MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota District Court clerk is accused of fixing traffic citations in exchange for money.

Abdulkadir Mohamoud Afrah was charged with one count of bribery after investigators say he accepted $280 on Jan. 10 in exchange for dismissing a citation for no proof of car insurance. Afrah was arrested that afternoon.

Authorities say Afrah had been fixing tickets for people cited for no proof of insurance in March of 2010. Afrah’s job entails reviewing and processing traffic citations at the Violations Bureau in the Hennepin County Government Center. As part of those duties, he handles no-proof-of-insurance citations from the public.

Investigators say Afrah has the authority to dismiss the ticket if the insurance company named on the card can confirm that the policy was in force at the time of the citation.

An investigation found that between 2008 and 2010, Afrah allegedly dismissed at least 19 no-proof-of-insurance citations when they should not have been dismissed. The 19 citations are valued at more than $5,000.

Afrah faces a potential maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Comments (20)
  1. l.w. says:

    good i hope they throw the book at him. i have come to realize that most of the people of his culture think they can get away with anything. and when i say culture i mean government

    1. alan says:

      Yeah, SURE you mean government “culture”. You’re banking he’s Somali. Have the stones to admit it.

  2. James says:

    Banking he’s Somali? With that name wouldn’t you say he’s Somalian?

    1. alan says:

      Well, given all the slathering comments lately about Somalis, there is absolutely no way he was Somali, because he had a JOB!

      Plus, he couldn’t do this particular crime without all the ticket-holders who asked him to do it. Punish – absolutely, but get them all.

      1. Big D says:

        Somalis have jobs… I take it you haven’t been in a taxi latley….

      2. Mohamed Ali says:

        Alan- your comment is way out of line…..Somalis have jobs, and are not out there manufacturing METH to make ends meet.
        We pay for your parents ( or maybe yourself’s) MEDICARE

  3. cbh says:

    No…l.w. means government. The government employee class continues to show their arrogance. Government employee class is both a caste and a culture in Minnesota.

  4. john doe says:

    one can only hope he is here on a work visa or has not completely finished the process to become a citizen so he can be shipped out on a slow boat to Somalia

  5. Inauiring Minds Want To Know says:

    Why a slow boat?

    1. Bob says:

      Middle of the ocean in a row boat. Sink or swim.

  6. Changes says:

    @john doe I’m a U.S. Citizen born in this country, and there’s no way a somalian national with work in government institute and don’t get me wrong all immigrants can work freely in this country when they have legal permission to do so. But to work in our government you have to be a US born or a naturalise citizen to work in our governments. So, that guy name above either a US born or naturalise citizen.

    1. Layla Ahmed says:

      His Ethnicity has nothing to do with his crime, come-on people, quit hating on Somalis. @Changes: proper english should be a requirement for a “US Citizen born in this Country”.

  7. jay says:

    i just paid twelve hundred dollars to get my liscense back fair and square and so should everyone else. shame on the people who took part in this crime they are as guilty as him. i hope they go after them too, . p.s. what does his ethnicity have to do with anything?

  8. John S. says:

    Look guys, I understand that all of you(except Jay) hate certain kind of people, what I don’t understand is didn’t anyone of you went to college or university because I have seen quiet number of Somalis teaching at universities and colleges in Minnesota or even lawyers or doctors. I think this has nothing to do with ethnicity but his foolishness.

    1. zahra says:

      I agree with you john !

  9. Mohamed Ali says:

    A thief is a thief wherever they are from: The greatest of all was New Yorker who stole Billions of Dollars. Ethnicity has nothing to do with CRIME. We have had a Minenapolis Police Officers stealing ( Remember the GANG TASK FORCE).

  10. Abu Hamza Bin Al-rasheed says:

    You know what if he’s guilty he is guilty just as so many criminals throughout history. But since his name is not Anglo I wonder why you all assume what he is or why even bother with his ethnicity I thought it was just a petty crime nothing less nothing more, but truly some of these replies showed me that there are racist views toward the whole Somali community, but you know what I’m a Somali teenager and I will say “so what we are not going anywhere anytime soon we will keep building, multiplying, all over the world and these racist views will not deter us we prosper everywhere with nothing more then the clothes on our back so hate on haters.

  11. zahra says:

    excellent ! put he is ass on jail.if he want to steal the money he can go somalia Sea if he want to big money.not small money..those who are sturggling for looking jobs.they dont get it.only bad poeple get it good jobs.stupid somalia.they think here is lil somalia?
    we somalis we think in Minneasot is Mogadishu..stupid somalia..he thinks here is somalia.
    I’m sturggling looking for job.and he stealing money..stupid

  12. zahra says:

    I dont understand why all we somalis like Numbers ?

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