WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) — Presbyterians from central and northeastern Wisconsin will weigh in Saturday on the national debate over gay clergy.

About 75 representatives from the Winnebago Presbytery will meet in Weston to decide whether to support or oppose homosexuality within Presbyterian leadership.
A majority of the 173 Presbyterian regional organizations must ratify or reject the issue.

Senior Pastor Stephen Wright of Wausau says prohibiting Presbyterians from serving the church based on sexual orientation runs contrary to Christian theology that no one is perfect.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports the Winnebago Presbytery includes about 8,000 members in Wisconsin.

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  1. TW says:

    Last one out of the Presbyterian Church please turn off the lights. Does anyone wonder why these churches are shrinking? Their theology of sin and grace is emotion based. Grace becomes irrelevant when there is no sin. The Christian faith is about our sins being redeemed and the penalty of sins being paid by the one true and perfect sacrifice of Jesus at the cross. If that act becomes irrelevant then it is just a quasi-christian social club. Yes, we are all sinners but promoting a person to leadership who celebrates a sinful life is a prescription for being without power. The doctrine of sin and grace is either abhorrent or good news in this world. OK, let’s get this talk going.

    1. markH says:

      Perhaps. But there are those among us (and they are not few in number-and are growing daily) who reject the idea that our wrongdoings and responsibilities can be scapegoated by the torture and bloody execution of an innocent person. This is simply an immoral idea that has been perpetuated by the Christian faith.

      1. David J. Conklin says:

        Christ chose to die for your sins, so you wouldn’t have to. Read John 3:16.

      2. TW says:

        Growing daily?? If more people decide to do something does that make it more valid? Talk about a herd mentality. Yes, the cross was and is a repugnant thing to many. In Roman times it was a major hurdle to understanding Christianity. If the cross in all reality were chosen as a marketing theme it would likely fail but it has not failed. Many have found freedom from the traps and addictions that sin brings and have taken on a higher level of personal responsibility for their behavior after finding the cross of Jesus as the way to satisfy the needs of their soul to be free from guilt and stuck in self destructive patterns or as some will say, sin.

  2. David J. Conklin says:

    >Senior Pastor Stephen Wright of Wausau says prohibiting Presbyterians from serving the church based on sexual orientation runs contrary to Christian theology that no one is perfect.
    Not relevant; the Bible says that we are to cast out of the church those who openly practice sin.

  3. wildbill says:

    damn rugmunchers!!

  4. Agnostic yet spiritual says:

    Congregational/United Church of Christ (w/ roots in the pilgrims) was first to allow gay clergy. Some veins of Christianity are not stagnant and are actively progressive and changing to meet the needs of their congregations. That is the only way Christianity or any other faith for that matter, will survive. After 35 years of not attending, I returned to “church” (selecting a UCC after much research) and found it a welcoming place, accepting of all who enter. It’s a place where one can foster hope in a world that more often than not offers little hope. My motto now is by going to church on Sunday one can remain unjaded until about Wednesday.

    1. TW says:

      Ugh, Jonathan Edward would roll in his grave if he saw the progress you speak of.

      1. Stephen Kay says:

        yoou will roll in your sick grave. Virtually all of western europe now allows gays to eg marry or have CUs, except italy, home of the church of endless hidden molestationa and the church of hitler, not yet EXcommunicated.

        Guess we know where you belong.

        1. Stephen Kay says:

          Besides western europe, 6 countries in latin america, canada, chech repub, Austria, hungary, Israel, RSA Nepal, NZ, Au and I’m sure I missed some others.

          BTW Ireland, england, Scottland, NO. Ireland, Finland and others are about to move to marriage from CUs

  5. Hello,
    my name is Rainer Braendlein and I live in Munich/Germany. I know both the theology of Luther and the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who fighted against Adolf Hitler. I can assure you that homosexuality is a very bad sin. It is not allowed that a gay becomes a pastor. Read St. Pauls Epistle to the Romans Chapter 1 and you will be shaken and shocked about St. Pauls opinion.

    However it is written that God wants to help all people. A gay should repent and believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized in Jesus name so that his sins will be forgiven and he will be set free by Jesus Christ. After baptism it is impossible that a man continues to practice sin like in his previous life. His life must improve after baptism.

    A gay pastor preaches with his body: the gospel is the biggest nonsense on earth, it can help nobody. A gay pastor perverts the gospel by the message of his body. Repent or get lost. Amen.

    I have started a website about the subject of discipleship. It may find your interest: http://www.confessingchurch.wordpress.com

    Kind regards,
    Rainer Braendlein

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