MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who to stabbed a police dog in November 2010 will not serve any time in federal prison, but will serve 120 days behind bars at the Ramsey County Jail.

Roel Joseph Perez, Jr., pleaded guilty last month to a theft attempt that led to an incident where a Roseville Police dog named Major was stabbed.

Perez was sentenced Wednesday to one year and one day in prison, but if he doesn’t get in trouble while he’s on probation for the next four years, he won’t have to serve that time.

He will, however, still have to spend 120 days in jail and pay restitution to make up for the fact that major can no longer work as a police dog and had to undergo expensive surgeries.

The amount Perez will need to pay will be decided in the next 90 days.

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  1. Poor Call! says:

    THAT’S IT? Unreal…..
    CCO….can you post what JUDGE made this TERRIBLE call so when it comes time to vote for a NEW judge….I DON’T vote for the Judge involved in THIS CASE

  2. Olaf says:

    Save the tax dollars–feed him to Major

  3. Ragnor13 says:

    This jackwagon should get 10 years, or at least have to walk Major and clean up after Him. Major is a Hero in My eyes.

    1. tunafreedolphin says:

      It’s a dog, not a person. There is a difference.

      1. GoMajor says:

        tunafreedolphin, you’re an idiot! That dog has lost the use of his hind legs because some “jackwagon” was being a fellow idiot of yours! Atleast something positive came from this… The state is proposing to change great bodily harm as a misd to susbtantial bodily harm as a FELONY!

      2. Donn says:

        He is a DOG that has without a doubt has worked to save more PEOPLE than you even know. What a freeking idiot……………

  4. Bryson Powers says:

    That seems pretty lenient. Remember that,criminal! If you are committing a crime you’re just going to get a slap on the wrist if you maim a police dog. I’ll bet Mr. Perez is laughing.

  5. greg says:

    Probably an illegal immigrant.

  6. markH says:

    Well that’s nice; he got the exact same sentence as the drunk driver who killed my best friend eight years ago-good to see we have our priorities straight as a society.

    1. glenn says:

      mark your comment touched me as to the old saying man or beast man should always win i am sorry for your loss

  7. Robby says:

    Perez should get 10 years for theft and another 10 for stabbing a police dog. Who is this judge-he should be disbarred. We should make a point to remove him, by our votes. Another injustice in our judicial system….sad.

  8. doglover says:

    THis is why crime is so high. Slap on the wrist.

  9. Nancy Aleshire says:

    The four workers who restrained and killed my son do not have to serve any jail time and that creep who stabbed and paralyzed that four legged police officer only gets 120 days. What is this world coming to? My animal loving son is crying in heaven. The only justice for Major would be to increase the penalties.

  10. bubba136 says:

    The judge is an assclown !!!!!!!!!!

  11. tom says:

    Your kidding me 120 days for STABBING A member of the POLICE> although Major is a dog he is still and officer. To the Judge on this case, ARE YOU JUST STUPID or did you forget to Pull your head from its resting place. This guy should have gotten the maximum for an assault with intend to murder on a police officer. This is an injustice. WHO is the JUDGE ????

  12. Red says:

    Who are these people in power? I am sure I didn’t vote for them, nor would I. What is this Judge’s name – Post it please! Just what this country needs is yet another IDIOT! They seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Grrrrrr

  13. Keith says:

    I do not understand the courts system in this state. If you drink and drive you get jail time, stab a police officer (dog or not) you get a vacation, and you have to pay restitution like the city is ever going to see a dime of that. That is why he is out stealing things because he won’t work. Bring back the chain gangs and make him work it off in the ditches of our highways. And yes we all blame the judge in cases like this and rightfully so, The way our state is so screwed up is because we allowed it to get this way. It is time we stand up for justice and speek out for what we want and we will get it.

  14. Billy says:

    120 days in jail??? I could do that standing on my head.

    120 days for stabbing a police is total disrespect to all police officers across on the country judges part.

  15. Dan says:

    He’s an amreican and that how the law was state. It willl change come May to a felony.

  16. Dog Lover says:

    Major should be put down, why make him suffer.

  17. Sam I am says:

    It was Judge Kathleen Gearin who sentenced him today. According to district court records.


  18. ML says:

    Anyone who injures a Police Dog should serve time in prison. The penalty is not strict enough, nor long enough. Why should tax payers pay for this mans mistakes. Taxes are to be used for more important things than a criminals meals.

  19. INGA says:


  20. Feather says:

    These dogs should not be set free to go capture a criminal.”Go get em.” They will eventually get hurt or killed. They are trained to attack . I don’t care if it was a homeless starving man that stole an apple or a murderer, that dog is going to attack as he is trained to do , and a persons ‘ first instinct is going to be to defense. That means there is a good chance this animal is going to get hurt.Then we act as if we are shocked and appalled by it.I am appalled we are sending these dogs in as our first line of defense.These dogs do not use guns and yell ,”FREEZE OR I”LL SHOOT” I am also against using horses ….but thats another book.

    1. Grace says:

      The officers do not just a let a dog free to “go get em”. K9 warnings are given, if people aren’t smart enough to listen they have the chance of getting bit. So I have no sympathy for Perez, he knew exactly what was coming his way.

      The officers gave these men the chance to give themselves up, they chose to hide. The quickest way of finding these criminals before somebody else gets hurt is utilizing a K9, it is not a decision made lightly. And fyi, these K9s are not just tools, a lot of them are with the officers and their families when not on duty….so no, most officers would not consider the death or injury of their K9 partner acceptable.

  21. Sissy says:

    I think we should stop with the hatred and racism. We should pray for Mr. Perez and Major. The reason there is so much crime in this world isn’t because of lenient judges .It is because we have forgotten about God .

  22. Behind Major says:

    Disgusted! No explanation could validate the judges decision in this instance!
    Our dogs in the U.S. are trained to protect and serve just as our two footed officers, the outcome of harm should serve the same!

  23. Also Behind Major! says:

    I love the support Major is getting from everyone! I am not a lawyer or in law enforcement but I did a little looking into great bodily harm as a gross misdemeanor which is what stabbing a police dog is considered … According to the Minnesota Office of Revisor Statutes “gross misdemeanor means any crime which is not a felony. The maximum fine which may be imposed for a gross misdemeanor is $3000.” HOWEVER… it is in the works to change this! Hopefully it will change to substantial bodily harm as a FELONY which is “a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment for more than one year may be imposed” Too bad this wasn’t changed earlier. As for paying restitution… like that’s going to happen! He’s a thief! Where’s he going to get the money??

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