See Photos Of The Snow From Across The State

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The bulk of the snow has already fallen, but high winds and continued light snow through the overnight hours will make for a slow Monday morning commute.

As of 9 p.m., Bloomington had reported the most snow, with 15 inches. Eden Prairie reported 14 inches, Menomonie, Wis. reported 12.5 inches, Carver and Maplewood reported 11 inches, Edina reported 10 inches, Woodbury reported 8.4 inches and Andover reported 5.5 inches.

A winter storm warning remains in effect for most of east-central and southern Minnesota. A blizzard warning is in effect for most of west-central Minnesota. Travel is still not recommended Sunday night across most of southern Minnesota and southern Wisconsin Sunday evening, as a large snow system is dropping snow at a rate of up to an inch an hour across the region.

WCCO Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said the snow should continue to taper off Sunday evening and into Monday morning. He expected another 1-3 inches of new snow to fall overnight.

Expect your morning commute to take a bit longer Monday. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Monday is a federal holiday, so most government employees have the day off and many schools were already closed, lessening the amount of commuters on the roads.

Numerous delays and closings have already been reported for Monday. The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities won’t open until noon and Augsburg College, Macalester College, Metro State University, St. Catherine University and the University of St. Thomas are closed Monday.

So far, 6.8 inches had fallen at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. That breaks the old record for Feb. 20, which was 4.2 inches.

The snow is coming from a system that stretches from South Dakota all the way to New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

Send Us Your Snow Photos

Flights Canceled

Melissa Scovronski, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport said more than 700 flights were canceled into and out of MSP Sunday.

Late Sunday evening, Delta said that it has already canceled 60 outgoing flights from MSP for Monday morning.

Traffic Conditions

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is recommending no travel for the southern half of the state due to high winds and heavy snow.

Lt. Eric Roseke, with the Minnesota State Patrol, said there were 323 crashes statewide from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., with 238 of those in the metro area. There were 42 reported injuries, but no deaths. In addition he said there were 510 vehicles that spun out or went off the road and six semis that jackknifed.

Roeske said in addition, one squad car was hit and one trooper was also hit. That trooper sustained minor injuries.

MnDOT spokesperson, Kent Barnard, said that crews were well prepared. He said plow crews are grateful for the thaw that happened in February because it helped melt away some of the bigger snow piles on roads, which will make it easier to plow and store the snow.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is also advising no unnecessary travel. WisDOT said the high winds and freezing mix are making roads too slippery and some areas could become impassable.

Part of Interstate 90 near Eau Claire, Wis. was closed Sunday afternoon because of a multi-vehicle accident. The Wisconsin State Patrol has not said how many people were involved in that crash or how badly anyone was injured.

Closer To A Record

Sunday’s storm could push the Twin Cities closer to a record season for snow totals.

Trenda said the most snow that has ever fallen in a season is 98.6 inches back in the winter of 1983-84. WCCO Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said before the Sunday morning, snowfall totals were at 61.1 inches so far this season.

Watching The Metrodome

When we got this kind of extended snowfall in December, it brought down the Metrodome roof. Workers Sunday were fighting the snow by turning up the heat inside the Dome to 80-85 degrees.

Crews are monitoring the roof 24 hours a day, which is normal. If the snow does start to pile up, crews are ready to wash away the snow with hot water.

There are snow emergencies and event cancellations across the state, remember to call ahead to see if your plans are affected by the storm.

Comments (78)
  1. RJ says:

    Light Snow White Bear Lake 11 AM

  2. louie says:

    You don’t deserve more offers because you are a complete moron! It is snowing at least 1 inch per hour right now and you would be the first one to sue the airlines if something happened to your plane; it’s all about safetly first not your convenience!

    1. reagan says:

      You got it buddy, I sue for a living

      1. JLD says:

        louie, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go around calling people moron’s while acting like one; certainly you must be intelligent enough to know that just because it’s snowing at least an inch an hour where you live, doesn’t mean it’s the same in other parts of the state.

    2. Paul Solinger says:

      Not sure where Reagan is, or where you are, but there has been hardly any snow up here in Sherburne County. Also, why do some people feel the need to shout names (moron) when they disagree with someone.?

