ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The state Senate’s Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct will review a complaint by several Democratic senators over a Republican colleague’s e-mail saying he wouldn’t meet with his election rival’s supporters.

The committee meets Wednesday to review the complaint, which accuses Sen. Scott Newman of Hutchinson of breaking Senate rules and endangering the Senate’s reputation. The e-mail sent last month by Newman’s legislative assistant rejected a request to meet with nurses from the Minnesota Nurses Association, which endorsed his opponent.

The message said Newman would not meet with groups that donated to or backed his rival. Newman has since apologized, said the message was a mistake and that it doesn’t reflect his policy on meetings.

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Comments (5)
  1. Dave Campbell says:

    I guess he was only elected to represent those who voted for him or contributed money to his campaign. This guy has all the making of a politician who will be putty in the hands of special interest groups. There is a good chance we will see him wondering the capitol wearing a sign advertising his vote for sale!

  2. terri says:

    how many of us have made comments in our lives that have been “politically incorrect” or have said something that maybe “offended” some person or people – I dont think Sen Newman deserves to be “raked over the coals” for a slip up. We ALL have made mistakes and NOBODY is perfect.
    As to him being “for sale” I disagree, I am a common person who has an issue and i contacted my state senator and he is helping me with my issue – I dont come from money and I DID NOT contribute to his campaign. (i contacted him WAY before all this come down the pipe)
    I do believe that our state goverment has more important things to deal with this year like our budget shortfalls and whatnot then to deal with a case of petty childish behavior – grow up people, just because someone didnt want to talk to you, doesnt make them the bad guy. I feel like I am watching a squabble between my kids – mom he touched me, mom, tell him to stop, mom she called me a name, mom mom mom. OH just go outside and play !! LOL

  3. they represent us all says:

    terri: I disagree!!! This is about access to our elected officials. We need to be able to contact them whenever we have an issue. They should not be able to choose who they hear from, even if the person is not from their district. They should ALL do their best to represent ALL of the people of the state. Not just Dems. or Reps. This was not just a screw up, it sent a Horrible message to a legimate group of people!!!!!

    1. terri says:

      I do agree with you that we should all have access to our elected officials whether we supported or voted for them or not. Yes I agree, it was a screw up on Sen Newmans part. But do we need to drag this thing out NO!! We are all adults, own up to your mistakes and MOVE ON everyone, I guess this generation has long forgotten the Christian way of “Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Why do we feel the need to drag people thru the mud becuz they erred?
      also a footnote – if you follow any gov doings, you know there are so many lobbyists on the capital grounds on any one given day all looking out for THEIR best interest, its no wonder our elected officials get anything done when having to meet with this group or that group all the time.

  4. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    If he did not know that this email was sent he does not have controll of his office (you get fired for this if you manage any other office). If he did know this was sent, he has no business being in office. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

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