BURNETT COUNTY (WCCO) — A 53-year-old Minnesota woman is could go to prison after her alleged tenth DWI.

Cynthia Mae Bearhart of Sandstone was pulled over Sunday on Highway 77 near Danbury, Wis.

Records show that she has at least three DWIs in Pine County.

Bearhart hasn’t officially been charged yet and has been released on bond.

Whether a person gets bond doesn’t depend on the amount of DWIs a person has, instead it’s based on whether the person will show up for court. The Burnett County Attorney’s Office said Bearhart has showed up for all her court appearances in the past.

Her next court appearance is next Wedneday.

Comments (11)
  1. Nicole Muenchow says:

    How can a person get 10 DWI’s? If they don’t get it right after 1st one, then they should do some prison time.

  2. Grace says:

    I am so tired of MN lax DWI/DUI laws. Punishment is so ridiculous these people will continue to drive drunk because if they get caught nothing ever happens to them. Mandatory prison time with intense rehab while they’re in may help more than just letting them walk…er I should say, drive…away

  3. Bill Krammer says:

    Put her away for a while…with treatment……This is getting ridiculous in nature…
    The laws MUST be strickier…
    Get these drunks off the roads…….

  4. Mr Bill says:

    Put her away, 5 years for each DWI. Plus treatment…..
    Does her past reads any vehicle’s death (s)
    The DWI/DUI laws are for clowns…..these laws are made to be broken…10 times.

    Need tougher laws.

  5. Onewhoknows says:

    If I drink I will drive so I went through treatment, joined AA and know that I can not drink ever again. I did not want to risk killing someone while driving drunk, it would have happen. I would guess this person has had chance after chance and many treatment etc. My view is for some people you run out of chances so I say time for a 10 year lock up.

  6. hejlena says:

    Someone is being penalized for a DWI? Wow, now that IS news.

  7. Kym says:

    The courts couldn’t figure out a pattern with this woman by the 3rd or 4th DWI?
    She should have already served prison time long before she got to her 10th DWI.
    Sounds like we’re just waiting for her to cause an accident and for someone to be hurt before we do anything and she learns from it.

  8. Jeff says:

    Not to mention that she is SUCH a beautiful woman to begin with. I bet she gets all the boys at the bar drooling over her.

  9. Macy says:

    Am I reading this right? She COULD go to to jail? It’s her tenth violation, why punish her now?She’s gotten away with it for so long, perhaps she needs a looooooong jail sentence as well as hefty fines, tons of community service hours, loss of license and a swift kick in the rear…won’t matter anyways, MN will just go easy on her and next time she’ll kill someone and everyone will lament on what SHOULD have been done. We need to buckle down on these people before they kill people, not after. Makes me sick. And angry.

  10. Frustrated says:

    COULD?? What is the question here?? Put her away before she kills some innocent person or multiple people.

  11. Kay says:

    We need laws like they have in Germany. Even though they love to drink, not even a teenager would chance driving after having a drop.

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