MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The slices are on the house at Ian’s Pizza in Madison.

Owner Ian Gurfield says he’s received about 40 calls from people who want to buy pizza for the protesters demonstrating a block away at the Wisconsin Capitol.

So, he says the next 600 slices are free.

Gurfield says he’s been getting calls for days from people who paid to have pizza delivered to the pro-labor forces demonstrating against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. He says he had been delivering the pizza but Saturday it seemed easier to just hand out slices to the protesters packing his store.

Gurfield says he’s received calls from as far away as California and Connecticut and by mid-afternoon Saturday they’d paid for $2,500 in pizza.

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Comments (23)
  1. mark from says:

    Just another reason why I love America!

  2. dunnski57 says:

    Atta boy Ian! Feed the heroes standing up to tyranny!!!

  3. paul says:

    What a great idea! Stay positive.

  4. alan says:

    Can’t wait until they mange to grab a senator and drag him/her back into the capitol kicking and screaming, and cuff them to a desk to take the vote. I gotta see that video. Maybe hell/she/ll get a slice on the way in.

    1. Donald from MN says:

      Alan, I believe you have a point. Our system of government allows for elected representatives of the people to enact law and make decisions. The absent Wisconsin senators are not doing their job. They should be available to vote on the bill. If this law would turn out to be unconstituional the supreme court of Wisconsin would decide that. This is our system of government, not loud mobs of protesters who are violating their own responsibilities by being absent from work. They make us look like a third world country.

      1. Marty says:

        It’s called the First Amendment for the protesters — the right to peaceably assemble is an absolute, literal part of the Constitution. Considering the Madison police force has been publicly thanking the protesters for being so peaceful, I think they are covered…

      2. The absent Democratic Senators are practicing Civil Disobedience and they’re doing a great job for the workers of Wisconsin as well as for the rest of the country that has a stake in a viable Middle Class!

  5. nic says:

    They get free tax payer dollars to fund their retirement and healthcare…Why not free pizza?

  6. BUZZCUT says:

    The only one that should chained to a desk should be Bush & Cheney to face war crimes. They are responisible for the financial crisis because of unfunded wars.

    1. mark from says:


      1. E M says:

        Maybe you should take off your Bilderburg brand blinders and read the writing on the wall. Oh wait, I can’t speak sheep.

      2. Joe says:

        Not that hard to put 2 & 2 together Mark. Take a war that was based on a lie. How do you pay for a military? Taxes. Turned out to be more expensive than they thought is my thought. Taking longer as well. We can’t fund the war in Iraq anymore. I’m ok with Afganistan as long as there is progress. But they do need an exit plan.
        As far as these people protesting and getting free pizza? Who cares if they are. They are actually doing good. If not for the strikers in the 20’s we would not have been able to have the life style and job safety we have today. Look at your history back 100 years ago. That is what Unions stopped. Look at your wage. Thank Unions for that. Some of them got out of hand but you should still thank them for giving you such a good lifestyle and work environment you have today.

    2. Lori says:

      EXACTLY! Where are those war criminals? They should have been hauled in a long long time ago.

      1. Eyes wide open says:

        And the cost of the Iraqi was never put into the budget by W., either.

  7. Shane G says:

    Should of got em at Little Caesars! Only $5.00 for a whole pizza!! Could of bought 500 of them!

  8. HERB says:

    to markmintaxwaste

    Time to go back to the GOP talking points e mail and get a couple of new zingers Mark, the tinfoil hat and Kool Aid comments have been used. I understand that you are not about creative or meaningful comments because you would actually have to contribute some individual thought to the process and your bosses would probably not approve. If nothing else, stop using Minnesota in your screen name, your comments are embarrassing those of us in Minnesota who are actually contributing to the advancement of civilized society.

    1. Bob says:

      Herb you do enjoy the sound of your own voice don’t you???

  9. Lisat says:

    Fabulous !!!
    Keep up the good fight!

  10. Cache says:

    Perfect choice of food for the pigs!

  11. Dave Campbell says:

    This would have never happened had Governor Scott Walker not tried to ramrod this legislation through. The senators left so that the vote would be delayed, forcing the rest of the legislature in Wisconsin to hear from the citizens. These democratic senators were trying to let the people speak before a piece of legislation got rammed down the throats of the people of Wisconsin!

  12. Dave says:

    Union workers not working, protesting and generally being absent? How is this different from the norm?

    Unions are the reason the payroll is sky high in Wisconsin and dozens of other states. Get rid of them all.

  13. jb says:

    Robert Reich notes that this conflict pits middle class union workers (who earn about 5% less than private sector counterparts) against other middle class earners. (Might this be distracting us from what the poltiticans are doing for the wealthiest?) The middle class needs to stay politically strong and united for the health of the country. Pizza for those rallying to protect the middle class is a good idea! Stay strong! Stay united!

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