By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV and By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An administrative hearing officer has denied a Minneapolis woman’s request to get her puppy back, after she attempted to mail the pet to Georgia.

Stacey Champion was in court Monday morning, trying to convince officials to give the puppy back to her. Currently, the poodle/Schnauzer mix is being kept at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control center, where it’s been since Jan. 25.

Champion, 39, told the officer the puppy was a gift for her son’s birthday. She showed that the box she used had birthday wrapping on it and pointed out where she poked holes for the dog to breathe.

However, those holes were covered in tape. Champion also noted that she packed water bottles inside the box for the dog.

puppy mailed, stacey champion, post office

(credit: City of Minneapolis)

She told the hearing officer, Fabian Hoffner, that she feels bad that her son was not able to get his birthday present.

“Your honor, I was deprived of my son receiving his gift for his birthday,” she told him.

When the officer asked Champion why she sent a puppy in the mail, she replied, “I ship and they deliver.”

A postal inspector said when Champion was asked what she was trying to mail, she told them it was a toy robot.

Champion was charged with animal cruelty, after postal workers found the pup inside a box with a two-day priority sticker on it at the Loring Post Office. Workers said they didn’t find food or water, as Champion claimed, inside the box — just the nine-pound 4-month-old pup.

Officials denied Champion’s appeal for the dog, meaning the shelter could make him available for adoption.

Champion has five days to come up with enough money for a bond, to cover the dog’s costs while in the shelter until her criminal charge hearing. If she doesn’t come up with the money, the puppy will go up for adoption. If she’s able to make the payment, the judge will decide if she should keep the pet, after ruling on her animal cruelty charges.

Witnesses at the hearing included a U.S. Postal Inspector who testified that this was first time he’s ever heard of a puppy being sent through the U.S. mail.

Inspector Jesse Swanson said he could hear the door panting in the box. Swanson testified that if the dog had actually gone on a plane to Georgia, “The dog probably would have suffocated to death or would have died due to exposure to cold temperatures.”

Minneapolis Animal Control investigator, Sgt. Angela Dodge, said she was relieved the puppy wasn’t released to Champion.

If more than one person is interested in adopting the puppy, a drawing of all interested parties would occur. A basic screening of potential owners is required.

Comments (131)
  1. Holly says:

    I’d be afraid that if she did get that dog back she would abuse it for all the bad attention she is getting. I hope she is put on a do not adopt to list in the future.
    I hope animal shelters will check her background. But those pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs would gladly sell her another one.

    1. Gary Ross says:

      She’s not abusive, just stupid.

  2. Naomi Villebrun says:

    No puppy for you!

  3. MNBrant says:

    hah she showed up to get her picture taken by the local news. I wonder if she did it deliveratly as a desparate bid for attention. Someone should interview her.

  4. sabrina says:

    Racists?? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that you shouldn’t stuff a dog in a box with no food or water and send it by mail without realizing the implications. Assuming she came from a broken home (which is a generalization in itself) doesn’t mean she has no common sense or sensitivity to the comforts of the puppy. ACLU? Don’t waste their time!!! WOW…

  5. Fred says:

    Don’t you think assuming she hasn’t had a cultured life, was raised in a broken home, and was never taught about the USPS because she is black makes you a racist? It certainly makes you an idiot.

    1. Kevin says:

      Gosh Fred….you hurt my little feelings….your not very nice….call me a racist and an idiot…..but hey you gotta call the kettle black me boy……..

  6. Marie Popa Nolan says:

    Oh come on you don’t mail any living thing though the mail and everyone knows that.

  7. KG says:

    Everything revolves around race doesn’t it?
    She knows enough not to put a live animal in a box without air holes and send it thru the mail.
    Don’t you think more people would do that if it worked?

    1. SayWhat!? says:

      OMG!!! Don’t give the terminally stupid any ideas!!!

  8. bill says:

    Why even take this before a judge and waste the courts time.

