By Adam Carter, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There were problems for people hoping to park at the Terminal 1, formerly known as Lindbergh Terminal, Wednesday morning — a full ramp.

As spring approaches, mid-week parking at the airport gets very busy. This is for a couple of reasons, according to Pat Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Adam Carter Reports

“Toward the end of the week and the beginning of the week they aren’t traveling as much (as they do midweek),” said Hogan.

He said when you combine the business travelers with the increase in vacationers this time of year, the ramps fill up.

Hogan said they have real-time parking updates on the airport’s website. He also reminds travelers that light rail transit rides are free between the two terminals, so if you can’t park at Terminal 1, you can try to park at the Terminal 2, formerly known as the Humphrey Terminal.

Comments (13)
  1. Jim Jones says:

    The parking lot is sooooo full that the people can’t get into the building as seen in the photo! Great job on the stock photos ‘CCO!

    I really enjoy the overuse of the handcuff photo or the police siren photo. We really need those to indicate if the story has crime involved. Then when the criminals get prosecuted, lets put the photo of the gavel up there.

    This is great journalism!

  2. Jim is an idiot says:

    @JIm cco is going to dispatch a reporter and camera crew right away so they can be the first to break on this very important story. you know a lot about journalism! kudos to jim! now get back to watching judge judy

    1. Joker of Spades says:

      Funny comment, but I agree with Jim. The photo is not necessary to have a story. There could just be a headline….

      1. jim is an idiot says:

        But that is what he commenting on! That is all he is commenting on.

      2. Jim is an idiot says:

        It’s 2011. Multimedia. Small stories get stock photos. Easy to understand. It’s a thinker. Also, most people learn visually so if that what it takes to spark an interest, then I think that is very good journalism.

      3. Joker of Spades says:

        Cuz a comment section here has never gone off topic….

  3. Just wondering says:

    Are the ramps full because more people are going to MSP just for the pat downs?

    1. Jim is an idiot says:

      Ask jim! I bet he is on the line with CNN asking them why they’re not covering it.

  4. Jim Jones Rules! says:

    If ‘CCO was doing a story about “Jim is an Idiot”, they would have to lead into it with a picture of Judge Judy.

    Get it buddy? It would be irrelevent and pointless like the other photos. I wasn’t implying that they should send out a camera crew, I would hope they could eliminate the lousy photos. Jim is an idiot is a moron!

    1. jim is an idiot says:

      So what are you fighting for Jim?

      1. Jim is an idiot says:

        with all the wrong in the world. and so much to fight for! you use your energy on this?

  5. Jim Jones is GREAT! says:

    I’m not fighting. I’m making an observation. The stock photos aren’t necessary and they don’t even match the story content.

    Take it easy, every thing is gonna be all right!

  6. Jon Lindquist says:

    the only reason there is a stock photo is because that it the spot where a video clip would go if they had one. it is a formatting deal where you either get a picture or a video.

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