Missing ‘U’ Student’s Body Found By TCF Bank Stadium

By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The body of a missing University of Minnesota student was found behind TCF Bank Stadium Thursday, according to police.

University Police Chief Greg Hestness confirmed that Keaton Patrick Murphy’s body was discovered inside a box car. He said it will take some time to determine the cause of death because his body had been out in the elements for a while.

Murphy was reportedly suicidal after being arrested last week on possible child porn charges. He has been missing since he was released from jail.

College of Liberal Arts Dean James A. Parente, Jr. released a statement regarding the death of Murphy.

“We’re deeply saddened to learn of Keaton’s death,” Parente, Jr. said. “Anytime we lose a student, it is a tragedy for our community. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his parents, family and friends.”

  • Betty LaRue

    “Rick” and “Pete” are disgusting. This is not something to be glib about…these types of comments are crude, rude, ignorant and sick, made by some sort of social degenerates. I am generally not in favor of censorship, but if WCCO is going to open these articles up for public comments…. someone at WCCO should be around to monitor what gets published. This is awful to read, and to realize these creeps are living and breathing among us.

    • josh

      if you think that’s bad the minneota daily (university student newspaper) mndaily.com actually posted a picture of the blood splatter in the box car.

  • Fred

    Dear Betty. Welcome to a new reality. What people left unsaid to strangers is now out in the open. Is it a real rick or pete? One typo and “maria” goes off. It is sad indeed.

  • Joe

    Billy, there no definitive proof yet, that I have heard. Will you be making a public retraction of your comment if the charges are eventually shown to be false or inaccurate? I bet not. We’ll see who the coward turns out to be.

  • Joe

    And you know for sure and certain the charges are true and accurate? Can you show us your source of info? Will you be willing to retract your comment if the charges are shown to be false or inaccurate? Betcha you won’t. It’s pretty easy to make nasty comments about things you have no direct knowledge of.

    • pablo

      I would say the fact that he was running from the police is a pretty good admission of guilt. Why do all the libs in this state deem the criminals as the victims? Perhaps some of these comments are a bit harsh, but when you have people, that seem to support the thought that someone could refuse to deny such charges and run from the police could be innocent is sickening in its own right.

  • thumbody

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!

  • Dee Dee

    wow. do we know for sure that this young man was guilty? and if he was his actions tell me that he was remorseful for what he did. I only wish he would have come to someone for help instead of ending things this way. I feel sorry for his family, friends and alleged victims and their families. Porn is an ugly evil that has no redeeming qualities
    Concerned neighbor, compassion is a rarity these days.. and it will only get worse. I pray that you and I don’t lose ours.

  • Devoided

    How come you(WCCO) didn’t do a story on the child porn charges???? (I can guess it was because the local AP bureau didn’t pick it up, so one of your reporters couldn’t steal it and act like they had original story…we all know you can’t find a story on your own)

  • LillyAnderson

    I am so sorry to hear about Keatons death. My thoughts and prayers are with the Murphy family during this difficult time.

  • dissapointed writer

    i thought we had FREE SPEECH why do the news channels censor all the comments…….why comment if its gonna be DELETED

  • Samantha Villagomez

    I speaek from experience!As a victom of sexual child abuse these child preditor deservw to be publicly shamed .Publkic caning would really make it as for the victom on the long road of life the scare maney of us carry for life.I carry my cross.

  • Billy

    WCCO, Its true, so why delete my post.
    This country has noo room for people whom posses child porn, i am glad he put himself out of misery before someone else did, what a coward.”

    • LillyAnderson

      His family doesn’t need to come on here and read your garbage. You may not like the actions of Keaton, but please respect the family.

  • Billy

    WCCO might have sympathy for cowards like these but not me.

  • Black and White & not the "Grey" Society

    Hey Joe, if he is not gulity, then why would he take himself deep??? 98.2% of criminals arrested turn out to be truly guilty of the charges found upon them.

    Of course the “Hug a Tree-Feel Good Society” that has been promoted and said to be the right way to live allows these animals to plead “not guilty” and try to either get a plea deal or find a mis-step in the investigation or trial process.

    This “item” and those alike, have absolutely nothing to do with compassion for the criminal (they don’t deserve it)-what about compassion for the victim(s)?

    The reality is, the parents have failed, they coddled and gave this puke what he wanted in life vs. installing duty, pride and respect. If they are honest about their own lives, this would be the unfortunate answer found-FAILURE, but they won’t be honest and just blame it on everything else in the outside world.

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  • Pel

    before you say dumb things like that….you have to know that the kid was in depression and was having suicidal thoughts few years prior to this…..he was also a great guy…..everyone that actually KNEW him has nothing bad to say about it

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