  9. Cache says:

    Why is stupid does…then stupid doubles down trying to convince all she isn’t stupid…just like the fools that spill coffee on themselves then sue the business saying it was their fault..but what stupider is that the jury bought it…stupid!

  10. TW says:

    Maybe she tried to fax it first but kept getting a pupper jam?

    1. Dilly says:

      OH that’s good!

    2. wildman says:

      Good one TW… 🙂

    1. BusinessOwner says:

      As a PR person Stacey, you should already know that this could help you, more than hurt you.

  11. Gavigs says:

    Coukoo for coco puffs

    1. Sally G says:

      Trix are for kids!

  12. adr says:

    Obviously you don’t have any pets, otherwise you would understand that they are our kids. This woman purposely lied about the contents. That tells me that she knew what she was doing was wrong!

    1. Please says:

      Wow adr, you are delusional. Pets are not kids. Kids are not pets. Comparing the required love, energy and reward of a pet to a child is crazy. BTW, I do have an awesome dog, and love animals in general. People before pets!

    2. Mike says:

      It’s true pets are not children, but you hurt MY dog or cat and your going to find out how important they are in my life and that is a promise.

    3. SettleDown says:

      Wow Mike, you need some therapy…so angry and aggressive.

  13. dick says:

    People with this kind intelligence also are allowed to vote !!!!!

  14. biscuitsmom says:

    She knew she shouldnt do it, thats why she lied to the postal workers about the pup, saying to
    ‘ignore any sounds coming from the box, its just a toy robot’. As far as the similarity depriving air, water and food to any living creature is abuse, pure and simple.

    1. Melissa says:

      I have to agree JL you said it perfectly. No one is trying to say that pets are worthless or that they don’t deserve the best. We take pets in as family members… everyone gets that, stop trying to fight that argument, we all agree. What people are trying to say has already been said “Pets are not children and children are not pets.” If your child was in trouble and your pet was in trouble, but you could only save one…. you would NOT be saving your pet people! And if you chose your pet over your child then you are sick and need help. This lady does NOT deserve the pup back. She needs help, because anyone who thinks that dog would have survived like that is just ignorant. Doesn’t it say right in the post office you CAN NOT ship animals? Her knowing that is just ruthless. Hopefully the pup will be adopted by someone who will take it in and give it the life it deserves. Lets all be thankful he/she was saved before it was too late and this lady gets what she deserves.

    2. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      i’d like to clarify. i never once said she shouldn’t be punished. i never once said she should have the dog. i never once said that she didn’t lie and was completely and utterly unaware of what she did. my point is that she is mentally ill. she should be held accountable. she was wrong for what she did. clearly mentally ill are capable of lying. but should she be shot in the head? are you kidding me?

  15. dog lover says:

    There are to different kinds of pet owners. 1. To them they are just animals. They keep them in kennels or outside all day. 2. The ones who love them LIKE their children, of course they know the differnce between children and pets. They pay attention to them, worry about them, and talk to them. They have proven studies people who have pets live longer.

  16. mark from says:

    Hate is a word I use very rarely but it suits how I feel towards this women. How stupid is she?

  17. Anna says:

    Thanx TW…that was sooooo funny!

  18. isoopto says:

    It is what happens when you create a place where the welfare is fabulous, never ending and ever expanding. And all of it free to absolutely everyone legal or illegal. I think she needs free lessons in interpretive dance and then everything will be OK. MN. Legislature, give her the money.

    1. SayWhat!? says:

      I agree!!! She can afford a dog but she’s on welfare…..

  19. mark from says:

    $1000.00 says this clown is on welfare, who would hire her?

    1. JamieinMN says:

      She is. Have you not seen her facebook?????

  20. michael says:

    Without ever seeing what this woman looked like (age, race or other outward appearance) it is clear that this pers IS TOO STUPID TO OWN A PET!

  21. JamieinMN says:

    Good! What a nutburger!

