ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republicans who control the Minnesota Senate are having military veterans lead the Pledge of Allegiance each Monday.

The Senate Republican Caucus announced the plan on Monday, when an Army veteran who enlisted 60 years ago this week led the Pledge. The veteran is Herb Cook, who works for the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms office.

Senate President Michelle Fischbach says her caucus hopes to honor veterans and start a new tradition.

Comments (6)
  1. mark from says:

    Wonderful, but I’m sure the ACLU will jump on this.

  2. John from Minneapolis says:

    Idiot! They always have said the pledge. The difference here is that they are asking veterans to lead it, rather than a senator.
    The ACLU has no problem with the pledge. Except for maybe the use of god within it.
    Either way, Republicans are just finding a way to pander to the simple minded.

  3. Right Wing says:

    Sounds like John from Minneapolis is one of those Obama zombies

  4. Crystal Charley says:

    The Republicans appeal to the simple minded for their votes but their main appeal is to the rich white folk who have lots of money. All other Republicans are used only for their votes and they do not care who their hurt in their quest for the almighty dollar, which is their one true god.

  5. g says:

    Great, im glad, we shouod all be safe now.

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