MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are new federal government guidelines about how much salt you should eat in a day.

Most of us eat nearly two teaspoons of salt each day, but the new guidelines say we should eat a maximum of one teaspoon. Cut that in half again if you’re over 50, African-American, or have high blood pressure or diabetes.

Too much salt increases your risk of high blood pressure, stroke and other problems.

Even if we don’t use the salt shaker on the dinner table, many of us don’t realize that salt is hidden in the food we eat.

“Where you’re going to run into trouble is if you buy a lot of frozen prepared meals. They have a lot of sodium,” said dietitian Carolyn Suerth Hudson of the Midwest Dairy Council. “Shop the perimeter of the store. That’s where you’ll find the whole natural foods.”

The American Heart Association says the new sodium guidelines don’t go far enough. The Association recommends that all Americans consume just a half a teaspoon of salt a day.

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  1. Beth R says:

    Hmmmm – what I read in StarTrib and elsewhere indeed said this but what they said even more so was EAT LESS.
    What a poorly reported article this is …. where’s the meat of that report ‘cco ??

  2. jon says:

    Ok, so they cut the amount by 50%. So yesterday I was healthy, today I am a walking time bomb.

  3. St Paul says:

    Well Beth and jon, this is just guidelines for us to be aware of. I’m supposed to go easy on the coffee, but it’s my one true addiction and I just cut down a bit – 4 pots a day not 7!! Use your mind and decide for yourself. Just my opinion.

  4. Professional Dietician says:

    I advise all my clients to eat much more salt that Americans are being warned against. This new line of advise is dangerously low. Salt is really not the problem. It’s all the other stuff in the food they’re eating. Some sodium is necessary in the human diet. In fact, most people will reduce the risk of illness by increasing their salt intake. I usually recommend no more than 3 tablespoons, yes 3 TABLESPOONS, per day for optimum health.

  5. Professional Dietician says:

    To clarify: people should include at least 2 tablespoons of salt in their diet per day and no LESS than 3 tablespoons.

  6. mick says:

    I’m glad the government is concerned with our dietary habits rather than fixing this screwed up nation. Create some jobs and keep your nose outta my salt shaker.

  7. mike olson says:

    Most people should spend less time on their buts and start eating regular. This would end A lot of their problems. Maybe less garbage and getting away from the TV would make some difference. Come on nobody is going to die healthy lets spend our time here at least being some what comfortable. Tomorrow or the next we will be told we don’t eat enough salt . This is just another thing to spend time and money on untill the next big bull story.

  8. zac says:

    i agree with mick, i am glad the government is stepping in to help with obesity.

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