Wis. Nurse Accused Of Stealing Drugs In Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Wisconsin nurse is accused of stealing painkillers meant for patients at a Twin Cities hospital.

Twenty-seven-year-old Maria Anne Mihalik of Superior is accused of entering patients’ rooms at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids last May and taking the painkiller Dilaudid. She was named in a federal charge Friday.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports Mihalik didn’t work at the hospital, but police say she was wearing scrubs and an ID badge in an attempt to blend in with other hospital workers.

Her attorney, Robert Lengeling, says he expects the matter will be resolved. He says to his knowledge, no patients were harmed.

Last week, Hennepin County prosecutors charged Sarah May Casareto of Forest Lake with stealing painkiller meant for a patient about to undergo kidney surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis last November.

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  • Dave Seavy

    As a chronic pain patient who relies on the fentanyl patch and morphine, I get angry about people who steal painkillers. It’s already tough enough for chronic pain patients, because of the DEA, and when people like these two commit a drug crime, legislators try to get on the band wagon and outlaw painkillers. Anything for a vote I guess. The point is, addicts and thieves make it difficult for those of us who legitimately need such drugs.

  • Wesly

    A long way to travel for a single dose. There has to be more to the story

  • paab

    Dope addict, doesn’t care who suffers, no patients harmed? If that were so, why give any pain killers at all?

  • whosdat

    Wesly –

    Friends and a boyfriend in town. Not much of a story…..

  • Mike Hunt

    While in the hospital for a severed thumb some nurses or nurse stoled my pain meds. I hope they throw the book at her.

  • Deb Parker

    Dave Seavy hits the nail on the head….

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