FOLEY, Minn. (AP) — Benton County authorities say a father and daughter were killed and two others were hurt after the family’s minivan was broadsided by a car that failed to halt at a stop sign.

Chief Deputy Troy Heck tells KNSI-AM it happened at County Roads 4 and 7 just east of Foley around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday in central Minnesota.

Heck says investigators determined a 19-year-old Pierz man drove through a stop sign and slammed into the minivan.

The minivan driver, 66-year-old Jerome Knutson, of Foreston, died at the scene, as did his daughter, 41-year-old Ronda Bouma, of Foley. His wife, 67-year-old Joan Knutson, suffered serious injuries. The other driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Heck says investigators don’t believe alcohol or drugs played a factor in the crash.

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Comments (38)
  1. JackieM says:

    So sad. I’ve always said, it’s not always ‘you.’ It is the others who are out on the roads.

  2. MAJ says:

    More and more accidents are being reported where drivers are failing to STOP at intersections. DON’T BE IN SUCH A HURRY.

  3. JamieinMN says:

    People need to START paying attention! If you have to, throw that dam phone in the trunk! Riduclous people! This could’ve been avoided if that stupid kid had been paying attention.

    1. JeriZ23 says:

      Um, aren’t some of you being a little bit judgemental? If you were there and saw what happened then fine. Or if you’ve never made a mistake then say what you want. Otherwise keep your opinions to yourself because the families of that teen may read this and it makes you look stupid, have some compassion.

      1. JamieinMN says:

        Not being judgmental one bit. He killed two people, from ONE careless mistake. He gets to live with this the rest of his life…He’ll be judged for EVER.

      2. Laura says:

        Or it could be a family member of those that are now dead who read this. Yes i have compassion, but he killed 2 of my family members. They were good people, and now they’re gone. Joan is in the hospital and we may have 3 funerals is she doesn’t make it. I hope he learned his lesson, because no one should have to lose those they love because of stupidity.

    2. AshleyMN says:

      You go driving down seven and tell me if YOU can see that sign clearly! He also was NOT using his phone, so do NOT assume things about him. You have no idea what he has to deal with. If you were not there and do not know both sides of the story you have NO right to judge him!

      1. AshleyMN says:

        Laura, I am very sorry for your lose and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope to be there for the funrals, not because I knew them but to support you guys through such a difficult time.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        I have EVERY right to judge ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Billy says:

    19? Bet he was on a cell phone texting or something.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Possibly, but even a 49 year old could be texting behind the wheel.

      1. Laura says:

        Jerry hated cell phones.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        Laura, I’m so sorry for your loss ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    2. AshleyMN says:

      He was not on his Cell phone at all.

  5. Dennis P says:

    The kid was probably texting, but let’s face it…the guy in the minivan should be alert as well. I mean, a guy coming at you 60mph…??? I think I would have a clue before being blasted.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I didn’t have a clue when I was blasted by an officer going 60+ in a 35 mph zone…because he had no siren, I had the green light, and I couldn’t see down the side street until I got to the intersection. DO NOT go blaming the driver of the van, because you have NO idea what he saw before his life was taken.

    2. Dirk says:

      Dennis, what a stupid thing to say

  6. And That's What I Say About That says:

    It almost always seems the person who causes the accident or fatality escapes with no injuries or only very minor injuries. The poor innocent people who are obeying the traffic laws and minding their own business get killed or permanently injured.

    I suppose the person who caused this will get terrible punishment for his lack of attention – yeah, like maybe a $60 ticket or something.

    Like drunken drivers, when there is a fatality they ought to be prosecuted for murder, not a minor traffic infraction. And they should have to pay all funeral expenses for the family they wronged.

  7. Sheila says:

    Wondering if snow mounds could had anything to do with it. I know that it is jumping to conclusions but it usually is the younger kids that arent paying as well of attention as they should. We as a whole are bring to many and more distractions into our cars.

  8. just stupid says:

    what bothers me is i just got a ticket for sliding through a stop sign, yet i controlled the stop and looked both ways twice. This poor family is broken up suddenly because of one kid not paying attention. Pathetic

    1. Inquiring Minds Want To Know says:

      Oh dear Lord. How did you “control” your stop if you slid through the stop sign?

      Are we to believe you avoided a collision because you looked both ways … twice yet … while having your controlled slide through the stop sign?

