Police Investigate ‘Suspicious Incident’ Involving Child

CRYSTAL (WCCO) — Crystal Police are investigating a suspicious incident involving a little girl who got into a car Thursday afternoon.

At 4:15 p.m., police squads were dispatched to the 5900 block of Winnetka Avenue after a resident reported seeing a female child get into a mid-sized red vehicle with a white male driver. The witness told police that the child was coerced into the vehicle.

The witness also told police that an argument appeared to happen as the vehicle left heading northbound on Winnetka.

At this time, there is no further information.

  • pat

    anyone missing a child?

  • Sarah

    Maybe it was her father?

  • Deanne

    Well….. one can assume right? If it were my child, I’d be glad someone was looking out for her instead of just “assuming”… when in doubt… err on the side of perv.. kidnapper…. they are everywhere now it seems… Thank God for people who care and watch over our children!

    • cjane1953

      They’ve always been “everywhere.”

      It’s just that we’re more apt to report them now.

  • Ed

    So this whole story is a little girl got into a red car Thursday afternoon with a man that could have been her parent since nobody has reported a missing little girl but there is a chance she was kidnapped by the taliban and is being used for slave labor to make shoes in Tibet. I can see a police report to check it out but making the news is just plain bad reporting to make a headline.

    • cjane1953

      Then move on.

      No one’s forcing you to give an opinion that’s longer than the story you don’t like.

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