MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Religious leaders in Illinois and Wisconsin are offering sanctuary to Wisconsin Democrats as they boycott a vote on a Republican bill that would strip public workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights.

A group of Catholic, Jewish and Protestant leaders say they’re on board with the minority Democrats in the state Senate. The entire caucus fled the state Capitol on Wednesday to avoid voting on the bill.

The bill’s opponents have staged a massive protest at the Capitol that has stretched into its fourth day. Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki weighed in on the bill on Wednesday, saying lawmakers and unions should work together.

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Comments (34)
  1. markH says:

    Religion-keep your superstitious, servile noses out of the political arena or else forfeit your tax-exempt status!

  2. mark from says:

    As A Catholic I wonder how can my Church support people who support Abortion!

    1. John says:

      Your church will support anything that involves $

      1. Phid says:

        Wow, how on earth is the Church making money off politicians?

    2. Linda says:

      Mark, you’re clueless.
      drink more holy water. I did when I went to catholic school. Thought the nuns would like me more. Democrats are not for abortion. They are pro-choice, pro-people, moving forward, not going backwards.

  3. mark from says:

    @markH Wow! Thats it? Thats all you had to say? Nothing better but hate?

    1. manners says:

      Actually mark your such a bigot its crazy. Your a waste of a human and should be ashamed of yourself!

      1. mark from says:

        @ manners Don’t you have a Klan meeting you need to get to?

    2. Manners says:

      Yes Mark… Congratulations on making Grand Master.

      See You tonight at the meeting!

  4. lib says:

    I agree with you mntax what is the church thinking about? they should lose their tax exempt status.

  5. Ginger Shepla says:

    Why is religion getting involved in politics? I guess it’s OK when it’s the Religious LEFT.

    1. John says:


      You crazy religious people are always trying to inject your wacko views into politics…Huckabee, Palin…Bachmann. Bush.. any of these ring a bell.

      People don’t need religion anymore. We have Science!

      1. Barney says:

        So you’ve got Science! As though “Science” is the epitome of evolution. If so, we’ve got a lot of experimenting to do, with lots of wacko ideas, to begin to form a comprehensive view of reality. Talk about a “crazy” view of life.

    2. Phid says:

      Ginger, that is a great question.

  6. Conservative in Liberal MN says:

    One more reason for us Catholics to question the leaders of our Church. Maybe we should be forming a Tea Party equivalent of a new Catholic Church, that supports LIfe, Our Constitution and holding people accountable to the law, including clergy, government employees and politicians..

    1. Karen says:

      Well said..and yes time to clean house.

    2. mark from says:

      Great Idea!

    3. MN Tom says:

      very good idea. I am behind it.

  7. Barney says:

    Good idea! Keep them there!

  8. LJB says:

    What happened to separation of church and state? Time to let the offering plate go by without ‘free’ cash either.

  9. MN Tom says:

    start taxing the churches. think of the revenue there to pay the debt.

  10. jimmy says:

    Why do conservatives hate God?

    1. MN Tom says:

      I am a conservative and I do not hate God, I went to a Catholic grade school and received a far better education than you get in a public school. At least in a private school they are not warping the kids mind with the gimmee gimmee greedy attitude that the dems favor.

      1. Eartha says:

        Huh? Pulled our son out of private due to self serving greed environment. They were a cult.

      2. Jimmy says:

        You went to a Catholic grade school? Why did they kick you out were you an embarrassment to them. Or did you already know everything and there was nothing more they could do for you. Please help me understand why your GREAT education ended in the 6th grade.

  11. White boy Charley says:

    Ever notice how conservatives are a hate group? Anyone who doesn’t agree with them they smear with lies and garbage. Liberals are pro choice, not pro abortion. Christians are supposed to help the less fortunate but the conservatives, who should have a dollar sign not a crucifix, want to eliminate every program that helps the poor and minorities. Most church leaders are conservative and, if not, get eliminated by the church powers. Here the churches are offering a sanctuary, not taking sides on the issue. It is too bad the conservatives live in their nice white, financially well off world and have not idea what the poor are going through on their $10/hour job with no benefits, such as decent medical care.

    1. helper says:

      Nicely said!

      Too bad it’s way beyond the comprehension of these right wingers. They can only wee bits of information at a time, and if it doesn’t fit with what they hear on Fox news…Well god damn must be some ‘liberal’ stuff…

  12. helper says:

    Oh, I’d like to add that many of these right wingers live in the new poor areas, the suburbs.

    They have a distorted sense of how they fit into the world and this affects their judgment.

  13. Bill says:

    The Demorats at the national level sure showed up to vote for an unconstitutional healthcare bill. The Demorats have lost their minds, acting like spoiled rotten kids who are not getting their way. What an embarrassment to our nation!!!!!!

    1. helper says:

      Oh Bill, your so silly 😉

  14. Lori says:

    Its just like the Sound of Music!!! I love it. I hope they keep them safe until Walker, Walks away or gets a clue what is involved in running a state and keeping the peace. He’s clueless.

  15. jimmy says:

    The people of WI can recall Walker after he has been in office for 1 year. Remember that Japanese General that said I think we have awakened a sleeping giant.

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