Dems Lost Minn. Senate Despite Huge Financial Edge

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republicans captured the Minnesota Senate last election despite being considerably outspent by then-majority Democrats.

End-of-year campaign reports reflect the disparity. The DFL Senate Caucus raised and spent more than $2.5 million compared with the $910,000 by the Senate Victory Fund run by Republicans.

Democrats held a 25-seat majority heading into November. They began this year in the minority for the first time in decades, with Republicans in control by a 37-30 edge.

Republicans finished 2010 with $100,000 in the bank, aided by a December fundraising push after their surprising takeover. Democrats began the new year with about $1,500 leftover.

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  • Stimulus Package

    I blame it on Obama. Has he ever watched his campaign speeches? I can hear him now “Did I say that”? Stimulate this Obama and your Dem counterparts.

  • Marshall

    Chalk it up to a more informed and upset public. The ‘party’ is over.

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