By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Get ’em while they’re hot. TV deals are popping up all over the place, just in time for the Super Bowl.

Whether you’re looking for the best deal or the latest technology, the time is now. The television section at the Best Buy in Oakdale has been busy.

It’s that time of year where the word “sale” means everything, and getting a new TV just in time to watch the Super Bowl is a necessity.

At Best Buy, a 50-inch Samsung plasma HDTV is what’s flying off the shelves.

“It’s on sale for $899 this week, it’s one of our high-end plasma televisions,” said Best Buy sales associate Daniele Montes.

But if you’re looking for the latest “it” TV, Best Buy has packages on it’s 3D TV sets.

“It’s the 8000 series Samsung. It comes with the full 3D. For $1,699, you can actually get the 46-inch version of this TV with two sets of 3D glasses, all the ‘Shrek’ movies and a 3D Blu-ray player with over $2,000 in savings,“ Montes said.

Across the bridge in Packer territory, Target in Hudson is selling TVs at a record pace.

A Samsung 40-inch with 1080p HD, is energy efficient and has a refresh rate that keeps all the action in view.

“The big deal about it right now is that it’s $450 off and it also includes a free Blu-ray player,“ said Target sales associate Scott Heule.

Target’s top selling TV is the Apex 40-inch 1080p for $379.

“Everybody that comes back to electronics comes back and looks at the TVs, I assume they are all packers fans — this is Wisconsin — getting excited for the big game,” Heule said.

Best Buy and Target both have most of the TVs that were in Sunday’s newspaper ads in stock but they are going fast.

Best Buy says if you plan on having a set delivered and your old TV recycled, it depends on where you live, if you can get it delivered in time for the Super Bowl.

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  1. Marilyn and Jen says:

    Who are those hot guys in the video?

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