  22. red says:

    I have worked with dogs for years and when I first heard this story I was sicjened. I prayed that she would not get the the dog back and Thank goodness she did not get the dog back. It does make you wonder why her son is in Georgia and I agree, there is no point in wasting time in putting in court. I hope this sweet puppy finds a wonderful home. I did ike the pupper jam joke

  23. KG says:

    I didn’t think enough about the message that I just sent. I’d like to add more comments. No one would think about mailing an animal in a box regardless of their economic status or race. It’s just plain cruel and thoughtless. Come on, she lied about what was in the box, then claimed to have put water bottles in the box for the puppy. None were found. This woman cannot get this dog back. She’ll just go to another Post Office and try it again.

  24. Allah says:

    Pull the trigger and cleanse the gene pool….

    1. Sammy says:


      I will even buy the shells to save taxpayer money.

  25. Cindy says:

    And who was it that Latisha was mailing de dawg to in the first place, DAWG????

    1. max says:

      Hm. I don’t think her name was Latisha.

  26. Billy says:

    LOL, that would be Amazing

    1. thinkb4posting says:

      notice where the s and z keys are, ya thunk it was a mistake?

  27. Sue says:

    pets are our children, they are our adopted children. You wouldn’t say your adopted children were less worthy than your birth children. Also, I have 0 cats, and only 1 dog.

  28. Sue says:

    Sorry, but anyone who would abuse a dog or any other animal is capable of abusing children, or worse. Living creatures are equal. People love their animals just as much as their children. You obviously have no pets and do not understand the bond. It is the same, to some of us.

  29. Chelsey Little says:

    I hope she does not get it back. You know the moment she got it back, she would turn around and try mailing via UPS or FEDEX or try mailing it again via snail mail. I wonder if she mailed her son to GA via snail mail?

  30. Vicki says:

    She knew she was doing something wrong when she lied to the postal worker telling them it was a toy robot. How nice for her son to get a DEAD puppy for his birthday, she doesnt deserve kids or a dog as far as I am concerned.

  31. TW says:

    You all do realize that the USPS does handle boxes of newly hatched live chicks for those who raise chickens? Your local USPS office calls you to come pick them up, they won’t take them to your house. When you place an order with one of the hatcheries they make sure they have contact information on the box so you can get them the day they arrive. Since baby chicks can go 2-3 days surviving off the egg reserves without food or water it works out well. Of course puppies and poultry are not even close for care needs. This lady needs to consider what that kind of gift would have done had the recipient opened up to a dead or half dead puppy. That would have been a nightmare…mommy loved her son enough to risk that? There’s some BSC thinking for sure.

  32. Cindy says:

    No kidding Max….

    1. max says:

      Then why refer to her as Latisha?

  33. Ryan K says:

    Remember this is our tax dollars paying for her to live everyday free without charge of food, housing, medical. We need to stop giving welfare to everyone and make them do community service to earn there welfare that way they are not sitting around all day thinking of brilliant ways to ship there pets. BTW anyone catch that she put bottles of water for the dog in the box. What was the dog going to do open them up when the dog gets thirsty.

  34. Kally says:

    What if the puppie got sent and her son received a DEAD puppie for his birthday. Trama for life… Would there then be a lawsuit on the Post office for allowing that to happen? Of course that would be all their fault….NOT.

    1. mick says:

      That’s what likely would have happened. Not just because of the lack of food, but packages go through a rigorous and bumpy ride to their destination. The pup may have even died from fright. What an absolutely mindless, careless thing to do.

  35. Tom says:

    put her in a box with no air holes and no water lets see how long she lasts you know just a test.!!!!!

  36. randy says:

    maybe she should mail herself down to Georgia to see her kid

    1. SayWhat!? says:

      That’s a good one!!!! 🙂

  37. Greg Laden says:

    You’d have to directly compare mailing a dog and mailing a child, and in this case, since the puppy was 4 months old, the child would have to be about two years old.

    I think mailing the child would be worse. Certainly if you were forced to chose between the two you’d have to pick, mailing the puppy to avoid mailing the child.

