By Angela Davis, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One of decisions we all have to make each morning deals with what to wear. Many of us ladies have to wear business suits most days, which can get kind of boring.

This week, WCCO This Morning’s crew is sharing what a fashion expert showed us when it comes to jazzing up your wardrobes on the cheap.

Trend specialist Sara Rogers at Mall of America showed me what to do with my business suits to go from “Drab to Fab.”

She suggested sassier blouses with interesting necklines and prints, and some sophisticated necklaces to add drama.

I wore one of my own gray suits — an Anne Klein single-button suit. Rogers noted that single-button suits are the most flattering for most women because the jacket accentuates the smallest part of the waistline, creating a slimming effect.

“It shows of the smaller part of most women’s waistline and it just gives you a little bit of interest there,” Rogers said.

Another way to wear your suit is to remove the jacket and wear a bright-colored sweater in its place.

“Look at how we can change the mood of this by adding a cardigan in this purple color,” said Rogers. “Jewel tones are great on you. It just energizes it. Push up the sleeves a little. Leave that open and voila! That’s my favorite. I love it with the color.”

A third way to wear that same suit is with a different blouse. Rogers chose a bright yellow one, a color that she says we’ll see a lot of this spring.

“It’s a cheery color. Color evokes emotion,” she said. “You can put people in a happier mood by looking at you. Yellow is a color we are seeing right now even in the winter, but definitely a color that will be appropriate for spring.”

Again, all the items that I tried on were from Bloomingdale’s at Mall of America. The folks there put together a price list for us to share with you.

Angela’s 1st Outfit
Grey suit Her own
Leopard Theory blouse/tank $102
Angela’s 2nd Outfit
Grey suit pants Her own
Leopard Theory blouse/tank $102
Purple Bloomingdales cashmere cardigan $99
Angela’s 3rd Outfit
Grey suit Her own
Yellow Elie Tahari findley blouse $168
long gold and pearl Carolee necklace $95
Short gold and peal Carolee necklace $65

See the slideshow here.

On Thursday, it’s Kerry McNally’s turn. Rogers will show him a business suit in the hot color for winter and spring, and pairs it with the “in” necktie of the season and some distinctive shirts. She will also show him an appropriate business casual outfit.

Comments (4)
  1. elaine says:

    Drab to Fab, if I had $100.00 ti spend on one sweater fine, but most working women don’t have that kind of money. We are working to help feed our familys and pay our bills.

  2. Barb says:

    $529.00 bucks for 3 outfits? Are you out of your mind? Who has money like that today. How about some affordable options?

  3. Susan Casanova says:

    Angela, I watch you as you present the news at noon. I think that you make a very interesting and up-to-date fashion statement. I like your use of colors and watch to see how you put your outfits together. One of the things I like best is your face-flattering haircut. I see so many anchors locally, with their hair-in-the-face styles, that keep them constantly twitching their heads as though they have some unsightly syndrome. It reminds me of high school where all the girls thought they needed to have the same look or they would not be popular. They all appear to be self-indulgent, as I consider the time that it must take to maintain the long fake hair extensions. Why would look like a clone of someone else? Stay true to yourself, Angela. I think you are a winner on so many levels and I am glad you are here so I can follow your success. Susan

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