  3. Neille Sawyer says:

    I live 5 miles due east of the airport. The snow started falling here an hour ago. There is already over an inch of snowon the ground, so I rather doubt they are going to be as wrong this time as they have been in the past.

  4. Anisha says:

    Its 11:15 am Sunday here in Shoreview. We are getting a snowfall. Our deck that was clear this am is now covered with a dusting of snow. A storm moving in. Think I’ll go out for a walk now, its so beautiful!

  5. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Boy, am I glad my relatives flew home yesterday!

  6. Jff says:

    The weather FORECAST is just that, a forecast. Scientific data trying to predict natural events, such as storms. I appreciate the cautionary stance by forecasters and airlines. They can’t just call off flights when snowflakes start! Planning 4 these cancels is huge!
    Whine on Reagan-

  7. twnctyhustleboi says:

    1245 here in oakdale,the storm is now here it was comin down lite but now its picked up and really comin down! snow football is callin later minnesota!!

  8. Joe says:

    Been snowing for 2 hours here in Maple Grove. Still light. Maybe 1/2 inch at the most.

  9. Evilteddybear says:

    NO SNOw here. The day is half over My flight was cxl due to snow??!? Thx wcco!!!!

  10. Rita says:

    Snowing here in Wisconsin since 11:00. Do not think we will get the 15 they predicted but have a good solid 5 right now.

    Think Spring!

    1. Rita says:

      Wisconsin Update,…maybe 6.5 but that is all folks. But it is heavy and feels like March snow…just wishing it will melt as fast!

  11. sgt says:

    Not a flake in site in Pine City.

  12. Sandra says:

    Mound, MN/Lake Minnetonka. We have a solid 5″. More in the driveway/ sidewalks due to blowing/drifting. Ventured out to Walgreens & Cub this morning @ 11 am. There seems to be 6 – 8″ on the roads – not plowed yet. Slippery in some areas. Everybody taking it slow & easy. As of 2 pm, it’s just lightly snowing. Around 11 am, it was coming down pretty fast. Still windy.

  13. Joe says:

    Update for Maple Grove area. Inch at the most. Snow is now flurries. Roads are just fine. 12-15 inches is very much in doubt for this area. Think they overstated this one.

  14. no snow in west metro says:

    I agree; I think canceling flights (losing a ton of money) should only happen when the snow is actually falling, not before it has even started. I get they have to be proactive (for safety and what not) but let’s not make hasty decisions.

    1. Melissa says:

      just because you people aren’t seeing any snow doesn’t mean the rest of MN isn’t. We only live like 15 minutes from the MSP airport and it has been blizzarding here all day, can’t see out our windows. so just because you guys aren’t in the grunt of it doesn’t mean that they are being hasty. it’s been down pouring with snow all day well early into the morning as well,..

    2. sadie says:

      It started to snow in the west metro at 10:15am this morning, so I don’t know what you are talking about. We have shoveled 4 times already and the last time it was about 6 inches. I would rather be safe and have them cancel flights than risk it.

  15. betty says:

    barely a coat on the ground here in osseo. not a chance of 2 inches here. but flight cancelled. Hard to believe that there is 6 inches in Mound 20 minutes away?? better get out your ruler there Sandra

  16. Craig says:

    It’s 2:30 PM here in Anoka and we’ve received basically nothing – not even a dusting. We’re supposed to get over a foot out snow from this? I doubt we’ll even get enough to shovel.

    1. michelle says:

      Yeah, I’m in Ramsey. No snow so far. I guess we’re going to dodge this bullet!

      1. Kris says:

        Michelle, are You originally from So.Mpls?
        not much but a dusting here in Coor Rapids, but very, very windy

      2. Kris says:

        Coon Rapids—ooops

  17. ISKI says:

    Started in Bloomington at 9:40am. 2:39pm now and we have 4 inches. On schedule for a foot by midnight.

    1. Bill says:

      UM, its not even snowing in Bloomington right now.

