Ventura Sues DHS, TSA Over Body Scans, Pat-Downs

WCCO-TV’s James Schugel Reports

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is suing the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, saying full-body scans and pat-downs at airport checkpoints are violating his rights.

Ventura filed his lawsuit Monday in federal court in Minnesota. He says the new security measures violate his right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

He’s asking a federal court to order officials to stop subjecting him to these searches.

Ventura was governor of Minnesota from 1999 through 2002. He now hosts the television program “Conspiracy Theory.”

The lawsuit says Ventura had a hip replacement in 2008, and his titanium implant sets off metal detectors.

He says officials used to scan him with a wand as a secondary security measure, but now, he’s subjected to full-body scans and pat-downs that he says are invasive.

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  • Lee

    BigDave I meant… sorry

  • RareMpls

    Insulting our former Governor when he stands up for his rights, and the rights of all people, is sad, dumski57.

    Much respect and power to Jesse Ventura.

    • Josh

      yes complet agrement we are

  • WhyNot

    I’m with the majority on this one too! Many people all over the country are upset about the pat-downs and full body scans. I am glad Jesse stood up about this – with a “big name” attached to this issue, perhaps it will get more attention and help out us “little people”. Good luck with the fight Jesse! (and THANK YOU!)

  • deejay

    If you don’t want to go thru security…that fine…just stay off my plane!

    • James

      My, what a fine, obedient sheep you are!

    • James

      Oh, what a fine, obedience sheep you are!

    • DontTouchMe

      Nobody is saying that we don’t want to go through security. We just want to fly safely WITH our dignity intact. You can indeed have security with dignity, you know?

      Stay off your plane? If you’re so afraid of terrorists that you willingly allow strangers to see you naked and/or touch you in places they have no business… stay off planes……..shoot…..just stay at home because you’re more likely to die in a car crash than in a terrorist attack.

      Just sayin’……

      • katy

        Thank you. Well said.

    • john

      grow a pair and stand up for the 1st amend.

      • jsgrndmom

        And the 4th,and he 10th and against their disregard of habeas corpus. Wake up America! The REAL, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO OUR NATION, THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE SITTING ON THE HILL IN WASHINGTON DC!

    • JohnD

      So now it’s “your” plane? Idiot

    • Bill

      It is the cowards like you that are responsible for the erosion of our rights. You go through life blindly believing that laws and the government will protect and care for you. If you don’t see something very wrong with the way that the TSA does their job, you must be a catholic priest or boy scout leader with no women in your life.

    • ertdfg

      If you want to give up our Constitutional rights; there are already dictatorships in the world; get out of my country!

      See how stupid that sounds deejay? If you want a Government that can do anything it wants for “security” try North Korea; I’ve heard they don’t even have those pesky freedoms you hate getting in the way of security.

      then we’ll both be happy; we can have freedom here, you can have a totalitarian dictatorship controlling you every action there.

    • deejaysdad

      Thats cool deejay, if you dont want to keep your civil liberties, get out of my country!

    • UrBodyBelongsToBigSis(Gov)

      YOUR PLANE!!??? You have a plane you own and rent out??? OR are you employed by a publicly owned company where the stock owners hire employees, and fire them?

    • Squiggy

      You don’t get on planes very much, do you? Besides, molesting ME is one thing. Molesting my wife and three-year-old daughter is another thing entirely.

  • David

    Jesse’s a hero!

  • Matthew

    Way to go Jesse. I hope you beat them.

  • Rich

    What is wrong with you? Never joke about mental illness. And have some respect for our past Governors.

    • Bob W

      You’re right about not joking about mental illness for a couple of reasons. People who are mentally ill cannot help it nor defend themselves against ignoramuses who ridicule them. Secondly, oppressive governments label dissenters as being mentally ill in order to remove them from society.

  • Steve

    Glad that he’s doing this. It is bad enough that the scanners can see through my clothes at the gate, but I really don’t like naked pictures of my little girls going up into some airport office. They say they’re not kept, but I never saw a security organization that didn’t keep all the data it could get its hands on. We’ll be driving for our family vacations for a while.