  38. mark from says:

    Cut funding to her Welfare check!!!!!!

    1. Tc Radiodj says:

      EXACTLY! I can smell welfare rat all over this one!

      1. SayWhat!? says:

        She is on welfare…she complained about not getting her “check” on her FB page…..

  39. Tc Radiodj says:

    I think they should stick her in a box and mail her back to Georgia! Then throw her in the clink!

  40. Myra says:

    This woman is beyond stupid…they need to box her up with no food and water for two days and cover her air holes…..moron

  41. Sarah says:

    I just think of how that poor little boy would have felt opening a box and finding a dead puppy…that’s the 2nd part that is sick. The first was not thinking how it could harm or kill the dog in the first place. She knew enough to lie about the dog being in the box you would think she could think a little further as to what might happen. If she hadn’t lied, I would just think she is a little simple in the head.

  42. Traci S. says:

    It’s not stupidity that made her do it. These are not the actions of a SANE person! This person is mentally deranged and actually needs help. No one in their right mind would a EVER think this was OK or right. Now you now why she obviously doesn’t have custody of her own child…

  43. Robert says:

    How stupid is an understatement!! She claims to have put water bottles in the box! And tell us Miss Champion of Stupidity how is the dog to open the bottles?

    I am certain that somehow this is the governments fault and she should be entitled to the bond for the dog.

    Maybe we could get Jessie and the Rev Al here to defend her rights – and we wonder where our country is headed with morons like her.

  44. bruce says:

    I think it is pretty sad when the top news story is about a puppy being mailed in a box. Yes, this is a bad thing but when are we going to realize there are humans (yes real people) that are being treated much worse!!!!

    1. Carla says:

      But Humans can talk and point what is being done. Because they are animals is ok?

  45. AnnB says:

    I say, put her in a box and mail her.

  46. Julie says:

    I’m thinking she may not have all of her marbles upstairs…this is just too strange. Water bottles?? HUH?? Maybe she is lower functioning and just isn’t able to stop and think about long term consequences. She said she was mailing it to her son? hmmm…so she doesn’t have custody of her son…this may be why…

  47. Margie Floom says:

    Is it true she was mailing this poor animal to Michael Vic? Hope they make her cell smaller than the box.

  48. Andrea says:

    Someone should be checking to see that this woman NEVER is able to own an animal again. This woman is clearly mentally ill. I hope the judge in this case will pay some attention to that and require her to undergo a psychiatric eval

  49. Shelley says:

    She’s defintiely not playing w/ a full deck.
    B-day present ? Heres your new puppy
    hope he makes the trip if not I’ll just get
    u anthr one.
    No wonder why we pay soo much for
    Health Ins!! Mental Illness is here again !

  50. Trayce says:

    NO NO NO NONO NO NO NONO SHE SHOULD NOT GET HER DOG BACK –she said she mailed the puppy to her a 11yr old son–Ohwhat a birthday surprise a DEAD PUPPY–this woman should not get that dog back nor, should she be able to post bond in order to get the dog back…NOR, should she EVER be allowed to have pets that have to breathe and eat…

  51. SayWhat!? says:

    Maybe she should change her name to Spacy Champion. “They said they would deliver….”

  52. I feel for the lady newscaster to comment champion showed no remorse is biased and not necessary. It showed bad taste and painted champion as being a bad person. We all watch the news to be informed not the opinion of the news woman. She does not know what champion was feeling or thinking as she was bombarded by reporters as she left court. This was very upsetting to here a newslady condemn or juge. Could you please tell her to keep her personal comments to herself. We don’t watch to hear what she thinks. Thank you very much.

