Minnesota Gets OK From Feds On Medicaid Expansion

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Federal officials have certified Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s request to access federal money to expand a health program for the poor beginning March 1.

Dayton’s office on Thursday announced the approval by the U.S. Department of Human Services. Dayton signed an order during his first week in office that cleared the way.

The move is expected to provide broader coverage for up to 95,000 people, most of whom are now part of two state-funded health care programs.

Notices to those affected have started going out and public workers are getting transition guides.

Republican leaders are critical of the change, saying it locks Minnesota into matching dollars it can’t afford to put up. Dayton has said he would veto legislation reversing his executive order.

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  • Blank Man

    The picture says it all! WAY TO GO CCO! I LOVE IT!
    And to think…I thought he was going to do an acceptable job…..
    KUDO’S to the WI GOV though!

    • Denise

      Superior job Governor Dayton!

      • I don't have the $

        OK Denise…..your tax $ can pay for it then….

  • Mr T

    If this stuff keeps happening it will soon cost me more money to go to work than staying home.

    If you want to see how socialized medicine works, hop over to your nearest indian reservation. See what the unemployment rate and despair is like there.

  • unknown

    and let the Dayton handouts begin…. when can we protest? haha

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