  18. gary says:

    A few flakes here in Albany, but LOTS of WIND !! Went to the rink with the kids and could barely stay standing. Don’t think I will be driving to MSP tomorrow for work!

  19. holt says:

    Reagan needs to switch his source of news to Fox where people share his slanted , tainted views of the world around him. Maybe then he wouldn’t find the need to post only negative things.

    1. patty says:

      Honeltly Holt, I am out of state and I was enjoying reading everyone;s comments but yours. Uncalled for.

  20. TCN says:

    No snow. Mounds View area

    1. jimmy says:

      Sunday pm in Bloomington. Yet to see a single flake. Drove to Mpls, barely a dusting there. In Richfield drifts were higher than the car. Weird!!!

  21. mayhem says:


  22. Jake says:

    It hasn’t snowed a single flake here in Elk River as of 3 PM. Where’s the storm?

    1. Y says:

      Apparently south of the Cities. It’s looking the north metro isn’t getting anything at all.

  23. getaclue says:

    waiting……come on weather terrorist…..waiting….

  24. NoSnow says:

    Only an estimated .80″ here in Champlin. Am ok with getting nothing out of this!

  25. yvette says:

    no snow here in coon rapids, either. i guess that means my commute in the morning shouldn’t be a nightmare like i was expecting! glad your was wrong, wcco.

    1. Geoff M. says:

      I’m in Ham Lake, still nothing yet! Looks like the north metro will be spared from this one. Woohoo!

  26. Jon says: says we have over 5 inches on the ground here in Minneapolis (I know that site is unreliable), but Loring Park is doing fine. Probably less than 3 on the ground? Even at this rate overnight, hard to believe over a foot will fall, but who knows.

  27. Brian Hamric says:

    Why in the world are you using a photo of Northwest in your front page picture? Time to update the stock photos!

  28. patty says:

    We haven’t gotten anything in Coon Rapids- a few flakes and that’s it

    1. funnyman says:

      Thats all there is in Coon Rapids–a few flakes.

  29. pete says:

    My 2 yr old son and I, are eagerly waiting in Braham for just 1 flake to start. NOTHING yet though. Winter Storm Warnings sure are scary….NOT.. jk

  30. S says:

    Ok, you can go ahead and fly a plane out of MSP today. Dont forget about the WIND, think that may be a reason why they are canceling flights? What are the conditions in higher altitudes where they will be flying? Guess I would rather live and be delayed vs. a crash due to impatience. Of course the first thought should be safety due to the weather conditions. Any lost revenue from delaying a flight would be far cheaper than the amount paid out in legal expenses and lawsuits if that plane crashed!

  31. JSNOW says:

    Thanks everybody who doesn’t have snow yet for complaining. Those of us who are buried are playing it safe and happy to have the predictions to prepare to stay inside, off the roads and to be safe.

    1. Janet says:

      It sounds like there’s a pretty distinct dividing line just immediately north of the Twin Cities. I’m in Coon Rapids and we haven’t had any snow yet as of 4:15 PM. From what I’ve heard, there’s a good 7″ of accumulation already in the southern metro (my brother in Burnsville said there’s 8″ in his front yard). It seems so bizarre that just a 25 minute drive away, people are already buried! Stay safe, everyone, but I’m not complaining we haven’t seen anything yet. 🙂

  32. Steve says:

    No snow yet here in Dayton. I’m not complaining. 🙂

  33. Rsaleen829 says:


  34. Jay says:

    It was I-94 the accident was on in Eau claire…. not 90.

  35. SWMinnesota says:

    SWMN has lots of snow. I am guessing 12 inches or more, still coming down. Maybe it is coming to your neighborhoods. LOL.

  36. chump says:

    They recommend no travel, but i guarantee i will be delivering furniture 2marr, because its so important you get your new couch 2marr and not tuesday. and to those of you who enjoy living in disgust, please vacuum b4 i show up take some pride in your home and what others think of you.

  37. RJ says:

    2.5 inches of snow at 6pm, 22 degrees in white bear lake.

  38. yol87 says:

    It is days like this when being a nurse absolutely sucks. I do not know how I am going to get to work tonight, but have to….