    1. mark from says:

      @bridgette I’m sorry, but do you have a brain? Because for the life of me I think your crazy

      1. DanteLIbra says:

        Walking-away with that stupid look on her face…If she had ANY brains at all she’d say something like this: “…I was desperate to get my kid a gift…wasn’t thinking…glad someone intervened & prevented me making a tragic mistake…guess I’ll get some HELP now & figure-out WHAT is going-on in my HEAD!…” but she didn’t offer any remorse. We’re all frustrated that this IDIOT doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson! She is the living, breathing epitome of POOR judgment and she’s in general pop. making her dangerous. Who knows what this nut is gonna do next? But yeah, let’s focus on the mean lady on the NEWS! Glad to see you didn’t miss the point…FAIL!

      2. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

        @ mark i’m sorry, but do you have a soul? because for the life of me i think you’re indifferent.

  53. SHIRLEY says:

    sounds like a real CHAMPION1

  54. TKs says:

    Race immaterial. Stupidity and cruelty to any living thing is universal regardless of race. Note, serial killers, other sociopathic individuals are known to start by abusing animals. This woman needs serious help, needs to be taken OFF of welfare (how can she get a check if her kid is in GA??) and/or locked up.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      wow. you’re ignorance is not surprising but at the same time it’s range is. tell me a few things: why the note for serial killers? how do you expect for this woman to recevie help if she is homeless and off welfare. i think that is the stupidest thing ii’ve seen written here today. “yes she needs help, i want you to cut her off welfare so that she has nowhere to live, no food to eat, and no medical”. you’re a regular rhodes scholar.

      1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

        and so am i for puting two i’s in i’ve.

      2. TKs says:

        Didn’t attend Oxford, so not a Rhodes. But did return to studies after surviving a relationship with a sociopathic narcissist. And I stress “surviving”.
        Iif you truly believe that treatment of some sort can “cure” this woman, and instill compassion for a living being, then by all means, fund it. Give her somewhere to live if you feel that strongly about it. Otherwise, rather than provide her with welfare, we should confine her, so as to protect her, and others. An officer would ask if she posed a danger to herself or to others…wouldn’t you say that taping an animal in a box posed a danger to that animal? I’m sorry, there is just no imaginable justifcation for it. Lying about it as she did, and her lack of remorse are simply manipulative and frankly, unforgivable. Regardless of race, color, creed, level of education. You cannot TEACH someone who is lacking that certain something, to CARE.

  55. Lynn says:

    She should never be allowed to have the puppy back or any other living thing for that matter. I say fine her big time – it’s common sense not to mail anything alive, especially without food, water or the ability to breathe. Nail her big time!!

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      oh yeah and the mentally disabled are all about common sense right? why don’t you go as far as to say “let’s just kill her and get it over with”? you people are nazi’s

  56. sharon says:

    Abusing an innocent, helpless and trusting animal is the same as abusing a child and I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary. You may be more offended if it’s a child but the act reflects the same lack of humanity, compassion or empathy. And if someone can abuse an animal it indicates they have a real problem with humanity in general.

  57. Call me Racist... says:

    Sorry to say but without ever seeing the woman or hearing her name, I knew it would be a black person. Btw, maybe when she said water bottle, she meant those kind they use for rabbits, guinea pigs, etc….

  58. beatcrazy says:

    It is so sad that many many children and pets are being reared by monumentally stupid people. They are at the mercy of a human that doesn’t have a lick of common sense. The boy does not live with this woman who mailed the puppy, thank God for that small comfort.

  59. JD IN ALA says:

    Why does the reader think that just because the “perp” wrote on her Facebook page that her monthly check hadn’t come yet, that she therefore must be on welfare? Lots of people receive Social Security of one kind or another or from the Department of Veterans Affairs under their programs.

    1. max says:

      Because it makes people feel more justified in using nasty racist statements instead of focusing on the woman’s behavior.

  60. Etta says:

    I am a animal lover to the extreme!. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I treat them like children, they are part of the family. I would not take anything for them. This woman needs more than a fine! A lot more. I can’t tolerate animal cruelaty. I want to adopt this puppy. I used to have one just like him. He was 14 when he passed away. He was so smart, and was my first “child”. I do live in Georgia. How do I get him

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      it sounds to me like you’re lonely etta. oh wow! you could sit right next to this lady at the table for the mentally ill. maybe you’ll serve time when your house is overtaken by animals.

