Hecker’s Girlfriend Asks For No Prison Time

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Christi Rowan filed court papers on Friday asking to be sentenced to the lowest possible sentence under the sentencing guidelines.

In other words, she’s asking for zero months in prison.

The prosecution is asking for six months in prison for Rowan, who pleaded guilty last year to two counts of fraud.

The prosecution argues Rowan has engaged in a pattern of deception ranging from creating a fake Facebook page for one of Denny Hecker’s ex-girlfriends (which featured a nude picture of said ex) to submitting a fake W-2 form to the IRS in 2006 so she could get a larger refund.

Sentencing is scheduled for next Friday.

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  • thumbody

    We reap what we sow……………………

  • Therese S.

    What about her other felonies? Will they be able to use that towards her sentancing?

    She’s a habitual liar and crook. She deserves to be in jail.

  • Dennis

    Why is it that people who have all the $$$ think they are above the law. The rest of us have to obey the laws and live within our means. If the courts can’t send a message to all the crooks who will.? Six months doesn’t seem enough to cover all the wrongful things she has done.

  • Ignorance must be bliss

    She should get the full sentance just like Denny got as she knew she was giving false info to the judge and commiting fraud. How she feels she should get a break is beyound me. I say lock her up.

  • Billy

    With Denny gone she will probably be doing porn soon

  • Dave Seavy

    Doing porn? That would disrespect the industry. It’s so funny how those who get caught lying, cheating, etc., are so high and mighty when they’re living the life of Riley, but when busted, they seem to think they deserve special consideration. She belongs in prison. She’s already been given too many breaks. She deserves prison time, and if she gets probation, it will say alot about the Courts, and none of it positive.

  • Get Real

    The “duh!” headline of the day.

  • gregg iverson

    Maybe they can have a baby while in prison

  • Nancy

    I would like to see her reasoning as to why she should get eh lowest possible time? She should get the same as her boyfriend, they were in it together

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