    1. Rachel Murphy Coyne says:

      Thank you and to the other public servants for your dedication and hard work. 🙂

  39. AreWeDoneYet says:

    9″ in S Mpls (10 min. North on Cedar from Airport). Ice under snow and visibility at around 40′ if lucky. It’s the wind that is wicked.

  40. TNEmpls says:

    Snow is Falling!!
    About 3″-4″ here in NE Mpls. Its been snowing since noon. And it seems to be snowing harder.

  41. overthis says:

    The differences between the areas of the metro are amazing. We’ve had some moments of white out here in Eden Prairie and we have probably 8 inches blowing all around. It’s really nasty out right now and has been for a good part of the day !

  42. Craig says:

    Anoka/North Metro weather update – snow started falling about 5 PM and there’s a good half inch on the ground, now the snow has stopped again as of 6:45. Not even enough to shovel. This storm ended up being a major flop.

    1. captainobvious says:

      wow coon rapids must be the edge of the storm its snowing as hard as it has all day. will have to shovel again soon.

  43. captainobvious says:

    i live in coon rapids i have 4inches at least

  44. Janet Chandler says:

    As of 6:30, we have 13 inches of new snow– We live near 98th & Normandale in Bloomington.

  45. No More Snow Please says:

    For those of you who feel you’ve missed this storm, your welcome to come and shovel my driveway and walk. I live in the Stillwater area and we’ve got about 10 inches on the ground so far with it still snowing about an inch an hour.

  46. KS says:

    I love how some people are saying the storm is a total flop just because they haven’t gotten anything yet. No snow for you does not mean no snow for everyone. We went from a dusting to 5+ inches in a matter of hours here in Brooklyn Park. And my brother (plow driver) said it is supposed to keep falling for a while yet. Gotta love MN. 🙂

  47. Jenny says:

    I live in Burnsville MN and we have tons of snow already and it’s only 8pm I heard we have about 10 inches or more now. Gotta love having 2 major blizzards in one winter.

  48. Ih8complainers says:

    I live 5 mins from the airport in bloomington and I have 13 inches already and it’s still snowing like crazy outside… Big SUV’s are plowing the streets with their bumpers… If you don’t have any snow then count your blessings and quit complaining…

    1. Charlie says:

      Exactly! As far as the airlines are concerned, people need to think not only about safety, but also about minimizing the effect on the country. Sure, maybe today you could have flown into MSP, but what happens when hundreds of flight crews get stuck here because it becomes unsafe to fly out? It ends up disrupting travel for the whole country because they can’t even use those crews. When they cancel the flights ahead of time, fewer flights are affected overall because fewer crews are “stuck.”

  49. 14 inches here! says:


    When you become a pilot you get to decide if we fly or not. Safety first!

    You sue for a living? Does this make you so important that you could not handle missing a flight?

    If airlines “are the lamest”,…. here’s a simple idea….get in your car and drive instead!

  50. QuitCrying says:

    All you people who are complaining about the airport canceling flights due to this weather is pathetic. Just because it’s not snowing in your neck of the woods doesn’t mean anything because the MSP airport is not in your city. Would you rather be put on a plane that is headed to MInneapolis and crash at landing due to slick runways and non visiblity or have your plane come crashing down because the plane had ice build up on the wings after take off even though it was deiced. Because I don’t. I enjoy my life too much to die because of my stupidity and patience… So be grateful that they care enough for your damn safety to cancel your flight. Learn to understand and quit crying about stupid stuff and be happy someone is looking after your damn safety!!!!

  51. j.micheals says:

    I work for Sun Country Airlines. All our scheduled flights made it out/in with no cancellations or lengthy delays.

  52. Dan says:

    I can’t even get out of my drive way

  53. Kevin says:

    Ummm…are you people serious….YOU LIVE IN MINNESOTA… snows in Minnesota….I only hope that the immigrants get tried of spinning out and hitting Minniesotans vehicles…and decide to move back to Somalia….Nigeria….Vietnam…Laos…Cambodia….Mexico…and any other garbage dump they came from…

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