  61. Cathy says:

    You people on here are as delusional and idiotic as she is. My pets, all of them, are not human and are not children. We know that, idiots. However, a life is a life. Why do we have to compare which is worse? Doing anything to hurt any living being is heinous …whether human or animal. Torturing, injuring, hurting, killing, all the same people all the same. Do you think if I had to choose between my nieces and nephews and my pets in a life or death batthle, that I would not choose those kids? If it was between you and my pets, well that’s another matter. Peace.

  62. wildman says:

    Ok to sum up, this lady is an idiot. She is obviously unfit as a mother. I would hope that she just sits in her welfare apartment and smokes her cr@ck and doesn’t do anything like this again.. Lets not turn her into media hound like we did with Octamom.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      wow i couldn’t really hear way up there on your pedistal. it’s good to know that you can identify a crackhead wildman, that speaks volumes about you. in your summation you forgot about the part where she is mentally ill.

  63. Jill Walek says:

    I feel bad for the puppy, but it makes me wonder if woman doesn’t have some mental health issues that need to be looked into. My mother suffered from schizophrenia and God rest her soul, but I know she had done some strange things in her time. I don’t know, it was just a thought.

  64. wzlr says:

    “Inspector Jesse Swanson said he could hear the door panting in the box.”
    “the door panting”…………LOL!!
    Does any one proofread postings such as this one?

  65. Lisa says:

    go to h e double hockey sticks Ed.

  66. Faye says:

    She should NEVER get that dog back and she should serve time in prison for what she did. She should never be able to own any pet again.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      you should serve time in prison for being an unforgiving dolt. if only the world worked the way i wanted it to…’d be stricken with some mental illness where you could be the butt of everyones jokes and be tarred and feathered.

      1. Traci S. says:

        Jeffrey, you are a mean, nasty soul. Looks like you side with the crazy lady. What does that say about YOU? How dare you wish mental illness or any other disease on someone! That is so disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (even your sorry ass) and your comments are rude, immature, and disrespectful. You need to grow up big time. Regardless of the fact that this woman may be mentally unstable, her actions were so disgusting and so against our normal code of conduct that of course people are going to be quite upset and are going to say she should not ever own an animal again and be fined for this horrible act. With her illness, who’s to say that next time she tries to ship something even more precious? Shame on you for being nasty and a name caller…GROW UP!

  67. Al says:

    Maybe the dog OPPRESSED her!!!

  68. terrikhat says:

    How did she expect the dog to open the water bottles, doesn’t she know that dogs don’t have thumbs???

  69. HolyMoly! says:

    Did she really tell the judge she put bottled water in the box? How was the dog supposed to open the bottled water?

  70. zoezoe says:

    wonder how the kid would have felt if he got a DEAD puppy for his birthday?

    Oh gee mom you shouldn’t have… I mean your really shouldn’t have killed my birthday present.

  71. Melissa says:

    Champion…..WHAT EFFIN’ PLANET ARE YOU FROM??? You’ve got to be the most ignorant person on the face of the planet! Stupid b@$%^.

  72. Wilhem Fritz says:

    You forgot about the White man who was busted after Vick in Pennsylvania, he had a larger operation, more dead dogs, and was making MORE money.

  73. Wilhem Fritz says:

    If you are going to make comments about race please do your research so you won’t look STUPID.

  74. Char says:

    why do people have such a hard time understanding that people love their animals like children. I can’t have children, and my dog means as much to me as your child does to you. This woman needs to go to jail. She is not sorry about anything except that her son didn’t get his gift. What a nice birthday gift – open the box and find a dead puppy, oh gee, thanks Mom, just what I always wanted. She is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    as i said in other posts she is mentally ill. and yes mentally ill people are just as capable of lying as anyone else. my cowroker knows this lady. she is not being treated. you people make me sick to my stomach. clearly she had an idea that what she was doing might not be right. i really don’t think that she thought the puppy would die. yeah that was her intention you unforgiving bigots, to mail a dead puppy to her son. i really love the way that wcco has not even gave mention to the fact that she has untreated mental illness. way to present a well rounded story. of course she shouldn’t get the dog back but what the hell is wrong with having it sent properly to her son?

