Delta Employee Accused Of Stealing Traveler’s iPhone

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Delta Air Lines employee is accused of stealing the belongings of a traveler, including the traveler’s iPhone.

A Delta spokesperson said they have an open investigation into the allegations and are working with authorities. They could not, however, confirm the suspect’s name or current employment status.

The alleged theft occurred at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

  • jim


  • tiredandretired

    Let’s reserve judgment until all of the facts are known. Anyone can make an accusation.

  • Devoided

    Why aren’t you talking to the airport PD? Should be any easy open records request….but wait that would take some effort…

  • Devoided

    Here is a more complete story from the AP:
    Airport police in Minneapolis say a Delta Air Lines employee has been cited for misdemeanor theft for allegedly stealing a traveler’s iPhone.

    A woman told KSTP-TV she recently lost her phone at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Her son used a GPS system to track the phone to a St. Paul home where the airline employee lives.

    Police tracked his airport badge and found he was working on the same night and in the same area where the phone was stolen. Officers say they found the phone in the employee’s home.

    Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec said Saturday the airline won’t comment while the investigation remains open. He adds that Delta is cooperating with authorities.

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  • Jake

    Probably a TSA worker, who after copping a feel, stole the phone. I’m sure the thief told authorities they didnt realize it was in their possesion until they got home and had every intention on bringing it back to work to report it. You have to be just plain ignorant to steal an I-phone.

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