  • Mr T

    I’m with Jesse on this one. If we don’t stop the police state now, then eventually they will be kicking your door down at your house.

    Anyway, patting down 80 year old women at airports while our borders are wide open is insane.

    • Bob W

      Yes, the borders are wide open to human and drug trafficking while Grandma is being patted down or given an undetermined amount of radiation under the guise of conducting a war on terror. Nobody can convince me the government is that stupid. It’s by design that the border is left open to anyone who wants to enter the US illegally.

  • gtVoyageur

    Every time I pass through TSA airport security checkpoints I get patted down. I have an ICD/Pacemaker(defibrillator type) implant that will always set off metal detectors. I always show my Medical Card stating such to avoid the walk through metal detector, prevent the magnetic wand from passing over the device, and prevent me from having full body scans to avoid further explanations, embarrassment, and prevent me from being exposed to X-Ray fluoroscopy radiation dosage build up. I even show my chest surgical scars that prove the issue. What does TSA security do?–The infamous pat down!

    When TSA security folks pat down babies in carriers, women with prosthetic undergarments, little old ladies in wheelchairs, older folks and veterans who have demonstrated metal implants or prosthetic devices why then the full touching pat-down? Even my adjustable metal cane after being X-rayed has been disassembled and inspected!

    Jesse is right in pursuing his court cause celebre case. He speaks for many of us who may not mind going through security but are getting very frustrated and embarrassed by the TSA insensitivity. If it isn’t condition “RED” alert then why the embarrassing demeaning rigmarole and pat downs? We who use the airports frequently want an answer. Let’s hope Jesse can get the answer and relief from such indignities.

  • Conspiracy Theorist

    There has to be some common sense involved. Jesse has metal in his hip, that’s a fact. A wand was useful before in finding why the detectors went off, that’s fact. What is the reason to change to pat downs and body scans, that is the question? If it were me, I would be doing the same thing Jesse is, as TSA and DHS seem to be doing some overkill. To think that Jesse Ventura would blow up a plane or fly into a Federal building is ridiculous. Use some COMMON SENSE people.

    • If it Moves Pat It

      You’re asking too much of the liberals that run the government. Common sense means using judgement. Judgement means judging. Judging is bigotry, as we all know and are reminded by Hollywood, academia, the press, and now, elementary school teachers. There’s nothing to argue about, you see? Just obey the government womyn and move on. Thank you.

    • Sean

      The pat down can detect threats that are not metallic, IE – explosives if they are a big enough mass, and things like non-metallic blades that neither metal detectors or explosives detectors can catch.

      Having said that, we also have multiple technologies for detecting explosives that are a lot more effective at detecting explosives than a fondling of one’s junk. A dog’s nose still beats any man made technology for finding explosives.

      As for finding non metallic and non explosive threat items, full body scanners will see them. Along with an unremarkable black and white picture of the Junk.

      Her’s the thing…I used to work for this nincompoop outfit and finally had to resign and find work elsewhere because I could not stand the ridiculousness of it all.

      I agree with others that we should be profiling the HELL out of those that fit the current threat description and they can just deal with it. Leave law abiding American citizens alone. There is nothing “correct” about political correctness.

      • James

        You could get bomb sniffing dogs in airports and eliminate those God aweful full body scanners and full body pat-downs. It’s redundancy at it’s best, without the indignity of being molested and having naked pictures of you being taken.

  • Hank Warren

    Out-of-control TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • roberto

    Seriously, why can’t we just profile and be done with all this?

  • Philip B Kirschner

    This is just another form of condition to accept tyranical government as our monitary system collapses. They are using the boogeyman to justify these searches and people who object often wind up on the no fly list.

  • kelly

    I dig the Ventura, but I disagree. I’d suffer a groping and a cavity search everytime I fly if it means one life being saved from a suicide bomber who mangaged to get on a plane. Problem is it’s almost impossible to know if a life has been saved. However I bet it has deterred a couple of attempts, and that makes it worth it.
    I could also see some sort of sensible profiling be done too. I don’t believe that profiling means racism. It’s just common sense.

