MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Mendota Heights man is charged with terroristic threats, disarming a police officer, assault of an officer, criminal damage to property and driving while impaired.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to a report of a man with a hammer, later identified as 38-year-old Michael John Hegstrom, who was breaking windows and damaging vehicles in a parking lot in Inver Grove Heights.

Police say Hegstrom was holding a hammer in one hand, had it raised above his head and looked like he was about to strike a man who was standing in front of him.

An officer yelled for Hegstrom to put the hammer down, but he began walking toward the officer, hammer still raised and threw it at the officer, according to the criminal complaint. The officer dodged the hammer and it landed in a snow bank, about five feet away.

The complaint states that Hegstrom continued walking toward the officer, forcing the officer to draw out his Taser and yell for Hegstrom to get down on the ground. Hegstrom allegedly ignored commands and the officer was forced to release the Taser, which wasn’t able to penetrate through Hegstrom’s winter coat. The officer then tackled Hegstrom to the ground.

According to the complaint, Hegstrom struggled with the officer on the ground, grabbing at his radio and his equipment belt. Two witnesses ran to assist the officer and helped to secure Hegstrom, while the officer called for backup.

The Inver Grove Heights officer suffered a sprained wrist as a result of the incident.

Hegstrom was arrested and transported to the hospital to be checked for lacerations. Officers reported a strong smell of alcohol and said Hegstrom appeared to be having troubles balancing.

Hegstrom told officers he started drinking around 11:30 a.m. in St. Paul, left a bar and recalled several St. Paul squad cars following him with their lights and sirens on. He allegedly said he knew he was supposed to pull over but he “got away.”

Hegstrom said he then went to Inver Grove Heights to see a movie. After buying the tickets, he said he went to have a drink at a sports bar, then got into his car and started to back out of his parking space, when he hit another vehicle.

He said his car door got jammed open from the crash, so at that point he grabbed a hammer and started smashing out other vehicle’s windows, according to the complaint.

Hegstrom has a prior driving under the influence conviction from 2009. The damage he caused to multiple vehicles with a hammer is estimated to be more than $1,000.

Comments (13)
  1. .. says:

    What does race have to do with being crazy? …or anything?

  2. Bob says:

    I have met many people like Mike and after they get sober and really try to work at it and remain honest about it are some very good nice people. This does require some hard work and may take a few years. The ones who refuse to accept that alcohol is the reason their lives are messed up will just end up insane, in prision or dead.

  3. harryoya says:

    Why do insecure white republicans have to show their racism whenever they comment on a story, regardless of the content. Very intelligent….

    1. .. says:

      Well said… Ignorance is not bliss
      But did you notice the first comment?
      Racism comes from all races.

    2. Chuck says:

      And how you any different by making a comment like that?!
      What does politics have to do with it and what are you smoking?

  4. Grahamtron says:

    please people – not everything is about race…

    1. harryoya says:

      This story certainly is not about race, it could be anyone anywhere making dumb decisions, and not caring about anyone else.

  5. Wee says:

    All of you people are nuts!

  6. jeff says:

    This Guy is messed up. Really sad. This is an addiction issue. This has nothing to do with race. All people have addiction issues. Some people’s addiction is just more socially acceptable.

  7. teremist says:

    Drunk behaves really badly, does a lot of property damage, and threatens people, then throws a hammer at a LEO. When he sobers up, he will blame everyone and everything, except the guy in the mirror. Let us hope that the judge gives him some serious time, to think things over. Let us hope he reads John 3:16.

  8. mattgordonmd says:

    Such drama. Meanwhile, the folks across town smoking pot haven’t left their sofa in several hours. Their only dilemma was running out of Doritos and they have been meaning to leave the sofa for the last few hours to get more snacks.

  9. Made a bad mistake… but, I believe I brought two lives together. I believe in God, we still are close, but I just got out of the mental ward. I get this way around my birthday. There are some fine fellows that that helped the cop and God showed me that night; I try not to fight God but sometimes we disagree and the Almighty Smacks me around awhile. So sorry for the horror and terror anyone felt that cold night in 2011. I really was intoxicated to the max, I felt the ground slope from under my feet; couldn’t walk straight, and blacked out about 1/2 the things I did. Sorry for the whole thing, and may God Bless you all.

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