Church Roof Collapses In Apple Valley

By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A church in Apple Valley is facing a major cleanup after the roof on its gymnasium collapsed overnight.

Firefighters were called to Heritage Lutheran Church after the collapse triggered the alarm system. It damaged water and gas lines in the building.

“You have a lot of construction debris, a lot of debris from insulation and trusses and wood shards and pieces just littered all over the place,” said Fire Chief Nealon Thompson. “And there are areas you can’t get to, that are impassable anymore because it’s a big pile of debris sitting in the middle of what was the gymnasium.”

Thompson said he’s not sure yet whether heavy snow may have caused the roof to cave in or if this could be the result of a design flaw.

Fortunately, no one was inside. The church has programs for kids in preschool and kindergarten during the day.

Thompson said the folks there decided to close the gym off earlier this week and not allow people inside after they noticed something was wrong.

“The drywall cracking, the paint peeling, some shifting is what alerted them to some structural issues. Which then they started calling people to assist them calling the experts out to see what was up,” said Thompson.

An engineer was scheduled to come out today to inspect the gym.

While the rest of the building appears to be fine, Thompson said no one will be allowed inside until it’s inspected and deemed safe.

  • yoman

    I think God was telling them something…

    • Reginald McAdams

      I agree, GOD IS ANGRY! The people who worship there must have been sinning like crazy, shame on them!

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  • dunnski57

    What would Pat Robertson say about this???

  • Greg Laden

    A gym? In a church? What’s that for?

    • concerned mama

      It’s also a school. Kids play in there for recess.

  • concerned mama

    I don’t think this report is accurate because I am pretty sure my child was playing in that very same gym yesterday- I believe they only closed half the gym, not the entire gym, which is scary because this could have bee a LOT worse. Thank God this happened overnight and no one was hurt.

    • Billy

      It is not the first time WCCO messed up on there news story and probably wont be the last.

  • Amy

    I’m sure they would welcome you to visit and learn about their ministry and the many uses they have for a gym!

  • Patrick

    Proof once again that the real god is mother nature and physics.

    • Ernie Watson

      I believe the real GOD created nature and the grand design is explained by physics…..knowledge of which is also supplied by God.

      • Patrick

        Knowledge of physics and everything else comes from intellectual curiosity unconstrained by dogma and religious decrees.

  • Wes

    Humanity needs to go back to its roots, and stop believing in elite controlled religions that were created to supress spiritual knowledge and freedom.

  • Bob

    Quite sure it is not a design flaw!!

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  • Danceswithladders

    Wow! Where’s the love? Are yall sayin we should tear down the church buildings so we can go back to tru spiritual knowledge and freedom? And Bob, not a design flaw? You must be a genius structural engineer!

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