Local Holocaust Survivor Dies At Age 90

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A funeral was held Sunday for a Holocaust survivor who lived in Little Canada after the war. Henry Oertelt died Thursday at the age of 90.

Last Thursday was the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi’s most notorious prison camp. Oertelt was held in Auschwitz. More than one and a half million people were executed there.

WCCO featured Oertelt in a story 15 years ago. He said that when he was in his 20s he was forced from his Berlin home. He survived five Nazi concentration camps.

Oertelt moved to Minnesota in 1949 and spent decades lecturing about what he went through.

  • Ginny

    Sorry to hear of Henry’s passing. I heard him speak once and it was so informative and moving to hear about what happened to him during the Holocaust. I’m so grateful he was able to live a long life in America. Condolences to his family.

  • Janice

    A great man who did valuable work. Intense, yet serene. He didn’t just speak to people, he spoke to souls. My condolenses to his loved ones.

  • Tommy

    My condolences to family also.
    I never heard him speak but have others over the years.
    That war was horrible and the stories gut wrenching.
    My father was in the Battle of the Bulge. Sadly he opened up and talked about it only in the last days of his life. He was in the first battalion who arrived at a different camp and liberated it. He cried when he spoke of it – 60 plus years later.

  • MJS

    God bless him for sharing his story. Those that forget the past are destined to repeat it.

  • http://6mfor6m.wordpress.com 6M6for6M

    We are making a film of Oertelt’s life story. You can learn more at http://6mfor6m.org. Thanks for covering this important piece.

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