Lesbian Student Grateful For Pep Rally Decision

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

CHAMPLIN, Minn. (WCCO) — A lesbian couple enrolled at the Anoka-Hennepin School District will be allowed to walk together in a high school procession.

Earlier this week, Desiree Shelton and her girlfriend Sarah Lindstrom were told they could not walk together in the Snow Days procession.

Without admission of fault or wrongdoing, the Anoka-Hennepin School District and Champlin Park High School worked together to come up with an agreement that will allow the two students, and any other same-sex couples, the opportunity to not be excluded from their high school procession.

“After today, I think that working with the school and creating these changes is really positive and really good for everyone,” said Shelton. “This is what we both have been hoping for. We both are looking forward to it.”

Shelton says when she was selected as a member of this year’s royalty court she never imagined she would be told her girlfriend could not walk with her during the procession.

“I didn’t think we were going to get turned down. I didn’t think it would be any problem. We had it arranged with two other boys, and when we were told we couldn’t do it we were extremely disappointed,” said Shelton.

That disappointment led to a lawsuit against the Anoka-Hennepin School District and Champlin Park High School. This afternoon both sides met at the Federal Court house in St. Paul. There they hammered out an agreement that gave both sides a victory.

“Now the plan is, instead of royalty being confined to choose a partner from within royalty, they can choose anyone any significant person in their life to be in the procession with them if they would like,” said Sam Wolfe, lead attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The school district says it views this arrangement as an opportunity for ongoing conversation about school events and activities and for consideration of other ideas that will make the school’s communities inclusive and would enable them to realize the district-wide objective of honoring all students.

“I hope it brings about a lot of changes, and not just our district but other districts that have problems with LGBT issues,” Shelton said.

She hopes this agreement is the catalyst for discussion that will lead to more LGBT students feeling comfortable with who they are, and feeling included in all school-related activities.

Snow Days is like homecoming for the basketball team and, according to Shelton, it is a big deal to many students.

Shelton says she hopes the district is serious about its stance that administrators, staff and all students, including LGBT students, will be involved in future conversations about being respectful and inclusive of all students.

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  • Red

    No Comment

    • StraycatStrut

      Yet another weak story on Liberal ‘CCO- BS news

      • Cat

        I can’t agree more. Still seems like DFL Don is still there. Who cares? I don’t. Tabloid Media, just trying to cause the very controversy and drive up hate only to sell a story.

  • tiredandretired

    Too much energy being wasted on hatred. We have bigger fish to fry.

  • Steve

    Live your life the way you want and let others do the same. Without the hate you may sleep better at night.

  • Rita

    Have a little hate in your heart there Craven. They have pills for that condition.

    • Dana

      Rita you must be on one of those pills. Your brain is not working this morning.They have pills for that to.

  • Sam

    So what is next for you if one in your family is gay. Honor killings

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @Sam why do you hate people because of their opinion?

  • Joe

    Well John Doe, If your going back to your bible and what your saying is what your believe in your heart is correct then we will start off with your Adam and your Eve. You dislike gays but incest is ok with you. I would say what the is wrong with you. What happened with the children of your Adam and Eve or are there parts you are leaving out.

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @Joe Why do you have to go just as low with your comments? Rise above that.

    • Joe Black

      @ Joe, the last time I checked, 2 males could not procreate and 2 females could not procreate.

  • Jeff

    I can’t believe you are so ignorant to post these messages. Keep clutching your bible and see where it gets you. If it truly is Adam and Eve we are the creation of millennial of incest and as a result would be a mentally and physically defective species. Try ans argue that fact. You hate mongers are the problem in this world worry less about who someone choses to love and more about the stupid things you chose to do, like post a negative comment about this story!

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @Jeff SO let me ask you something. Why is it when people post comments why they don’t like this it is HATE, but when you post your comments it’s OK?

      • bluepmil

        You two are idiots. As for the gays, you choose to go down on your partner and expect me to give you the status as minority? Give you special exceptions?

  • Kevin

    Umm..which one is the man? God will judge….not you…….

  • Bill

    Are those cold sores?

    • BANDIT

      Could you emagine what the bait box looks like.

  • Steve


  • Victim Du Jour

    Public Schools are for math, biology, and science.

    • Straight As They Come

      Schools are for learning HOW to think, not WHAT to think

      • Doggone It All

        gads almighty – I am actually agreeing with Victim for once. There is first for eveything I guess ;-)

      • Victim Du Jour

        Anything in public schools that doesn’t revolve around Math, Science and Biology can afford to be cut from public funding.