  76. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    you people make me sick. and thank you wcco for doing a well rounded story about a woman who is mentally ill and tried to send her son a gift. just to clarify my cowroker knows this lady and said she has untreated mental illness. wonderful, paint her a monster and work up a manical frenzy of people to chase her to the top of the burning windmill with torches and sickles. bravo. it is really brave and understanding of all of you to come on here and talk trash about someone who has the mental capacity of a child. your outrage should be directed at yourselves. is there not one person here that has a family member that has untreated mental illness? do you have any compassion at all for the mentally ill? it’s a wonder they are all running the streets frostbitten, begging for money and slovenly.

    1. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

      delete this comment. i rewrote it because the prior didn’t show up.

    2. JB says:

      Life is life, no matter what. JLW – sounds like you hit the hammer on the head. Untreated mental illness is no excuse for blatant abuse of an animal. Let’s be honest – a lot of people have mental health issues but they deal with it medically and without doing horribly negligent activities. If it’s the case that she doesn’t know right from wrong, then clearly she is not in a capacity to make decisions and should be under someone else’s care and guidance. Absolutely no excuse for that kind of ridiculous behaviour. Did you hear about that guy in Canada with untreated mental illness who got on a bus and stabbed another passenger to death, and ate his eyes? Untreated mental illness lead to a gruesome murder. Absolutely no excuse.

      1. TKs says:

        Thank you JB! Here’ the thing folks, watch the full 22 mn of the hearing in front of the judge, (on youtube, easy to find) not just the short bursts of news you see here. Yes, she’s mentally ill., and looks at least callous, if not sociopathic. She tries to manipulate the judge “didn’t you ever get a present in a box? My son been deprived of his birthday present, I been deprived of my pooch and it’s hurtful” and YET, there’s no normal human reaction in her face, no remorse, no emotion in her voice…and at the end of her hearing she says: “can I get my box back?”. Seriously, please lock this woman up.

  77. Bernaba says:

    How dumb can people be! Unfortunately this woman has a child. I’d like to say the act of trying to mail a live animal via the postal service like she did showed she was much too stupid to do much of anything else. But unfortunately she figured out how to have a child. Luckily it sounds as if the child doesn’t live with her so maybe he has a chance at a much better life without his stupid mother.

  78. GoochJones says:

    she is a champion alright. a champion of the intellectually impaired. throw this tar ball into jail and toss away the key

  79. Carrie says:

    If the judge denies the women the puppy back, my family would love to give it a good home

  80. fanof1964 says:

    How was the puppy supposed to open the water bottles??? Only a half-wit would have believed her story! She had better not be given the dog back if she comes up with the money to cover the costs of caring for that sweet puppy.

  81. Jeffrey Lee Wilson says:

    Traci S.

    Jeffrey, you are a mean, nasty soul. Looks like you side with the crazy lady. What does that say about YOU? How dare you wish mental illness or any other disease on someone! That is so disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (even your sorry ass) and your comments are rude, immature, and disrespectful. You need to grow up big time. Regardless of the fact that this woman may be mentally unstable, her actions were so disgusting and so against our normal code of conduct that of course people are going to be quite upset and are going to say she should not ever own an animal again and be fined for this horrible act. With her illness, who’s to say that next time she tries to ship something even more precious? Shame on you for being nasty and a name caller…GROW UP!


  82. AbCat says:

    Isn’t it weird how some people have absolutely no idea they’ve done something really wrong?

  83. rysharen says:

    Next we will be able to stick our small kids in a box and send them cross country. No food or water needed for a few days.

  84. Shamal says:

    Why don’t we just put her in a box and mail her to her son and see if she survives and how she will feel about that.

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