MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two Detroit Lakes landlords are settling allegations that they violated the federal Fair Housing Act by refusing to rent to a person because of race.

Pearl Beck and her son, Gregory Beck, agreed to pay $25,500 to a woman who the government says was the victim of discrimination.

The Becks jointly own the property. They were sued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in May 2009.

The government alleged that in July 2007, a prospective tenant was rejected for a rental unit in Detroit Lakes because she was African-American. The Becks eventually rented the property to a white man.

Gregory Beck says the woman’s race was not an issue but the fact that she had a dog — and his mother does not rent to people with pets — was.

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Comments (8)
  1. Allah says:

    Didnt Obama win? Another bs black law suit…something for nothing…those days are over Mercedes…….they dont take dogs…….good God….

  2. insignificant says:

    makes ya wonder what kinda numbskull judge allowed this alotment? wheres the name of the judge ,who seems to have lost his marbles…if the landlords dont allow pets in THEIR property…then they dont have to have pets on THEIR property!

  3. insignificant says:

    …and if those landlords weren’t racist ,they sure as heck have an excuse to be now,eh?

  4. insignificant says:

    …wonder what color the judge was,eh?…lol

  5. Krista says:

    You have no idea what the true facts were. Just because he said they refused the tenant because of a dog, does not mean that was true. If they settled, there was obviously enough evidence to say otherwise. It doesn’t matter what color the judge’s race was because they settled outside of court. Also, even if they settled becaue the judge was black I pretty sure the whole appeals court in NOT black.

    1. Allah says:

      Sippy cup Kool Aid……

  6. Jones says:

    I’m laughing at the idiots who believe that because the President is black that this country is beyond racist behavior. It’s deep into the blood and soul of this country and it’s about time that people are getting justice.

    Minnesot is one of te most racist states in this country. I’ve never seen so many rednecks this far north of the Mason-Dixon line. Minnesota nice is passive-aggressive BS for which foreigners from other places, including other states, need to have some back armor to fend off the knives.

    Love it!

  7. Dwight says:

    Read up on the Fair Housing Act. A lot of landlords and tenants do not realize they exist. It basically says you have to treat every single person the same no matter race, creed, religion, sex, etc… It even goes as far as if you take someones rent late without a late fee, you must take everyones rent late. It’s a broad subject.

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