    • FreqFlyer

      TSA has never successfully stopped a terrorist attack. GAO has proven they are too incompetent to stop an attack. One airport had a 100% failure rate when GAO inspectors tried to smuggle weapons and simulated bombs on board aircraft.

      TSA has however, stopped my from taking 2 wine bottle openers on an aircraft. But my wife once had a 10″ kitchen knife in her purse from a church function that she forgot about, and TSA missed it.

      TSA is not making you any safer, but they do know how firm your brests are and how big my testicles are.


      How quickly you are willing to give up your rights! IF THEY WANTED TO CATCH TERRORISTS THEY WOULD HAVE BOMB SNIFFING DOGS AT ALL AIRPORT ENTRANCES AND SEARCH EVERY MUSLIM. This isn’t about safety it is about controlling the people.

    • dan

      I can respect that you would take a pat-down for the safety of others, but would you want your daughter, wife, sister, or mother to be required to be pat-down by some potential pervert?

    • Michael

      So, would you be willing to let the authorities come in and search your house and watch you pack your bags anytime you want to fly? After all, we only want to make sure we are safe. The fact that we practically get strip searched to fly to Disney World, but are called racists for wanting ANY border security shows why liberals should NEVER be allowed to be in charge of any national security.

    • Bob W

      What are you trying to sell? You’re as transparent as cellophane.

    • ertdfg

      Right, you’d give up all rights for all Citizens to support the TSA because of all the terrorists they’ve caught… to date that count is at… 0.

      But they have a 30% success rate catching trial-run bombs and guns; who wouldn’t give more power to people who have a 30% success rate? 30% is awesome.

      And if you want to promote having every man, woman and child cavity searched for your security; you propose that. I’ll oppose having kids molested at any time for any reason.

      But hey, if we molest a million kids we might save a life eventually; that’s worth it, right?

      While we’re doing stupid things to “save lives”; lets drop the maximum highway speed limit to 20 MPH; we’ll save hundreds of lives every year… or do you not care about those lives?

      “I bet it has deterred a couple of attempts” I bet it p*ssed off people and was responsible for more attempts… since we can’t prove this one way or another; I’m wiling to call this part of the argument a draw.

  • Loren Garofalo

    The sad truth is that all of this patting and naked scanning and groping does NOT make us safer. Do the research – these machines are BIG money for lobbyists tied to the current administration (true fact!) and they do NOT catch anything more than the previous machines with a huge power grab on our privacy. And I have yet to hear a story where groping and grabbing uncovered anything that would bring harm. Have any of you?? We need to protect and defend our rights, NOT hand them over willy-nilly to a power-crazed government! People – this does NOT make us safer, it just makes us less free!

  • Jet A

    Peace: don’t fly. Simple. That way your precious body doesn’t get harmed, and mine isn’t groped and scanned. Isn’t that a better solution than having everyone’s precious right to privacy trampled?

  • scott

    The next time you get a physical from your doctor, you might as well sue them too. After all they are “feeling you up “to do their job. Same concept. I am all for safety and “Terrorism” deterrence but something’s are being over looked.
    1)The Fed’s don’t have the time for Jessie’s case and will basically dismiss it.
    2)Terrorism has created more jobs than the current Presidential Administration. The TSA is a good example along with the construction work to rebuild Ground Zero.
    3)The TSA has never stopped a Terrorist. It’s been the FBI, CIA or bystanders.
    4)Not profiling is a mistake. History has proved that already.
    5)It’s painfully obvious that the Costello look alike that is running the show (the head of the TSA) is not listening to the public. Jessie’s case will probably add fuel to her way of ignorance.

    • anne

      You pay the doctor to feel you up to check if you have any medical problems. Also, you usually know your doctor when they do it. And, you trust them. You don’t have to worry that they are some stranger who is a perv. So, no is is not the same concept.
      I travel by car b/c I have three children and just getting through the airport is a nightmare. If somebody felt the crotch of my child, a person I did not know or trust, I would beat the shit out of them. I teach them that no one is ever supposed to touch them there except the doctor while I am there. So, no. It is not the same…

    • Retired Pilot

      I am sorry but I can’t make the connection. If I ask my doctor to not grab certain body parts they will not call the police and throw me in jail or fine me. You must be a very insecure person to just allow the government to walk all over you like this.

