By Liz Collin

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

WEST ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A Twin Cities mother has been charged with allegedly using her kids to shoplift.

Police say Georgina Arroyo and her teenage children went into a West St. Paul K-Mart to carry out the plan.

Manilla Shaver is the Police Chief in West St. Paul.

“It’s disappointing when parents aren’t instilling good work habits, and instead they’re passing down deviant behavior to their children,” Shaver said.

With her 14-year old daughter in tow, Arroyo selected a perfume box in a plastic sleeve.

Police say Arroyo looked around for cameras. When they spotted one, they moved to another aisle. That’s when her daughter used a scissors and cut the perfume out of the box. They didn’t know a camera was right there.

“The technology has not only gotten better, it’s gotten cheaper. Where a store could only afford to put in six cameras — they have to strategically place them. Now, they can afford to cover the store floor,” Shaver said.

Store security stopped the three before they left. They found a pack of gloves in the pants of Arroyo’s 15-year-old son and two sets of earrings stuffed in his shirt pockets.

West St. Paul Police see a couple of shoplifting cases like this a year. A family shopping trip turned into a crime spree, cases even clear evidence doesn’t stop.

“People don’t learn once they get caught and sometimes they’re back again shoplifting in the same store a month later. It just seems to be a cycle for us,” Shaver said.

Arroyo is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her kids were also cited for shoplifting.

It’s not the first time Arroyo’s been in trouble with the law. Five years ago, she was convicted of child abuse.

Comments (20)
  1. Sighs says:

    To Kevin: shoplifting is done by immigrants and locals alike. Last week a white US citizen, US born and star spangled woman with a last name of Mollenberg was caught shoplifting in Burnsville, and no one used an inflamatory comment like yours. Stick your foot in your mouth and use your small brain to try to think. This is a matter of poverty, education and values, not immigration condition…

    1. getridofem says:

      Much of it is education and up bringing also, many are taught in south Texas and Mexico that they have the right to take anything from the gringo’s as it was they that stole Texas from Mexico and you can take anything back in exchange–this is a known fact down here————-

  2. Grizzlyman says:

    Kind of a leap to assume their immigration status. For all you know they could have been born and raised right here. There are plenty of home grown dirt bags appearing in the news every day.

  3. Michele says:

    While in college I was working one summer evening at a local JC Penny store when our security team caught a woman and her two young children shoplifting. The security team called the police, the mother was taken into custody for shoplifting, and her two young children were taken into child protective custody. Our security officer said that when the lady was questioned she replied, ” I thought you wouldn’t arrest me if I had my kids with me,” she was wrong. Now that’s Reality Check!

    1. CP Worker says:

      Michele – I think you are lying because shoplifting in itself does not warrant two young children to be taken into protective custody. Child protection workers do not come to JC penny to take kids away.
      – CP worker in Ramsey County

      1. kim says:

        CP worker – I am also a CP worker, and no kids wouldn’t be removed due to shoplifting, but mom was arrested and if there was no one else to care for the kids, they would be placed.

      2. Just me says:

        Michele doesn’t say what state this was in or when it took place so you can’t rule it out entirely as happening.

  4. Yvegny Kutchakokoff says:

    CP worker
    If ignorance is bliss you must be one of the happiest people on the planet

  5. red says:

    If they are so hard up why are they stealing perfume and earrings and not something ore useful like the gloves Again what a model mother. They can all rot you know where

  6. Allah says:

    You wanted “diversity”….you got “diversity”….

  7. Pennie says:

    What a fantastic example of parenting. This woman should have more children and be a fantastic example to them too. Bringing your kids with and having them help you shoplift ( or to commit any kind of crime ) is lower than low. She is raising criminals and being a criminal herself Iguess I shouldn’t be suprised. If those kids aren’t taken from her custody, they will probably have no chance of being good law abiding citizens, just p.o.s. criminals themselves

  8. what says:

    Where in that article does it say they were immigrants?

  9. Darren says:

    Itts good seeing a mother spend quality time with her children.

  10. sterling7 says:

    Trash is trash, do you expect me to feel sorry for this trash. EVERYBODY knows the difference between right and wrong from the time they’re two years old, the rest are just excuses. Hang that Loughner trash for his Arizona murders and stop wasting peoples time. 20 years in prison for the fat mom and 5-10 years for the brats, they’re repeat offenders and still trash!!!!!!

  11. nick says:

    Haha its funny wcco has deleted all the comments prior to the first comment by Kevin…

    1. nick says:

      prior to “sighs”

  12. Allah says:

    I guess she will now take herf children and protest in front of Kmart and ask the same question as the fired Chipolte workers….”why”….

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