MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Apple Valley High School Wrestler has been charged with two misdemeanors after he allegedly hit a 16-year-old in the head with a chair, the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

Harold Delancy, 19, is accused of the disorderly conduct.

This happened at ‘The Clash’ — a wrestling tournament that happened last month at the University Center Rochester Regional Sports Center.

The 16-year-old boy, a wrestler from Oregon, suffered a concussion.

According to the paper, it happened after Delancy had wrestled and the other boy was sitting at a nearby mat.

Comments (18)
  1. MAJ says:

    Haven’t most students graduated at age 19? Is this why Apple Valley has such a good record. I would take away victories from this team. Concussions are very serious.

    1. Pop says:

      He’s actually 18

  2. Idiot says:

    Pretty harsh to take away from the whole team for an imbecole acting like a 5 year old.
    They need to definety make sure the SOB doesn’t ever step on a mat again. Maybe a few days in jail too. Or more — cripes, he’s a 19 year old beating on a juvi. Fricken moron

  3. Too lenient says:

    Garbage, give him assault.

  4. classlessact says:

    REAL SPORTSMANSHIP; Old Harold can’t stand losing so he throws a tantrum (like a 2 year-old not 19). Maybe this is how AP is sooooo good, they just keep stockpiling the muscleheads until they are too old for H.S. competition that way they always know they will have someone who can act like a person whose age is higher than his IQ.

  5. Sabrina says:

    Sadly, a lot of parents start their kids (especially boys) late in kindergarten, many times for athlete reasons. Often, these kids are a year older than other kids in their same grade. I don’t think parents should be allowed to hold back kids unless they are identified as Special Education recipients.

  6. Pat says:

    Bully, he is a man who attacked a sixteen year old with a chair. This is outright asault and he should be charged in that manner.

  7. MAJ says:

    I have a daughter born in Nov. & one born in Dec. and both were 18 when they graduated. Their school also had a Sept. cut off date. Possible this 19 year old had to repeat a year in school.????

    1. Pop says:

      He DID repeat a year….However, he just turned 18 in February.

  8. Update says:

    The worst thing about this incident is that the wrestler who suffered the concussion from the assault has not been medically cleared to wrestle since then and missed the district tournament yesterday which means he is not eligible for the state tourny in two weeks. If Apple Valley had any accountability, credibility or understanding of the concept of consequences they would have suspended Harold Delancy for at least the rest of the season. This is a sad statement on their priorities and program.

    1. AVstudent says:

      He isn’t wrestling ever again. He actually has is in special education. He didn’t mean to hit the kid. He threw a chair behind him it hit the kid. It’s also kinda sad for him to that was the only positive thing in his life now he has nothing. Now he is going to try to join the marines. We all have made mistakes hid just could have cost him a chance of a better life.

  9. AVwrestling-grad says:

    All of you who have posted before AVstudent need to find out more on the subject before you go and complain about it. First of all, none of you know Harold and what he has been through. He has been through more in his life then many of you will never experience, and he is only 19. Secondly, do not make up false B.S. about the Apple Valley Wrestling program because your school is not as good. If you would look at the ages of the team, everyone should be in high school that is on the team. Apple Valleys program is amazing because of coaching and work ethic, not money and recruiting. Harold did not just walk up to the kid and hit him in the head with a chair. Like AVstudent said, he threw a chair behind him. I am sorry for the Oregon wrestler, but I do hope that Harold does not get any charges against him. After this happened, Harold was kicked off the team. Get your facts strait before you go on a little rampage.

    1. Pop says:

      Thank you. Some people don’t like the truth. But thanks for telling it.

  10. hi-5? says:

    This stoy lacks a lot of detail, I wouldnt even call it detail, facts maybe? id think INTENT would be a little something to include. so the kid spazed out and tossed a chair. big deal. who put the charges on him? sue happy parents maybe?

  11. See the big picture, kids! says:

    AVwrestling-grad – Having been through a lot in one’s life does not excuse poor behavior. If that was the case, I’m sure there are plenty of serial killers and child molestors that we should all forgive and feel sorry for. From what you say, Harold did not intend for the chair to hit the other kid. Fair enough, he didn’t intend for his actions to injury someone. Fact is, they did injury someone and the injury could have been much worse. Regardless of how great of a kid Harold may be, how much he has been through or his intentions, he does need to learn to think about how his actions may affect others before behaving so rashly. What if the shoe was on the other foot and Harold, or yourself were hit with a flying chair, would you be so forgiving? Every action has a consequence and this is a lesson Harold, as well as every other human needs to learn.

    BTW, the word is straight… just a little spelling help from someone who did not attend the great Apple Valley school.

  12. jb says:

    The kid spazed out ? First of all he is not a kid, he is 19 years old ! Second of all he injured a kid. The school must put there wrestling program first. The Superintendent ,Board members and Principal must have the backbone of a jelly fish ! Maybe he should join th WWF !

  13. A Relative says:

    First off none of you people really know Harold Delancy. Where do any of you get off talking about what he’s been threw!!! Do any of you really know? Has he really been threw anything!!!! Also the nerve of you people to bring up his age does any one know when his birthday is or when he turned 19 ? the answer is NO!!!! Kids make mistakes everyday and I know for a fact that he is not vicious like you guys are implying. Get your facts straight before you speak!!!!

  14. Bottom line says:

    Sadly, the Oregon wrestler never competed again.

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