      We should give you a “do over,” not on the controlled stop but on your comment here.

  9. Rob Wagner says:

    Hey JeriZ23, I could care less if the teens parents read this. I wish he would have killed himself instead of the others. Your an idiot, to bad you weren’t in the minivan.

    1. steve says:

      ROB…You could care less? how much less could you care ? a litte less? a lot less? How much less ? Who’s the idiot welcome to the english language…..
      The saying is I couldn’t care less…idiot!

  10. md says:

    WCCO should not let people make comments. There’re way too many messed up people out there making rude and inconsiderate comments!

  11. Reagan says:

    Slow down then, its winter and we all know the roads are icy!! Seriously!

  12. steve says:

    how much less rob?

  13. In the know. says:

    From what I heard it was break failure do to a broken break line and the cold. I feel so bad for the families involved.

    1. AshleyMN says:

      You are correct. His brakes were not working properly, however the stop sign on the road is in a very poor state and was recently bent by a snow plow.

  14. Todd B says:

    Not mentioned here is the trust fund being setup at Wells Fargo for her 14 year old son (My God Son), If you want to help with his care or future school, please see them.

    Dennis P. : Sometimes you simplly cannot drive for the other person. At 3:45 there are no headlights to announce a fast moving car is about to hit you, have you noticed the height of snowbanks along side intersections? Don’t blame Jerry!!! I will bet Joan doesn’t. 48 years together and gone in an instant from one careless teen.

    In the know: where did you get that off the wall idea?

  15. Foley Area says:

    I talked with my nephew (the one involved) and he informed me that he was not using his phone in any means. It was also proven that the stop sign that he ran was bent over from the snow hitting it to the point that the snow bank was was actually higher than the sign. So all you that say he is stupid, isn’t that being a little judgmental? Just having to think about and be hurting over the lives he has taken should be enough punishment! He doesn’t need to be called stupid or wrongfully accused of cell phone usage. We are all human and we do make mistakes. We just have to learn to forgive.

  16. Christing says:

    I feel for all, I knew Rhonda. She was a wonderful person. But I can’t help but to also feel for that young man who now has to carry this unbeleivable burden of knowing he ended two peoples lives. His life is also forever changed forever. I feel for all involved. My heart go’s out to the Knutson Family.

  17. Steve B says:

    Jerry and Joan are my neighbors. They are lovely people and have been so kind to my wife and daughter and me over the years. We are praying for Joan and we will miss Jerry awfully. I will miss his laugh, the fish frys, and seeing him walk his dogs down our little gravel road. These are good people and it hurts to have them gone.

  18. Dustin B says:

    Whats the benefit of putting eachother down with accusations and harsh words when what should be reflected here is the tragedy of so many affected lives over this horrible incident. Its a time of grief, not pointing fingers. The effected families have an opportunity here to support eachother.
    The law will decide what level of negligence was involved on the young mans behalf. Until then, mourn the ones we lost, and appreciate the lives and loved one’s we still have and enjoy every moment to the fullest as this is an example of how fast it all can be taken away.

  19. brenda says:

    I have known the knutsons familiy forever and they will be missed terrible!!! and people should not be judging as u were not there to see what happened and everyone is grieving and are in pain and the 19 year old is suffering as well so everyone just pray for the families and everyone involved.RIP Ronda and Jerry.

  20. Dennis Hogie says:

    please do not talk about what you do not know… it just make you look bad when you find out your wrong…. i am not saying that is right to txt and drive but we believe this was not the case, and no drugs, etc,,, that we know of yet which we are sure were not there…. the bigger picture here is family and Ronda Young Kid, as two stong familys and freinds to help him!! we canot replace Ronda , but we can make su

  21. Dennis Hogie says:

    but i am sure it would help him to have to strong dad in his life one i believe he loves as adad and call him dad, and his birth father which was more than just mean he was adbusive to Ronda,,, this i know because i am related to her shes my cosuin.

    God Bless and Stay Safe !!

  22. dont judge says:

    so Dennis, you are going by what people have told you and judge others?? That is very rude of you to comment like that. Lets just worry about what this is all about..the families that are grieving over the loss of their loved ones and the young man who lost his mother and grandfather. We knew Ronda and she will be missed! RIP

  23. Sandy says:

    Could everyone please stop blaming and calling names! Please pray for the families that are involved in this terrible tragedy.

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