bachmann “sucking” off the government when she took “state aid” for her 23 foster kids while she was a successful lawyer?

    • Cathy Philipps

      How dare you! I am a fourth generation German/Finnish Minnesotan who works my butt off! I still cant afford health insurance! I have to assume you are totally clueless as to how the real working americans have to live in this economy!

  • Field Ripoffs

    Economist: No economic benefit to stadiums, but they’re so purty!

    Yet another economist points out that the academic literature on stadium subsidies concurs that economic benefits are a load of hooey:

  • Tom Portel

    Finally we have SOMEONE who can get in the face of the ‘tool’ Michele Bachman! You Go Mark!

  • dunnski57

    Jim F

    What you wrote is perfect. It so demonstrates the Tea Party/Glenn Beck brainwashed syndrome that it should be declared a disease…..except as a person with a pre-existing condition, you will not be able to by insurance from any company.

    Except in Kenya.

    • Ronnie James Dio

      It amazes me to see how you people think that Mark Dayton is moving Minnesota in the right direction. You libs are all about the evil rich, well what to you consider Dayton? Also the conversation always goes back to the Tea Party, do you people even know what the Tea Party stands for, leas government, less taxes and keeping your God given freedom, but I guess it’s more important to you freeloaders to continue to take tax payer money and let others pay your way through life. Keep supporting the Frankens, the Ellisons, the McCollumns and let’s not forget the worst Senator in history who most of you elected to be our governor. Wake up, look what’s being done by your Liberal, nanny state policies to our country.

      • fred

        If you want less government Ronnie learn why a program was created so you can then tell the world how the conditions have changed so you can eliminate the program. Even the most die hard liberal would like less taxes. Tea party people like to holler and bellow but I have yet to see them come out with proposals. The answer as to why there are no proposals is that they have no ideas other than the simple one.

      • dunnski57

        Tea Party: simpletons who cannot who hate government, until they need it.

  • matt

    And “outspoken” US Rep… LOL. Could you be less bias please? She represents, the people; we shouldn’t be criticizing her for having A VOICE and using THAT voice to get something done or inflict change. That goes for both liberals and conservatives.

    @dunnski57, I’m betting you’re another one of those tea-party bashes that hasn’t bothered to research the movement for YOURSELF. Educate yourself. It’s empowering.

    Mark Dayton, getting the better of someone? LOL

    • Marty Lahti

      Hey Matty – whenever I get down I just plug in Bachmanns’ fabrications or distortions of the facts so I can laugh.
      Adding 100,000 to the dolls – this poor stupid mis-informed imbecile needs to start over in school. Was she home schooled?
      You all sure as hell can claim her as yours any day of the week . lol ;-)

  • matt

    @lefty, you’re over the line.

  • Raymundo

    She doesn’t say anything about repealing medicaid/medicare, taking those between 18-26 off their parents healthcare assisting seniors with the cost of prescriptions and many more parts of this bill she says she’s opposed to. They should vote on each individual aspect of this bill to show how they stand on each. She should vote to repeal the farm subsistence she currently has no problem taking from the government.

  • Mike


  • B

    Republicans wont pay toward anything that does not help the, they only care about them selfs get a clue republicans get out of our country Demcrats make things better republicans are the reason why there are so many problems in this country good job republicans your doing a great job NOT

    • GH

      I don’t care about only myself but I am sick of paying taxes that I will never see the benefits from. Why should I have to pay for other people to live? Maybe they should stop being so lazy…and if I have to stand behind one more person at the store using an EBT Card for non essentials I’m going to freak out!! I’m sick of paying for everyone else to live while I work 2 jobs to survive

      • Cathy Philipps

        Remember that the taxes you pay are paying for Michelle Bachman and every other politican to have the best health care in the world without a penny coming out of their own pockets of their very well paid positions!!

  • Ali

    Thanks God for people like Michele Bachmann who will save this country!

    • Bob

      No one ever said the anti-christ was male.

      • Rep. Michele Bachmann

        I resent that comment. I am not the anti-christ. I am Rep. Michele Bachmann all knowing and full of P.A.V.

    • Nose plugs required

      Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali

      go find that cave you crawled out of and crawl back in. I’m on my way to pick up the mortar Ali to make sure you stay in it.
      And don’t bother calling your woman fool Bachmann as she got your vote already and has moved on to higher things. Wherever she can make her next buck I guess off the taxpayers back. Or as stated above – an insurance companies check. This gal is getting it from all ends … lol … I mean dollars from all ends now.

    • b

      she will ruin this country like every republican Ali get a clue

  • betty

    Bachmann has overstayed her 15 minutes of fame. Just like Palin.

    Aren’t politician covered by government managed healthcare? Why can’t taxpayers have the same.

    • MadasHe!!inMN

      in case it has escaped you – we don’t count. Except when the votes are needed. Then they knock knock knock for our love

  • Neil

    Michelle has government health care at taxpayers cost. She will make a run in 2012 to collect matching federal campaign funds and laugh all the way to the bank. But she is for less governmnet, when it suits her. Duplicitious!

  • pavel

    It is sad when we have some who have nearly everything and have so little concern for others. Typical of this Representative.

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