      • scott

        Retired Pilot HERE’S THE CONCEPT. You go to the doctor for a physical, you will be touched. You go to the airport to catch a flight, you will be touched. It’s NO SECRET. Both professions have the same authority to do so although not the same authority. If you through enough of a fit (or basically spaz out enough) both can call the police who then will have a word or two with you. So does that answer your comment from about 100 blogs ago? And no I’m not a TSA employee. Most of my flights have been military, otherwise I’ll drive.

    • Bob W

      You clearly have issues.Perhaps you’re a TSA employee. I see my doctor voluntarily and he’s well-qualified to examine me. I don’t go to the airport to be “examined” and X-Rayed, yet that’s what happens against my will. And please don’t tell me to stop flying. I have to fly because of the work I do. Yes, I could board a ship for France, but I’d lose a lot of time and would be fired from my job. Interesting how other countries handle airport security so much better than we do. Most foreigners clearly see the madness that occurs at our airports in the name of security — and all while leaving our southern border wide open to anyone who wants to enter the USA.

    • Joe I

      Well said Scott.

    • Dan Lee Black

      you sir are a moron and a pefect example whats wrong with people today. Scared spineless cattle just listening for the dinner whistle to blow

  • Dave in Cincinnati

    It is a sad day when we must show our “papers” and be frisked like common criminals just to fly on a an airplane owned by a private company. The TSA has YET to stop a bomber! It is all for show. Lets just allow the CIA, etc to do their jobs overseas and let our domestic law enforcement include profiling in their tool kits. We know who blows up planes! There is no mystery here just an overload of political correctness and bureaucrats that would rather punish the masses than deal with the bad guys.

  • FreqFlyer

    Don’t be stupid Ruthie…. TSA has never stopped any terrorist attack. This is all about the government and bureacrats lording over the sheep of this country.

  • Whwarl

    Has anyone noticed that we are letting terrorists take away our rights in a free society? How long will it be until we hear, “Let me see your papers!” Something often heard in Nazi Germany. Taking away our rights and freedoms to prevent terrorists from doing it seems… wrong!? They’re turning us against our government and the government is playing into their hands. We as a nation need to step back and look at the big picture rather than individual incidents.

    • Anonymous

      In the future law enforcement will be able to simply scan our micro-chipped foreheads. No need to hear, “Und vhere are yoor poppeerz?” Hey, our young, dumbed down idiots — who know nothing of history or our Constitution — will think it’s cool to be “chipped”.

      • TS

        Right on

  • Poncho

    TSA are a bunch of wanna bee cops with no balls so they have to feel the pair on real men !

  • Rick Libertarianski

    Can’t we just get along?

  • Not Me

    YOU are absurd. Just how far up your anus would a TSA agent have to stick his hand before YOU thought it was too far? All in the name of SAFETY, of course.

    You would have probably gladly marched into the Nazi ovens in WWII.

    • never ending fight for freedom

      mmmmmmm, oooven….

  • Vic in Minni

    No pat downs in Russia now are there.
    ‘course we had some major happenings over there too ;-)
    If you so threatened by it start your own airline. Seems you’d have a few willing to fly with you.
    The majority of us would rather be safe and willing to deal with it.

    Yep – sure your Doc too. Sue the White House if you ever go there.
    The Pentagon too.
    You folks really don’t have a real life do you?

    • Circlehook

      Vic, the bomber in Russia was in a pubic area and had not gone through security. If he had actually gotten on a plane then you may have a point. However since the early reports seem to indicate that the bomber was dare I say it, … No, I guess I just say that he was of middle eastern desent. Surely the Russians would have detected a backpack full of explosives and sharpnel. Yes Vic we folks do have a life and as in the past we would be out pursuing it instead of fending off your liberal proaganda.

      • Bob W

        Vic in Minnesota is incapable of connecting dots. In other words, what Commies and Fascists depend on, i.e., “useful idiots”.

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