Author Vince Flynn Has Prostate Cancer

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Twin Cities author of the popular Mitch Rapp series of novels says he has prostate cancer, but that his prognosis is good.

Vince Flynn, on his fan Web site, says he was diagnosed with stage three metastatic prostate cancer in November. Flynn says his treatments are working well and that he feels better than he has in years.

Flynn says he’s started working on the next Rapp book, which should be out in October and that he’s working on a joint novel with Brian Haig.

Flynn’s first book, “Term Limits,” was released in 1997. Eleven other novels have followed. One of them, “Consent to Kill,” will become a movie.

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  • Jan

    We’ll be praying for your speedy recovery!

  • Carol

    Cancer is becoming too frequent in young people. I have breast cancer since August, so i kind of know how you feel. YOU will be in my prayers too ;~)

  • james swenson

    Mr. Flynn:
    I wish you the best. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1998 and have survived very well. Having been born also with severe heart defects, I can testify that one never knows when breakthroughs will come as I have also survived three heart surgeries and lastly a heart transplant.

  • Marcia Sneed

    Mr. Flynn; My thought and prayers are with you. Ihope you have a speedy recovery. Marcia

  • Gerald Coma

    Vince Flynn, I have read all of your books and can’t wait for the next one. I sure hope that you researched all of your options before you chose your current therapy for the prostate cancedr. Are you aware of Proton Beam Rjadiation Therapy? I also had prostate cancer and researched it in detail. I chose the Proton Beam Radiation at MDANderson in Houston, and today I believe that I made the right choice. I wish your luck.

  • Chris W.

    Vince, I have all of your books in my office at work and am a huge fan. I hope you crush this cancer like Mitch does the throat of a terrorist. Get well soon.

  • Sue Herr

    Mr. Flynn, My prayers are with you. I have read all of your books and Mitch Rapp is my hero. I am looking forward to your next book.

  • Sara

    My three boys have read all of your books and eagerly look forward to each new release. We pray for you and your family and your complete recovery. May you write on and your heroes live on.

    • Sharon Zueger

      God Bless, with your many talents he will take good care of you. Not only your writting skills, but your ability to be upbeat and to tell the truth at all costs makes you our hero!! May dear God hold you close.

  • Bonnie

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your books (and hero Mitch) have been the best medicine to assuage us all after 9/11. We all look forward to many more!

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