Sherburne County Finds 300 Pounds Of Marijuana

BIG LAKE, Minn. (AP) — Five months of searching have led central Minnesota investigators to 300 pounds of marijuana.

The St. Cloud Times reports that Sherburne County sheriff’s investigators seized more than $500,000 worth of marijuana and arrested five men from Texas who allegedly were trafficking it.

The suspects face charges of first-degree controlled substance crime possession and first-degree controlled substance crime possession with intent to distribute. Their bails range from $500,000 to $750,000.

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  • Kevin

    Again no names or race???? Interesting concept for WCCO.

    • Austin

      Don’t want to hurt anyones feelings you know that.Minnesota Nice.

      • Resplendent Mane

        Kevin’s just sore cause he didn’t get his weed. Hypocrite.

    • Mike

      Names or race? Why would you need that information for making any other point then satisfying your bigotry? If people didn’t use illegal products that are brought to market, their would be none. Drug abuse has no color or race test. Only your prejudice does.

      • Realist

        Mikey, Mikey, Mikey….can’t you tell there is no bigotry, just state the facts then we don’t have to guess if they were Mexi-can’s or Mexi-cant’s.

        Let me guess Mikey, you have a tree you hug every day?

    • Jim

      Who cares what their race is or what their names are all that matters is that the drugs are off the street.

  • allen

    Maybe one of them was Juan Valdez

  • davekim

    If it’s a minority, they won’t mention the names or show pictures. If it’s a bunch of white males, it would be shown. This is common for the liberal media. I’m not of white descent btw.

  • Gary

    When’s the party? I’ll bring the bong.

  • Bob

    Free the weed man!

  • Georgie Klaustermeier

    copied from Kare 11:
    The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office arrested Felix Martinez-Garza, 41 of McAllen, Texas; Martin Garza, 40 of Texas; Israel Benavidez; 47 of Rio Grande, Texas; Cesar Valdez-Gonzalez, 46 of Rio Grande, Texas and John Wisdom, 27 of Hidalgo, Texas, for First Degree Possession of Marijuana. All the men have been charged.

  • Ben

    Why don’t we legalize marijuana and stop waisting our tax dollars on a relatively harmless drug (yes alcohol is worse) and start using that money to prevent real crime that actually affects people.

    • Norge

      You’ve obviously never suffered a devastating injury because a co-worker thought getting stoned at work would help him get through the day, at least I would have been able to tell if someone was drunk. Death Penalties to stoners and drug dealers!

      • Ole

        That’s an unfortunate event, I’m sorry to hear about your injury. However, that could have easily been caused by a million other reasons (the person – made a mistake, didn’t get enough sleep because they work two jobs, had a medical condition/emergency, was taking prescribed medication…). If this is a dangerous job, the employer should have had a substance test or control in place. While we’re at it, let’s blame it on the gun, not the person who pulled the trigger. And seriously, the death penalty? That sounds like the leaders in Iran who want death to the protesters. Despite your comments, I love the name Norge ;)

      • Toivo

        Norge is a liar.

    • Austin

      Yeah man and lets expose 9/11 for what it really was-it was a warning shot from accross space and time to knuckle under to the Klingon Empire.Do you know that they have a space staion just 100 light years from pluto?

      • Steve

        Austin have you been in the evidence room again?!?!?!

  • Mr T

    We’ll probably spend about $100,000 to destroy the weed and another $200,000 for legal fees and correctional housing

  • Norge

    One or more of them will get bailed out by the Mexican Mafia and disappear across the border with the millions they have stashed in an off-shore account, then in a couple of months his head will be hanging from a bridge. Prison isn’t even safe for these guys, they’ll all have to ‘pay’ for the lost dope one way or another. Sucks to be them!

  • Jon

    Take a chill pill Norge.

  • cjane1953

    Tell me where I can get $500,000 for 300 pounds of marijuana, and I won’t need five guys to bring it up here from Mexico – I’ll go and get it myself.

  • Pam

    The sheriff’s office worked with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office and the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force to arrest Felix Martinez-Garza, 41; Martin Garza, 40; Israel Benavidez, 47; Cesar Valdez-Gonzalez, 46; and John Wisdom, 27; all of Texas.
    Photos @ :–5-arrested-

  • Matt

    That’s why there has been such a shortage lately lol
    Ben and Ole hit it on the head perfectly!!

  • will sandstrom

    Kindly state if we must sign in before leaving comment. Dr. Will Sandstrom

  • Legalize

    I believe in legalizing cannabis, but I have no sympathy for anyone who is trafficking Mexican crops. Grow locally, participate in activism, or get out of the trade.

  • gmoney

    thats garbage weed anyways. who wants to smoke a bunch of seeds and stems?? all the best stuff is grown locally here in mn. let them waste their time with a bunch of mexicant smugglers. agree with legalize. if anything legalize weed and illegalize alcohol. how many people over dose from weed? none impossible. how many people get high and fight at bars? how bad does it impair your motor skills to where you’ll swerve into on coming traffic or drive on the wrong side of the road and kill a family going to dinner? how many people black out from weed and do stupid things? seems like the legal devils juice stuff is much worse than a plant…

  • suck it haters

    I hope that dope’s local cause what a bummer to get all this way and lose it to sherbourne co sheriff who was more than likely tipped off that some non-white males have moved into his territory. What a bummer. #uck bush

  • frustrated

    another catch of good herbal medicine just wants everyone on legal uhealthy pills .LEGALIZE IT ALLREADY!and i do agree with a post above.MN does have some growers who produce some very good herb,compared to that seedy mild mex stuff

  • Ed

    Good job
    Keep that mexican weed out of the country.
    If it was legal to Grow Local, Buy Local, those people would of had no reason to leave Texas with it and Sherburne County would have tax monies from $500,000 in sales.

    • cjane1953

      Anyone who thinks they can get $500,000 for 300 pounds of weed has already been smoking too much of it.

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