BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) — An anti-racism event that was scheduled for May has been moved up to this weekend in Baxter after a black man was beaten in an alleged racial attack two weeks ago.

The free workshop will be held Saturday. Its sponsors include the First Congregational United Church of Christ, led by the Rev. Deborah Celley.

She tells the Brainerd Dispatch the workshop will be geared to people who never considered that racism could be a problem in their area.

The event is in response to the beating of 53-year-old Willie Navy. He says one white man called him the N-word in a Brainerd bar and another knocked him out with a blow to the head.

Celley says being neighborly is a universal value. She says the forum will focus on the factors that diminish people’s ability to show compassion to others.


Information from: The Brainerd Daily Dispatch,

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Comments (15)
  1. Jason Kahl says:

    Isn’t that the most idiotic poster. Let’s hate hate cause that will end hate? I’m sure she meant well but a little thought into the message would go far!

  2. Mark Dulebohn says:

    I don’t think anyone knows just how many people in northern Minnesota are racist. My family lives up there and they are very racist and bigoted people.

  3. Jason Kahl says:

    Ignorance seeks recluse.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Sadly, I run into more and more minorities that are racists towards whites. Before some of you say that they are simply reacting to previous experiences with racism, if that’s their reaction, racism will never end. We may see a continuous loop of racism until people on both sides stop.

    If you don’t like the “N” word, how is it OK for blacks to call me “whitey” or “pinky” or “cracker”? The answer is that it isn’t OK.

  5. Jason Kahl says:

    To quote John Lennon “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Can it happen? I doubt it.

  6. Nutts says:

    There are bad apples in every bunch, be it black, white, asian, or whatever. Be nice if we could weed them all out. Sometimes you just have to know where ur not wanted and avoid those places. Hate is something that is taught. It is not something we are born with. There were some people I used to call friends growing up. Now I wouldn’t say Hi to cause of the hate they teach their kids.

  7. WI Snowflake says:

    This story really infuriates me. The gentleman was attacked. It is not okay. And the “N” word. It is not right. If blacks want to say it, then it’s their business. Just stop and think about what is the right thing to do.

    1. Kevin says:

      Ummm….so now only certain words can be spoken by certain cultures?

  8. Sheila says:

    IMO the worst place in the state as far as racism goes is St. Cloud & the entire Stearns county area. I was embarrassed to bring my black friends from the metro anywhere in public when they visited me there, because of the extremely rude & appalling way many people treated them!
    After my son (who’s half black) was born his dad & I would take him for walks & people would yell “n*gger lover” & other obscenities as they drove by. The final straw was when we were grocery shopping. Baby wanted a bottle so dad grabbed the diaper bag, went to the bench at the front of the store & made him one. He was feeding him when a store manager came up & asked to see a receipt for the formula! Wtf? The can was already open & half-empty before we even entered the store, & we hadn’t gone anywhere near the baby food aisle. I’ve made bottles there alone many times & the most anyone said to me was “cute baby”. But when a black man feeds his son he must’ve stolen the food?!
    There were too many other racist experiences to type here, so it was definitely not a place I wanted to raise my son, even though I grew up there myself. Since moving to the metro last fall I can’t think of a single instance of racism we’ve experienced. I’m glad people here are SO much more tolerant.

  9. Allah says:

    But if you hate….hate…dont you hate? Why not love hate and hope for the best….to hate….hate is to hate…..and if you hate…hate….you are a hater….

  10. Jason Kahl says:

    this conversation bores me

    1. Allah Is Booming says:

      Well hell boy…lets get us some bats and head north…!!!

  11. Victim Du Jour says:

    How many assaults happened in Minnesota since this one in Northern Minnesota.

    Paul Antonich did not get this much attention from local media.

    Nerdy white liberals are always kissing up to minorities, scaring, and inciting racial tension, just to keep them as block voters.

    Paul Antonich didn’t get much attention because it does not fit the nerdy white liberal narrative.

    1. Todd W. Olson says:

      And yet, VD, it seems to me that you’re trying to stir up a little racial tension of your own with the constant intoning of the Antonich murder. I seem to remember a proverb about a pot and a kettle…

  12. Jason Kahl says:

    Amen Todd! Amen

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