LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — The Lakeville school board has voted unanimously to approve a budget plan that would eliminate a number of teachers’ positions and raise fees for after-school activities.

On Tuesday night, the board voted 6-0 to approve the budget recommendations intended to fix a $15.8 million budget shortfall over the next two years.

Parents in the Lakeville area will have to shell out more money for their children’s after-school activities. The plan calls for parents of students involved in sports to burden 75 percent of those fees.

For instance, hockey players will pay $600 dollars, a two-fold increase. Most other athletes will be charged a fee ranging from $275 to $440.

Along with raising fees, the budget plan also includes more than 90 job cuts. It also calls for the closure of one elementary school and cutting programs, like “early bird” classes for high school students and the fifth-grade band.

The board said they weren’t happy about the cuts, but said it was a fiscal reality that needed to be addressed.

The board was able to save 17 jobs using funding from the Federal Jobs Bill.

To see a full list of the budget items, click here.

Comments (14)
  1. M.T. says:

    This is a result of bad planning. In the past, the district spent like there was not tomorrow. The Lakeville South High School and other facilities were built using money the district did not have . Now we are all paying for it. I am very disappointed that the district did not consider other alternatives such as a pay freezes to save the elementary school and its teachers. Where are our priorities? Lakeville is losing its edge and the level of education is only going down.

    1. hindsights always dead on says:

      Hard to single out any specific districts for bad planning. I’m in Hopkins-Mtka and they same is here.
      Housing factors into all as enrollments were expected to shoot up. Economy tanked.
      Guess I look at the type of structures and locations sometimes and scratch my head but ___ that stuff is parent driven mostly and they pay the taxes so ….
      6-8 years ago not a soul thought we’d be were we are today and that is a fact.

      Looking back it’s easy to see mistakes. I see them in my own house and planning and that should have been easy to have a handle on. We did not do so hot if I am honest. 😦

  2. Red needs some help here says:

    Hate to see the fees but school should be education in classrooms first and then the extras.

    Just hope they charge the same fees for dance, band, theater, and the like as they do for the athletic stuff. What’s fair is fair – and they all are “outside” the normal box we call education.
    90 jobs — that’s pretty big. Maybe some are part of the elementary school closing?

  3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

    I know a board member there, she has said a lot of very concerning things, I think the Feds need to investigate, They are out for them selves not the students,

  4. dunnski57 says:

    Cut all of the sports programs.

  5. paab says:

    ya gotta do what ya gotta do. This is a sign of the times, you can’t keep going back to the tax payers who are also broke. Nothing is free and if the kids have to help pay for the after school activities, perhaps this is an opportunity to teach something as well. You have to pay for what you value.

  6. JB says:

    Wow, you still had 5th grade band? In Elk River they cut all bands in all schools except the Elk river high school, No middle school sports at all, … and this took place years ago. You should feel lucky that your kids got to enjoy those things for as long as they have. Note, the Elk River School District Teachers have all gotten their COLA and Step raises every year, so that is a very good thing.

  7. MAJ says:

    Buffalo cut 5th grade Bamd and the Gifted Program three years ago. I
    am in favor of charging for Sports. It is something only a few students are participating in.

  8. Wade says:

    I am not suprised by this. I lived and had students in the Lakeville district from 2004-2010 and I thought Oak Hills Elementary where my daughter went to was horrible. At Oak Hills they kept telling us she needed a tutor and needed extra helpwith everything. We moved to a new school and she is on the B honer roll. The teachers and administration of that school are only interested in themselves they don’t care about the kids.

  9. Allison says:

    How many of you who are complaining about the board’s decision have ever attended a school board meeting? Two school board meetings? I hope you took it upon yourself to educate yourselves before it came to this.

    And no, I’m not a Lakeville school board member, don’t live in Lakeville and don’t even have children. I just get tired of people complaining and criticizing without ever have been in the position to make those same hard decisions.

  10. Sick Of It says:

    All schools need to go private. And the teachers union needs to walk off a cliff….I mean the Post Office can not get any more efficient (UPS – FED EX)….Its all a game. If they dont get what they want…they will punish the parents and kids as much as they can…until…yup…that good ol levy is passed…..

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