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    This is so wrong for all the right reasons

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    One thing I have noticed here is that when people object to this they are hated and put down. They are just stating their opinion, there is something wrong with that. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that you have the right to not be offended. Lots of HATE coming from the Liberals, to much hate

    • lib

      Well Mark you disagreed with a liberal, so they shout loud and use ridicule. Go to an institue of higher learning it is basic liberalism 101.

  • John

    mark from mntaxwaste.com – I see you’re getting your talking points from Rush. Nice way to try to turn the tables.

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @John, I am not turning the tables, I just had a question, thats all.

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @John Sorry pal, I don’t like Rush, to far to the right for me.

  • mark from mntaxwaste.com

    As a Catholic I don’t support this at all, as an American I do.

    • bluepmil

      you’re an idiot.

      • mark from mntaxwaste.com

        @bluepil can you please follow that up with something with substance, and not hatred for others

  • Melissa L

    If you are a Christian, as your comment implies, then why are you judging? One of the first concepts in the Christian religion is to not judge. Think about it, maybe at church this morning.

    • mark from mntaxwaste.com

      @Melissa You are right, I am not to judge as a Catholic, but as a man I do. There is a difference just as you called me a Christian. There is a difference between a Christian and a Catholic, A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE

  • Pyro

    Sheesh! Off topic much?
    This isn’t the forum to debate the virtues of Catholicism over Christianity (which baffles me) or why everybody who disagrees is an idiot.
    Stay on topic!
    I disagree with the gay lifestyle too, however we are free moral agents; free to decide the course of our lives.
    when your choices start impinging on my life and the way I want to live it or foisting the values of a minority on the majority, then we are on a collision course. Not to say they can’t live their lives the way they want, I simply will not be coerced into going along with giving them special license over anybody else, including moi. That undermines the “all men are created equal” passage in the Declaration of Independence. Special license is akin to saying that some men are more equal than others, and that don’t float my boat.
    I might be wrong.

  • iva opinion


    • Tom Meoff

      maybe. was God gay is my question?

    • DaveM

      Then why do you think God created Hell, and intends to send a good number of people there for eternity?

  • drew

    Their parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. must be sooo proud of them.

  • Bandit

    I think gays should be together. This way there will be no way they can reproduce. This gene will be filtered out after time.

  • Gary

    I would really like to go in the girl’s bathroom, and sniff the toilet seat’s. Doe’s anyone see anything wrong with that?? I would be a minority, right.

  • pondering needs some help here

    I still struggle with the whole thing if I am honest here.
    That being stated I also have known many gay couples – after the fact actually as I may have avoided the deal otherwise – and found them to maybe be better parents that many I know. Maybe it’s they are more emotional and understanding with kids? – I do not know.
    My issue today remains when this whole debate gets front page news, both sides of this get all excited, often time the spokesperson/front person/ whomever to often appears, visually, to be pretty “non-mainstream” as many of us think of America and Kabooooom. Here this erupts do to this counter-culture thing. If gays really desire acceptance maybe the simplest and best way to do so is go about their business daily, deal with the issues behind the doors, if it does come out front maybe use a spokeperson who looks mainstream and avoid starting the opinion poll thing. just a thought …


    PEP RALLYS are gay.

  • MarkFrank

    At Bandit; you may have stated in jest but this indeed is the answer that will provide the solution to the dilema. Magical !!!!!!


    I think gays should be together. This way there will be no way they can reproduce. This gene will be filtered out after time.”

    • BANDIT

      This was not in jest !!! It is a fact and if you let them be they will be eliminated by lack of reproduction. SMILE !!!!

      • D

        I am gay and had two straight parents who had straight grandparents who had straight great grandparents. Actually I am pretty sure most gays had straight parents. You lost me on this argument Bandit.

  • Rob

    Adam and Eve, the Bible, or any arguments following this logic are completely irrelevant. The legal system of this country is not based in religious doctrine, we have a separation of church and state. The freedom of religion allows you to practice and believe what ever faith you choose. Although, freedom of religion does not grant the right to limit the rights and freedoms of others whose actions are in conflict with your faith. Sexual orientation is not un-constitutional, or a violation of others rights. Therefore people that choose this lifestyle are protected under the constitution to the same legal rights, treatment, and opportunities as the rest of us. If you think gay marriage is an abomination, then don’t let gays marry in your church, don’t have the church recognize the union, you have that right. There are great examples of countries that bases their legal systems in religious doctrine: Iran, Afghanistan (Taliban), Saudi Arabia, ect. Iran may be a better place for many American’s as “they have no gays” (Amedinijad, Columbia University)

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